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want: X-Com Enemy Unknown or Dust: an Elysian Tail

have: Dead Space, Crysis 2 Maximum Edition, Burnout Paradise, Mirror's Edge (all Origin keys)

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yep, it's coming

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Skullgirls beta, 1366*768, training with Squigly

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if you go to they're giving away beta codes for Skullgirls but there's one caveat:

you had to have been a member for 3 months which is poo.

PS: If anyone is a member but doesn't need code, can I have it? :D

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27. Always carry a town portal scroll on you at all times

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the old Invisible Walls

no offense to Ryan Stevens but Shane was way better at making interesting shows

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I don't, I hate solo queue and I hate my teammates.

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maybe he'll pull a MS and say "because of the support and feedback of the community, we've un-cancelled Fez 2 and you will be supplied with a dick you won't be able to choke on. love phil"

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@jouseldelka said:

@mystyr_e said:

which is weird cause I was considering buying Fez off steam but was always like "yeah but do I want to give money to this asshole?" and uh....yeah

You base your support for video games on whether their makers are nice or jerks?

So you'd rather support a cinematic unimaginative 'experience' with rehashed gameplay because the developer is a kind person, than to support a fresh and bold title with replay value and new gameplay because the dev is a dick?

He never said hed buy the game if it was bad and the dev was nice.

no I didn't. And not sure why it's an issue, many people don't want to get involved with doing something because they don't care for the attitude of the creator.