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Isn't there a club named Giant Bomb, as seen in the quick look nine months ago?

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Which system are you playing on? Also, which game version?

My guess he's playing on PC, since you can see "[F] Filters" and "[SPACE] World Map" written in this screenshot. =D

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How many of the "75 all-new mini-games" do you think they will get to play? More than half of them I hope.

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Goomba's Greedy Gala sounds pretty cool.

Also, we are aware of this poll and will take it into consideration come Thursday.

I was just about to send you another tweet letting you know about this poll in hope of you guys letting the community have some influence towards the party's ultimate fate. I'm glad you found out anyway and hope that you will honor the community vote, not matter the outcome. =D

Also just like the previous Mario Party parties I'll be enjoying it live. See you in chat.

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@bbalpert said:

Well Goomba's Greedy Gala looks like it has a roulette wheel for EXTRA randomness on top of all of Mario Party's other bullshit. PLUS it allows for more DMX jokes.

So I think the choice is clear, folks.

Goomba's Greedy Gala is my favorite, as I remember it at least. It's been years since I played it, but I remember that it had some good randomness to it, which btw I think is a great theme for Mario Party Party. =)

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I've just started watching the Game Grumps's playthrough of this, and in the seventh episode Barry shows some really janky stuff of how they have badly patched the cutscenes together. I'm so glad I'm no big Sonic fan, really, because I would so disapointed at yet another bad Sonic game.

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I really like watching others play through bad games though. =D

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Take all the time you need to make the game the way you want it to be.

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Nope, not interested in any more Assassin's Duty Field.

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I probably would if it popped up. Can it be linked to in this thread, or is it maybe region specific?