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I'll be playing on PS4, mostly because I'm more into sitting on a couch and playing games on a big screen. And also, I don't give a rats ass about trivial/technical advantages on a PC, even though I have one that can run it well enough.

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Hmm, grass + flying combo as a starter seems interesting. Though, I'd really hoped that the other two also would have been dual-type.

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I looked up the franchise on IMDB and just noticed that there has been multiple movies in the past decade. I've not seen a Mummy movie since The Mummy Returns (2001). Would you recommend any of the more recent ones, or am I better off just waiting for this instead?

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Every game should be great!

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I just noticed that it's now also available on PS4.

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This is going to be a great game for me whenever they're releasing every episode in one bundle, with a price tag that usually comes with bundles.

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I've just decided to jump in and show my support for this cause and our great community. I'll be casually streaming Enter the Gungeon from my PS4 for awhile tonight, and probably some more tomorrow.

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@mythdark: Thanks for the advice duder. One question, if I let them out during the day, do I simply close the door at night? I heard that sometimes your farm can be attacked by coyotes or something that kill your animals. Also, where did you find this on the wiki? I checked around and couldn't find this particular entry.

Yes you can close the door at night when all the animals have re-entered the building. That usually happens around 5-6pm.

I'm using this wiki since it's the one the developer choose to link to on their site.