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No more heroes.

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So yeah, I just redeemed a 4200MSP card worth 343 SEK (~$52), and got 583 SEK (~$88) added to my account.

Which means that I've always had roughly 40% off on every purchase on XBL.

How is it better without MSP again?

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@Video_Game_King said:

I see your Sonic 2006 and raise you Alone in the Dark 2008:

I liked this game. Buggy as hell, but fun and interesting.

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I saw Iron Man 2 the other day.

Not as good as the first one from 2008. But still entertaining.

3/5 crispy feathers.

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The Sprawl Trilogy by William Gibson.

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Jumping to conclusionist!


<--- Grabbing-popcorn-ist.

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@cwJoe said:

My body is ready.

Her body looks ready, too. ;)

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The Death Note reference is one of the major reasons why I love always laugh hard as hell at this.

Also, it's totally relatable, which makes it both funny and true. =D

And if you do figure out if it's EU locked or not, keep in mind that this Swede would love a copy even more. ;P

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"Basically this is just another game-news-website."