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I'm buying most of my games from Zavvi. So yeah, Halo 4 Limited Collectors Edition for only £62,95. Pretty solid deal for me.

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@supamon said:

Probably xbox first then PC when steam sales comes along.

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@Patrick Klepek:

"On the bright side? It’s less than Nintendo lost year, and the 3DS is now apparently a profitable machine, as of today."


"Has it really been since years since the original Wii?"

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You can basically break it down to "What's the meaning of life?". If you find yourself entertained in whatever you do, then do it. It's just that simple.

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I feel the urge to play SC2.

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The human mind.

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More time to make the game better. I'm not complaining at all. I patient enough to wait. =)

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Why can't they see that people are smart enough to understand what word is hiding behind the stars and shit. Also, the users will always start using misspelled words instead, just to say what they want. That in turn just causes people to become more and more unaware of my words are meant to be spelt, thus fucking up their vocabulary and knowledge about how to use the language in general. Censorship doesn't fill any purpose, at all.

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The most anticipated (indie)game of 2012 is finally here: Mari0

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I don't own the game, yet. But go ahead and sign me up for future purposes. It wont be long until I buy this game.

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And by the way, please don't just add without any kind of notice. Even though I can go here and check if you're on the list I still want to know why your request has been sent. =)