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I'm one of those who want to sit with a group of people in a basement, yelling and screaming with and at other players, rather then just connecting through internet. The same reason why i still enjoy playing video games more than PC games. It brings back that old-school feeling in me. And also it's much more social gaming.

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They just gave all crackers a new challenge to achieve. Too bad that meanwhile it has to go out over the "good guys".

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Looking forward for this, i really do. And one more thing; i can wait for it, because i know it's gonna be awesome.

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I'm looking more at the face, but i do like brunettes more then blondes anyway.

@THAfara0 said:

"If it has a pussy I'm there...."
Do you count animals? O.o
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Why can't developers just make good games for each console? A port is often allot worse and awkward. I want a new classic stylish GTA on the PSP rather then a China Town port.

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Sure, i loved the Serious Sam games. But i don't wanna pay more than 600 Microsoft Points today. I rather reinstall it on my PC.

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I just check the first pages of controls or introductions. Games nowadays got in-game-guides. In case of a PC game that's installing then i read as far as i can before it's done.

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Unreal Tournament, that would be totally awesome.

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There's no release date yet. They are just in closed beta. You can sign up for it here if you are interested.

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Get a personal "slave" with a big-ass palm leaf to wave above your head.