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I don't see a problem with the RPG/MMOish persistent multiplayer style as long as they implant a so called "true skill system", that puts equal players against each other. It works in FPS like Call of Duty 4, so why not in a RTS like Command & Conquer?

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Some people describe Overlord as a combination of Dungeon Keeper and Fable. I would say it's kinda like Fable, but with an extra add of horde-controlling-minions-system, where the focus is on the minions, and the "hero" is more like a support character.

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Since i love different types of metal, most melodic death metal, i would say that my favourite band is Arch Enemy,
both the old era with Joahn Liva as the singer, and also the new and and resent era with Angela Gossow at the front,
screaming her lungs out.

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I didn't like the whole idea about monsters in Far Cry. I really liked it as a nice and dandy FPS where you was dealing with terrorists on an tropical island. But then the damn monsters started to appear, and i went "WTF!? NOO! Don't do this to a great game like this!"

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I bet the bombcast will be totally overloaded with discussions about this game when it's released. Just think about it,
there's tons of opportunities to prove and test different things like who's the strongest monster, can a fly lift a tree,
will the bomb survive a journey through space etc, etc. There's gonna be Scribblenauts-casts and videos,
and plenty to go around for those who got disappointed about that GB didn't report from E3 about it.

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"Yo Fifty! Hit the ramp. Yo Fifty! Throw this frisbee so i can catch it."
I really like it when they get stuck on some special subject for a whole show, or over a couple of shows, like the "Yo Fifty" quotes.
Another one is when Jeff just said "I have a Wii" every damn time something about Wii was mentioned.

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When i for the first time played a video game. I was about 2 years old, and the first game was Super Mario Brothers on the NES.
 Sweet memories.

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@Asurastrike said:
"I don't count Chrono Trigger as a DS title. It's a rerelease without any added DS features. The World Ends With You wins hands down for best DS RPG imo."

I totally agree with you about Chrono Trigger.
The best RPG on the NDS, imo, is The World Ends With You. A nreally awesome experience

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@Godwind said:
@AgentJ said:
@Godwind said:
" I am not sure I want a Golden Sun game. "
Why would you not want it?
For me, the series pinned epic with two game carts.  It felt complete.  Somehow a sequel just feels unfitting."

I feel the same way about the two Golden Sun games. Hopefully they just make it take place in the same universe, with all new story and characters.
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deadly_polo said:
has not posted in here a lot

Obviously loves cookies.