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Not a clip, but I remember I made a forum post here about how I thought Ryan hated Brad. He personally addressed it on the Bombcast and clarified that he in fact, did not hate Brad. Even for such a stupid post as mine, I think its awesome that he was so connected to the community here at Giantbomb. He will be missed.

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@blacklagoon: I haven't heard of the tablet version of that. It sounds similar to the allergy shots that some people opt for. Those can be potentially dangerous for some people, I've heard that you have to carry around an epipen when you are doing it, but that it can eventually "cure" you of your allergies.

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@believer258: They can do that to me sometimes as well. This is a maintenance type of medication though. If you only take it when you are already experiencing symptoms it won't work. After about 3 days your symptoms go away and, while you might sneeze a few times after you spray it, you won't experience the constant irritation like you normally would.

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@equitasinvictus:Just as an FYI, like with all nose sprays there is a potential for damage over long term use if you don't spray it correctly. Meaning, don't jam the thing way up in there and spray it directly into your sinus cavities. Point the nozzle slightly outward into the outside side of your nostril when you spray it.

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@demoskinos: It is directed to nasal/sinus symptoms but it also seems to help with the itchy eyes as well but its not as effective at that. If you get the itchy eyes a lot try Pataday eye drops.

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@toowalrus: How is that even remotely close to this? The man said he had allergy problems and hates the over the counter medicine. It was a just a suggestion.

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If I may address this topic to @brad regarding his allergies. I as well have struggled with seasonal/hay fever type allergies for my entire life and tried to find a medication that would work for me. Most of the over the counter medications like zyrtec and benadryl just made me drowsy. As you mentioned the side effects were almost as bad as the allergies themselves. Claritin seemed totally ineffective as well.

I went to an allergist and they prescribed me a daily nose spray called Omnaris. This shit has changed my life. I have experienced no noticeable side effects to speak of and if you use it as directed your allergies go away after a couple days and stay away for as long as you continue the medication.

So just a friendly suggestion, if you get fed up with the allergies, see if you can get a prescription for Omnaris. They also have a discount program to reduce your copay if it is expensive on your insurance. http://www.omnaris.com/getOmnaris/get-Omnaris.html

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<p>Basically, two hours of mid-game grinding for the sake of relationships has left me with half a roster of invincible gods, with the other half being completely useless, even in random skirmishes. It's a real shame that you can't turn up the difficulty, as any semblance of strategy has been erased.</p><p>I'm on chapter 20 now, by the way.</p>

If you're having trouble grinding lower level characters, buy reeking boxes from a merchant.Use them on chapter 1 or 2 areas and you will get low level enemies to fight (the chapter of the area will determine the difficulty). You'll always get at least 1 bullion to sell from the fight to make back your money spent on the reeking boxes. You could always deploy high level units there too with no weapons equipped to suck up some of the damage.

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@n1Nj4d00m yes


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She's still alive

But can i get her in my partY??