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Once you get the dogs out of the way, Capra becomes a cakewalk. If you need to, you can always go all the way up the steps and then push yourself left onto that ledge and throw stuff down at him.

Later on in the Demon Ruins, Capra becomes a regular enemy. All you need is a bit of patience. Any time he jumps at you or swipes with both swords at once, just move out the way and attack him twice. When he does a single attack, just block and attack once.

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The most I've lost at once is 33k, I had just defeated Gaping Dragon and got murdered twice on the way to the swamp.

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@SuperfluousMoniker said:

@Nadril: I'm pretty sure either the spider witch queen or her servant guy can upgrade it for you.

You're right, the egg guy can upgrade it for you.

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30 hours, level 50

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  • Got lost in sewers
  • Eventually killed Gaping Dragon
  • Died in area before the swamp way too many damn times
  • Died too many time before making it to spider queen
  • Died during Spider Queen, revived as human and murdered her with 2 phantom helpers
  • Sent said phantoms a "thank you based phantom" message upon completion
  • Joined Chaos covenant, rejoiced with chaos fireball
  • Cheesed the Ceaseless Discharge to death, acquired gold hemmed robes
  • Fell off a cliffside while fighting Capras demons (several times)
  • Explored all of Demon Ruins
  • Made it to the "examine brilliant light" area and then realized I couldn't do anything (thanks, Great Lord!)
  • Went back to forest and farmed enemies by making them fall to their deaths

I spent way too much time dying/trying to farm in the area before the swamp. Most of my day was spent in there. Getting murdered. But things are looking up.

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I enjoyed Two Worlds, despite all it's horribleness. I think I've played through it at least twice. As the back of the box says, Oblivion on steroids.

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I started using the Five-Seven exclusively when I unlocked it, the secondary gun I like using the most would have to be the AK or SC

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After experiencing both endings,  I can honestly say I didn't like either. In my first playthrough I wanted Fisher to take the high moral ground so I spared Reed, only to have that wiped away by Grim. Bleh I say. Bleh.
Also, I saw the co-op ending from a mile away. I did enjoy the final-final mission though, rad.