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@dudeglove: Well that was hilarious. I discovered the "Jenson walldance" a few days ago and almost dropped the controller. Reminds me of the Dark Souls weapon switch dance thing.

I don't think much of the news broadcasts but I know that one radio show guy sure drove me crazy. It's a shame you never meet and murder that guy.

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the commentary really created the impression that the game coming out well (despite its flaws) was some kind of small miracle

Indeed. It seems a little odd that most of the commentaries I've heard so far(And I'm still in Detroit) is that they weren't able to do what they wanted, or this thing was broken, and they managed to get it right just before launch.

I know there was a lot more at work there, but they do create the impression that some miracle or two was involved.

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@n7: You will be happy to know that the engine for the next Deux Ex game is supposed to be much more capable.

Funny how I was actually really excited for that and then immediately forgot about it. I am certainly excited for more director's commentary!

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I've only ever played the vanilla game and the Missing Link stand-alone DLC, but never bothered to get the director's cut version. In fact I thought all it did was simply merge the two, and add a few graphical tweaks. This thread however, has me considering picking it up for the commentary alone.

Oh no, there's so much more than that. Completely overhauled boss battles for one thing. Now you can actually defeat them by hacking instead of shooting them with bullets.

Not to mention several gameplay tweaks that make it a little bit more fun to play. Less glitchyness in some areas, more glitchyness in others.

They toned down the gold affect, but it's such a small thing to notice that you probably won't without a comparison video. If you liked Human Revolution Vanilla, you should absolutely like this.

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Yeah, I listened to it. What they said about the ending was really interesting, I wish that they had the time to implement it the way they said they wanted it.

Well come on, don't keep us in suspense here.

After you kill the Hyron ladies, they were planning to have a sort of a multi stage sequence as you try to reach zhao. Also the choices at the end weren't supposed to have been press a button to jason type thing but instead would actually require you to take actions in the environment in order to enable a certain outcome.

The endings always struck me a little underpolished. It was very simple and the simplicity, in my opinion, took the weight of the decisions right out of the window. There were two endings that, in my opinion, were just poor. You press a button and it creates this insane outcome that could never be possible under any sense of logic, even video game logic. Yet, it would have made more sense if we actually work towards that outcome instead of simply pressing a button.

Again, not to go off topic, but Human Revolution needs a sequel. I get that it's a prequel and all, but there's just too much time between Deus Ex and Human Revolution. There's still so much room to work with. Not to mention all of the decisions they weren't happy about in the game, or the under equipped engine.

If they were working on a new Deus Ex, with a more capable engine, with all of the time since Human Revolution came out to work on it, I'm sure it would be incredible. They had some good ideas that they just couldn't capitalize on, time restraints or no. And I'd like to see another one. Not to mention that it was critically acclaimed and I'm pretty sure it earned at least that's million bucks.

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I've had Andrew Yoon on my friends list for years now. He was online just a day and a half ago. :(

This news is very sad to hear. Very shocking. I was a fan of the guy and this just sucks to hear. Can't imagine what his family is going through.

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@n7: Something else I love, is game postmortems at places like GDC. No matter the quality of the game, those are always really interesting.

Not to go too far off topic, but are there any you'd recommend? I always hear about them but never get to check them out. I assume they are posted online, yes?

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Yeah, I listened to it. What they said about the ending was really interesting, I wish that they had the time to implement it the way they said they wanted it.

That's very interesting.

So far a lot of the commentary has been about how they weren't happy with how a lot of things turned out. It's fascinating to play this game I like so much and hear from the creators about how much they were unhappy with.

I wish more games had this type of thing. I know I watched that Making Of feature in one of those Mortal Kombat games like 30 times.

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I beat the game a few days ago and decided to go through again with the commentary turned on and so far it's pretty incredible. So much of the game ended up being built to do this thing but the engine they were working with wasn't so great, so they ended up having it do this other thing instead.

In fact, it's kind of surprising that they talk so openly about how bad their engine was.

I'm a sucker for behind the scenes information and what went into a game, so to hear what these people are talking about is really incredible. If you haven't checked it out yet and you're interested in Deus Ex: Human Revolution, do yourself a favor and turn the commentary on. It's really informative and funny.

For example: There was one about the first mission of the game where you have to rescue the hostages. There's a chemical bomb in the hostage room. You can disarm it by using the code or by hacking the device. Then they explain that you can also disarm the bomb by shooting it. Since it only becomes toxic when the chemicals mix, you can shoot one vial and then the other and the bomb won't be able to mix and kill the hostages.

They point out that people would probably never think to do that, but it's just a fun little secret way to disarm the bomb.

Another one is how people pointed out that there were no fat people in the game, so they decided to use Josie Thorpe(The woman Zeke Sanders takes hostage in the first mission, during the social boss battle) as a way to establish that fat people exist. It was very hard for them as their engine wasn't really equipped to make fat people but they ended up pulling it off. They talk about how there was a huge thing in their offices that people didn't think there should be any fat people or that they would be too hard to animate(Which the game director thought was ridiculous), but they ended up doing it anyway.

Small things you would probably never even think about and there's so much thought put into it. It's incredible. But again, I'm a sucker for this stuff.

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There's too many people on this website for their to only be one "one". There has to be more than that.

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I said I didn't like the camera angles, but playing more into it I didn't have an issue with it. The tank controls I don't like. I'd love to see what the game will play like without them.

Switch to Modern controls and find out. Assuming you have the game.

I don't have it. I'm just not sure $20 is enough of a commitment to a game I've played on and off across three decades and never completed. I've always wanted to, but the question is: What's the point? I already know the story. I already know what happens. The only thing that I'd want is to beat it. But it's not even the "real" game. It's a remake of a remake. And with the new controls, how would I even know I'd get the same experience that the developers intended?

I didn't want to start the day off on an existential note, I just fell into it.