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This guy looks like either a lady or Android 17 with blond hair. Is Akira Toriyama still doing the art for these games?

I have never played a Dragon Quest game. I want to play 8 but haven't yet. I'll keep my eye on this one.

I haven't watched much of this video so I don't know about the 3DS version, but I have to wonder just how they'll fit a PS4 game onto the 3DS. Will it even be the same game? Will it be a top-down, Bravely-Default-esque version? I'd like to see a Vita version, actually.

EDIT: Well, now I'm looking at the 3DS version and I really like what they've done with it, that looks cool. However, I think it would be nice if I could occasionally turn one of those screens into something else, I think it could be distracting.

Dragon Quest 8 is one of the best games ever made. I fucking love that game. Easily one of the best RPG's I've ever played.

And yeah, that's Akira Toriyama or my name isn't Buttman Bart.

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@sterling: *Dan voice* Whaaaaaat?

I don't know what to say. That's pretty weird, I guess. Probably just because I have no context, though.

To be fair, it does give the whole "HEY YOU SHOULD SAVE YOUR GAME BECAUSE THERE'S NO COMING BACK" message before you get to this part, so I was equally surprised to see that the game goes on another fucking 70 hours.

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Tetris is about to start, these segments are always worth watching.

The Tetris block was crazy during AGDQ so I can only imagine what they have in store for us today.

More craziness, as it turns out.

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Then again that might just be his voice, sorta like how the guy who voices Adam Jensen actually talks like that in real life.

Oh wow, did not expect that

He sounds like a normal guy outside of Geralt.

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I want to date an anime.

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Man, the twitch chat when that woman was going through Silent Hill 2 was fucking asinine. Goddamn.

I expected it but man it was wack. Now they are making fun of the announcer for his stutter.

I watched through 99% of the ESA and the chat was pretty chill. This chat seems to be filled with immature assholes trying to be the center of attention. A little disappointing. At least these streamers can't see the chat(I think) like the ESA streamers could.

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@n7: Isn't that the same dude that ran Sonic Adventure DX and kept on talking about he liked living on the edge?

I have no idea, but I would like to see that video.

Makes me reminiscent of HardGamer, who always liked to remind people that "I come hard". I miss that guy.

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I feel bad for this guy because his twitch account was shut down after this and he's getting made fun of big time by the internet. BUT, this was one of the hardest streams to watch. I had to go get food just so I could look away from this train wreck. Also I'm pretty sure he was kicked out of the event as he was delisted from his next few scheduled appearances, but I'm not sure.

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Also the RE4 stream was incredible. Hope someone uploads a highlight of that soon. Let's just say once Krauser comes onto the scene, shit gets patriotic.

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These guys just went from 15k to 25k in about an hour. It's moving fast. It's like they are speed-running donations.

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All this shit on my on-hold/plan to watch list and I'm just sittin here watching Dirty Pair again...

Dirty Pair was one of the first anime I ever watched. I thought it was the shit. Haven't seen very much more of it but I really liked what I saw.