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That trailer was awfully nuclear.

As in your interest in this game has suffered a... nuclear... explosion?

As in they were playing the MGSV trailer in the background. But close enough.

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That trailer was awfully nuclear.

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So this is what they meant by talking about The Last Of Us. Moira will be playing the role of Ellie to Claire's Joel. This is going to be a very interesting game.


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I was scouring through the trailer and I found some frames of interest. I don't know what they mean, but they could be clues or something.

This is oddly specific looking.
This looks like some kind of creature or something. Definitely not the eyeball thing.
This is definitely the most interesting thing in the trailer. It's only there for one or two frames, but it's clearly a city. Also, is that the northern lights?
How do you like those (reference) apples?

I also spotted a painting that looks like it could be the Queen Zenobia from the first Revelations. It was also sitting next to a herb looking plant. Some other things, like the guy hunched over behind the child in the itchy tasty frame, which looks like something out of the ring. The drawing in the upper left corner that looks like a zombie. Then near the end of the live action stuff you see a guy in tactical gear on a walkie talkie, clearly not a zombie.

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Oh boy! A year after my last blog and I hit the community spotlight. Hope the fame doesn't go to my head.

Also: Does Buzz never not make really great shirts? Dude's pretty great.

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As someone who kinda enjoyed RE6 in the "I just like shooting zombies and not giving a shit while having fun with a bro" kind of way, I have to say that You make some very valid points. IN fact, you've changed my view on the game in a significant way.

Job well done, man.

Wow, thanks a lot. I don't fancy myself as the truly critical type, but I've been wanting to share my observations for a while now. Glad I could have shared this!

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I found Revelations as bad as RE6. I never did figure out how to use the evade system, even when I was at the last boss on Hard. If it was always the same evade, why did it have to be an invisible QTE? Why couldn't I evade whenever? The enemies were bland, the dialogue was the worst I've heard in the series, and the scanning mode and multiple perspectives dragged down the flow of the game. The multiple perspectives also undermined the weapon customization in Jill's levels, which bugged me too. I didn't want to keep swapping gun parts. It's fake depth. And what did they do to Jill? She looked like a different person.

I certainly agree with some of your points. I never understood the evasion system either. I do it accidentally every single time. I don't think I have ever evaded when I wanted to. When it comes to enemy designs, I find the basic "ooze" zombie to be pretty underwhelming. I mean, sure, it looks fine, but it's so basic. It looks like a wet organic sock. But I think the other enemies look pretty okay. Scagdead, Ultimate Abyss, giant zombie whale. There was some diversity among the enemy design that I really got into.

When it came down to the dialog, I didn't think it was particularly amazing, but it reminded me of the older games, back to the days when Jill Sandwich and Don't. Open. That. Door! It seemed less like it was taking itself too seriously while having some fun too. I dunno, I didn't think it was particularly bad. :P

Also I really gotta say, I loved the multiple perspectives. It made the story more dynamic without making it more complicated. It allowed you to see what the other characters were up to and getting a bigger picture out of the story because of it. Though I thought it was weird you couldn't customize the weapons as the other characters. I've got like 3 "80% damage" modifiers and yet Parker doesn't "have time" to put them on? That's pretty strange, I gotta say. Speaking of the weapon upgrades, I can't say I agree or disagree that it's fake depth. I mean it's a video game so fake depth is just as real as real depth. I thought it made it more personal instead of a simple "press X to suddenly have your gun do more damage". I could choose to do more damage, or stun enemies easier, or add different properties or even abilities to my guns. I mean, it was a 3DS game once upon a time(I played it on PS3, if it was not obvious). So to see it at least see them trying, when RE6 did absolutely nothing. It was a step in the right direction.

Sure, Revelations had faults, again, it was a 3DS game. Who knows what the sequel, if it's even real, can bring to the series.

Also: You are totally right about Jill. And Leon. They have a habit of making their beautiful characters more beautiful as time goes on. Don't hate the player, I suppose.

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And here I was planning on writing up my own modern era Resident Evil retrospective. God darned stole my limelight you have! Anywhoo, a well written blog you have here, and not to mention funny, too.

Wow! You managed to read all of that within a minute or two! What a speedy reader you are! Thanks for the reply Lee <3

I feel uncomfortable plugging myself, but I do have a blog where I sometimes(Read: Very rarely) post some shit. Check it out if you guys want, but there isn't really much there at the moment. I am picky with my blogs.

I (obviously) just got done playing Revelations and have had a bunch of pent up desire to talk about the series as a whole. My reaction to Revelations was so unexpected that I figured now would be the time. And so I wrote a bunch of words. It felt good. I should do it more often. I am not a professional.

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Well I'll be getting Revelations(Not Revelaitons, unfortunately) soon so I'll finally be able to understand what this thing is. Hopefully I'll be excited, but seeing as Capcom made it, probably not. Either way, I'll know soon.