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@sterling: It's pretty great.

@dochaus said:

You have an offsite blog now? Guess I should visit it sometime.

The game looks pretty cool too, looking for something to scratch that multiplayer not-football itch since Anarchy Reigns died and took the Death Ball population with it.

Personally I'm still waiting for that stand alone Blitzball game, but at this point I don't think I'm ever going to get it. But at least I'll have Rocket League... when it comes out, of course.

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@bollard: Indeed! I put a ton of hours into the beta. I never got to play SSARPBC but I fell in love with Rocket League. Shame I didn't discover it earlier, because that experience would have paid off!

Also, nice save! I tried not to save too many clips because after a point, crazy stuff starts happening all the time. Especially with experienced opponents, so I tried to pick and choose. Of course, if that had been me in your place, I probably would have just gotten a self-goal out of that. I did that a lot.

Isn't crack by definition "cut?" It's mixed with baking soda to turn it into rock form. :)

It sounded better than "Rocket League is preheated yellowcake FedEX Day 1 DLC delivery IHOP Rooty Tooty Fresh and Fruity GOTY"

Then again I don't know my drugs. :/

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Is there any sort of splitscreen multiplayer? The game looks awesome.

Yes! There is. I played with numerous people online who were splitscreening. Some of them were quite good too... suspiciously good.

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@fenrir said:

It seems to be getting a ton of buzz which is fantastic, my own withdrawals have been ongoing since February, (since the PC beta finished). I'm SO ready for more. I don't own a PS4 unfortunately, so my wait will have to continue to the PC release, which is said to be after the PS4 release. :(

Very up for some sort of Giant Bomb Rocket League shenanigans once it's out!

Oh yeah! I can't wait to see what the GB guys are gonna do with it. Surprised they didn't do an Unfinished with the beta, but then, there's other stuff out there right now.

I do love the buzz it's getting. It seemed to have come out of nowhere. I went from knowing nothing about this game to seeing guys post their epic saves and goals and whathaveyous all over. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least!

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I liked Age of Ultron, but eventually it sets in that you're just watching a compilation of computer graphics mash together over and over for 2 hours and 45 minutes. With Fury Road and their high quality practical effects, I might as well have been peering directly into the fucking apocalypse.

It was cemented as one of the best movies I've ever seen when I saw the fucking Doof Warrior. I've always had this idea of a post apocalyptic drummer boy type thing, but with an electric guitar to really up the ante. But this guy takes it to 11 right out of the gate with a FLAME THROWER GUITAR. FLAME. THROWER. GUITAR.

Also I don't know if it's just me but Imperator Furiosa is the most badass name in existence. That really set my expectations high. And the movie absolutely knocked it out of the park. It's the most insane movie I've ever seen. It got to the point that, in the first 20 minutes, I had to wonder if I'd accidentally fallen asleep and woken up at the end because the first car chase scene is just so over the top that it must have been the ending, right? Nope. There was still a whole movie left to go.

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I remember DMC4 came out a few weeks before my birthday. I was mega hype, to say the least. I had bought the DMC collection for PS2 and played DMC3 for fucking ever. I didn't care for 1 or 2 but 3 was the dopest shit.

I get to Gamestop and they are sold out of the standard edition of the game, but they do have the collectors edition, used, for like $55. Cheaper than the regular version of the game. The story was, some guy bought the game, opened it up, was disappointed for some reason or another and fucking sold it right then and there. So it was used in name alone.

I played it. I loved it. And to quote,

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@geirr said:

That seems kinda silly but having seen boobs do lots of weird and freaky things in Japanese (and Korean) games I guess I'm surprised this didn't happen sooner.

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In fairness he should really include the same feature on a Big Boss figurine :P

A Big Boss figure with a manipulatable dick would actually be the greatest thing.

I would love to fuck around with an adjustable-dicked Big Boss. That's the future right there.

Big Boss's butt would be a better thing to apply this stuff to. Kojima always took extra care in rendering butts, as well as boobs, after all.

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Hate the A.I. difficulty? Me? Nooooo way!

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It's a fighting game and fighting games always have intense difficulty spikes. Sometimes it can be a joke and sometimes, well, sometimes that happens.

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@selbie said:

In fairness he should really include the same feature on a Big Boss figurine :P

A Big Boss figure with a manipulatable dick would actually be the greatest thing.

I would love to fuck around with an adjustable-dicked Big Boss. That's the future right there.

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@spunkyhepanda: It might be productive if he were to clarify in which parts of his public life he is being sincere, and in which parts he is being a professional troll/heel.

There have been multiple instances on Danswers where Dan has said "I made some remark on Twitter/ the Bombcast and everyone yelled at me on Twitter, but c'mon, I was obviously joking." I DUNNO, MAN, MAYBE IT'S NOT AS OBVIOUS AS YOU THINK.

I dunno. There's something endearing about living life in kayfabe. When a wrestler says some shit, you're like, oh well he's a wrestler. I'd just jump to the same conclusion for Dan.

Very good chance I'm wrong, but that's how I've always felt about him.