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The time has come and so. have. I!

I am so excited to play this I could shit! Wait, is that what excited people do? Just me? Man I really should reschedule that colonoscopy...

Anyhow, DMC4 is one of my favorites. I put a ton of hours in that game. It made buying the collectors edition and getting to watch that shit DMC anime so much more worth it. Then of course I went through the other ones and found out about that hidden gem DMC3.

Oh yes. The nostalgia. I am ready.

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It's great that someone remembered that this was a horror game, or rather was supposed to be one, so they tried to make it scary. The Evil Within may have been my favorite game of the year last year, and by a long shot, but it was not scary. The Assignment was actually scary at some points.

The Assignment was so good. So, so good. I can't wait for the next episode!

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I bet he told them he wasn't going to do MGS anymore, and the trade-off to that was he had to rename the studio to something else.

He always said he wanted to be done with MGS, but he was working on Silent Hills. So I can't imagine that his studio is being shut down. Also I'm pretty sure you can't just remove a companies name and logo, pretty sure that's illegal. So they must be rebranding.

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You guys are suckers.

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I dunno. I kind of like them all. Django Unchained was pretty darn great. Seeing a racist Don Johnson will never not be funny. Also: "I can't see fucking shit in this thing" was hilarious.

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@slag: Well we're absolutely going to be taking it all into account. We've already had a bit of a talk about it and we will be making an effort to get it tighter and organize a lot more. Thanks for everything man. That was the very definition of constructive criticism!

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Wow, you really hit it out of the park with this one.

Number 1, thanks a bunch. Number 2, my name's actually Ryan so that works out better than you probably expected.

We recorded a podcast a while back and we used a google doc to list out the things we wanted to talk about in the order we wanted to talk about about them, which gave us a much more structured podcast but Yummylee decided it would be better to go off the cuff to create a more "natural" podcast. I told him that's insane and he's insane but that's how we're doing it. I would definitely like to get back to the google doc to give us some structure though. An example would be me having a whole thing I wanted to talk about for episode 2 but because of the go-go-go nature, I ended up not really being able to get on a track to talking about it.

Even if I am super satisfied with how our episode 2 went, it was all over the place. For example, we talk about Alex Wesker coming to Raid mode and then end our podcast on "OH BY THE WAY: ALEX WESKER". Kind of hard to save that up when we already talked about it, you know?

If I had to give one big criticism of my own, it's that I feel like I'm reacting to him 90% and not really talking about what I'd like to. I'm talking, but he changes course so often that we're talking about one thing and then BAM we're talking about another. It's not that he talks a lot, he just has to learn when to let a thought go and move on for the sake of discussion. For example, I know I can definitely ramble if I don't watch myself, so I'll make sure to say what I have to say and then let him have it. As short and concise as I can possibly make it.

As for the actual content of the podcast itself, we are really only talking about Revelations since it's a weekly episodic release. It gives us time to play it and then discuss what the next episode could be. After this is done and over with, which should be next week, we're going to go broader.

One common critique I got was from people who aren't interested in Resident Evil. If they aren't interested in the subject, why listen to the podcast? I feel like keeping ourselves to only one topic is a limitation that does more harm than good. Once we get back to the planning-our-topics and making-our-notes thanks to glorious google docs, we should have a lot more to talk about. And it should flow much, much better.

Thanks a bunch. That's almost more of a review than criticism since it was so in depth. I definitely appreciate it. We're going to have to walk before we can run, and sometimes I wonder if we have to crawl before we can walk, but we're definitely cruising on ahead regardless. And I'm absolutely excited to see us get better.

It's a learning experience, for all of us. And we'll get better.

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Sniper rifle made that level a breeze. You can just sit back and pick off everyone before they get close enough to charge you.

That's what I had been using, but even when trying to be careful about ammo, I still got to what I assume (or hope) is the last section of the level with only 3 bullets left. Other than the 1 crate that gives you a bountiful 4 bullets, is there some other way to get more ammo that I'm missing?

There's an ammo crate on each level after the first (or at least I couldn't find a crate on the first level). You can camp out at each one and refill whenever you run out of ammo.

I have no idea why you can only get more ammo once you're completely empty.

Wait, so if you get more ammo and then use up THOSE bullets, you can go back and get more? I had assumed it was a one time thing! That should definitely help (even if it only gives you 4 bullets at a time)

Yep. What I did was just waste my ammo on a wall when I had one or two rounds left so I could max out in case of emergency. Those big guys will rush you down quickly, you're gonna need spray-and-pray insurance.

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@ghostiet: Fuck yeah. I loved punching people to death in the first one and then this guy comes along and he can only punch people to death. It's great.

Also I'm pretty sure he hit a Rock Bottom off on that dog.

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I changed my mind this game is awesome. WHO NEEDS GUNS!?