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@veektarius: You have to do a thing at the War Table to bring in some specialized people to help the Inquisitor.

I've got no idea how to actually get the specialization itself though. I apparently need to craft something but I've got no idea how to get any of the items on the list.

When it comes to my party, I have troubles deciding between Cole, Dorian and Vivienne, or Blackwall Dorian Cole, or Cole Cassandra and Varrick. Or Blackwall Ironbull and Dorian. Goddamn I love all of these guys and have lots of trouble choosing. Vivienne for my barrier and rival action, Dorian for his sick Necromancer bullshit, and a heavy to get in and fuck shit up while I stab dudes in the back with my daggers.

Sometimes I just say fuck it and take Dorian, Vivienne and Solas and let the biotic magical explosions take me away. Mage's'r OP and I love it.

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@xx_elisa_xx: That's really exactly what happened. Ubisoft pointed out that people were both: A. Disinterested in the character of Desmond Miles. And B. Disinterested in the modern day story. So they killed Desmond and then changed how the whole modern day stuff worked by making a character that is, as Ubisoft says, you. That's right. Your character doesn't talk or have a face because they wanted that character to represent you.

So now people have been calling bullshit on this for the past 2 years and what with all of the bad attention that both Rogue and Unity is getting(But really, Rogue is getting no attention) they are probably going to try and get the modern day story back into high gear. Problem is, they killed Desmond. They'd have to work pretty hard in order to get us to care about a character like that again.

Desmond's story was going to end in such a cool way. You've got him going into the past and basically being trained by Altair, Ezio and Connor and learning all of their skills and techniques via the bleeding effect that allowed him to retain the information he learns via the Animus. He was going to take the fight to the Templar's and change the tide for the Assassin's. And it was gonna be fucking awesome. But nope. They did some Vince Russo shit and swerved us all and then made the story about some fucking computer hacker. You don't have to be Sebastian Castellanos to say "What the fuck" to that.

Disappointing indeed.

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This is quite possibly the ugliest game I've ever seen. The PS3 version has a very stable framerate, even during some big fights, but man, MAAAAAAAAN, those graphics!!! I'm by no means a "graphics whore" but I don't think I'll be able to play this game on PS3.

I've been looking up videos of it on PS4 and wow, it's pretty good looking. I can't believe the difference. I mean, I figured there would be a difference, but I had never imagined it being that huge. The PS3 version has more in common with Playstation Home that it does the PS4 version.

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I have it on PS3 but I'm not allowed to download the patch. I keep trying but it comes to a screeching halt at 51%. I've done a bunch of internet checks and everything is A-okay on my end.

I'm installing the game now, but I won't be able to import my "world state" from the keep because I'd have to be connected to the EA servers, which require me to also be connected to the PSN... and I can't do that if I don't download the patch.

Okay: I downloaded the patch, linked my world and then created a character.

So far the audio seems to get choppy during initial loading of areas.

The character customization was pretty cool, though beards are horribly rendered. They're basically pixelated blocks around your face.

Hair clips through your ears pretty noticeably. It also seems to clip through hoods.

I don't know if this is exclusive to PS3(I'd imagine not), but you can't navigate with the D-pad. You have to use the left stick. That irritates a nervous tick I didn't know I had.

The sound effect audio isn't in surround sound, which makes everything sound super weird. You've got voices and ambient noises all around you, and then suddenly very static noises as you run and jump your way around. I don't like that at all. I imagine this is different on PS4.

EDIT: I actually don't think anything is in surround sound except the music.

The "combat" button is... R2? Man, with not being able to use the D-pad to navigate menus and now the combat button being R2, this game's control scheme is fucking weird.

Character models look pretty good, aside from some blurry textures here and there.

Environments look like they were pulled straight out of Dragon Age: Origins. I've seen Inquisition on both next-gen and PC and it looks nothing like this. But yeah, graphically it's not very pleasing.

Slight pop-in in the distance. I'm not sure if I'm in some kind of overworld or just a static "prologue" loation or not, but the render distance seems to be pretty huge. I can see well across the map.

That's about it. I've been in a few fights now and the framerate seems stable. It's not dipping or anything. That could very well change, but I'll let you know.

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@billyok said:

Assassin's Creed: Known Shippable.

Let's not throw bouquets at Ubi for being honest post-release. Things are so messy that this is one of those rare instances where being honest about it is better PR than using spin. The franchise's reputation is in the mud right now.

Still ridiculous that they're fixing these things now. If it's so automatic to fix these things, how about doing it during QA, when these issues must have surfaced constantly?

Would it be naive or stupid of me to suggest that if there was any time to be honest, it should be before release, and not after? Is that too much? I dunno. I'd like to see a positive side to this but you are right, this is pretty much the only option they have. Putting some PR spin on this situation would make things real bad.

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Honesty is great, but they've already got your money so does it really help?

They knew it was going to be like this. They decided to keep the embargo up, what, 12 hours into the launch? They knew people would say "Yo, this game is broken" and that might affect sales so they put a lid on it as long as they could. It strikes me as dirty and wrong.

Really, what I'd like to know is how acceptable is this going to be? I'd again like to point out that, sure, while they are being decently open with their process to fix the game, they are saying "The game doesn't work to your expectations on any platform right now but hey, we've got your money. So there's that".

Maybe I'm too negative but I think it's bonkers that we have this industry where even the huge blockbuster games can come out barely functioning. If this were some game with 2 people working on it, sure, that could make sense. This is Ubisoft. These guys have 40 minute long credits because they have 700 people working on the game.

Buying a bad game is one thing, but buying one that doesn't work right is another beast all together. And it's a a real bummer.

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Have you just not considered that you are intensely beautiful to them? Gender is like water. You put water in a cup, it becomes a cup. You put water in a bowl, it becomes a bowl. Become water.

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@gaspower: Yeah I know how you feel. I was excited for Alien: Isolation and was dreading The Evil Within. I ended up disliking Isolation and love-love-loving The Evil Within. Then I was hyped for Rogue and ugh, it let me down too.

Thankfully Inquisition is getting good buzz so I can get into that and start having fun again! (:

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@chieve: Well if you are on your ship then yes, you'll have to fight with it. There's really nothing interesting about the combat in this game so if you're interested in it for that, then it's definitely the wrong game. It sounds like Far Cry 4 is more fun in that department though, so if you can, try that.

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@gaspower: @bargainben: Freedom Cry only had like 7 missions total. It was definitely very short.

@yummylee said:

The ''Yummylee of Assassin's Creed: Rogue''...??

You are the Revelations 2 forums. I'm basically all of the Rogue forums. We can be Yummylee together.

Honestly, even AC3 sucked but the story was good. If we have to choose one or the other, well, I'd rather have another Black Flag - in terms of narrative and tight gameplay. Definitely not another AC3. And if we're gonna get another Rogue, I say commit to being a Templar and let us do evil shit and stop being the good guy for once. This is the most Assassiny "Assassin's Creed" game I've ever played. By becoming a Templar, you are more of an Assassin than ever. How crazy is that? Oh, and, you know... make it not shitty. That'd be nice. But I guess with a devcycle that ensures you only have a certain amount of time to make a game, how much should we expect? If they are happy releasing Rogue and Unity in the broken states that they are in, then we probably shouldn't expect much.

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Haha, you know, that must be it!

I never bothered to go out and find those UFO parts in GTAV, but had they been marked on the map like a Ubi game, I would absolutely seek out every single one, without hesitation.

I do have to admit, they've got me in their grip. Despite being nowhere near finished with Black Flag, I picked up Rogue and Unity, and in a few hours I'll getting Far Cry 4. That's a whole lot of collecting.

It's okay man. The first part of getting better is admitting you have a problem. If you need help from other addicts like myself, all you have to do is ask man. We're here for you.

EDIT: I am reading through the collectibles I got yesterday and it's actually funny - they tie Liberation, AC3, Black Flag and Rogue together. Basically, every Assassin from those games were in contact with each other. And so every Templar from these games were in contact with each other. Funny how that never came about in the other games, but these guys were well "in" with each other. It's a shame this wasn't actually shown in Rogue but rather shoved off into collectibles.