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@rafaelfc said:

Having beaten the first Episode and playing a little bit of raid mode, I really like this game.

I stand by my previous statement that it feels like a direct to video spin off, but it's one of the better ones at that.

I agree. I do like it, but man doesn't it have some issues. And Raid mode is great. Really into Raid mode. You can't play online yet but you can split-screen via share play so you can get a leg up on tackling the challenging missions.

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Man, i think with this write up and the people generally agree with it solidifies this as a purchase once it gets down in price. I love resident evil but honestly if I'm gonna play another one of those games it's gonna me the HD remaster yet again.

If it makes you feel any better, I think that they got Barry perfect. He sounds like you'd expect him to sound and his voice actor actually does a great job. Whereas the voice actress for Moira sounds super forced at times, Barry and Natalia sound great. I actually expected Natalia to be awful, but she ended up being pretty cool too.

@rafaelfc said:

To me, it feels like a direct to video version of Resident Evil.

The lack of budget is strong with this one.

That's actually the best way of putting it. I didn't try to sound melodramatic with "It doesn't feel like a real game", it just made sense to me. There's something missing... or something wrong, something doesn't feel right.

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@ntm said:

I can't disagree with the complaints, but they don't bother me as much. I liked it well enough and am excited to see where it's going. As for it not feeling like a real game, I think I understand what you mean, but for me, it only goes so far as the obvious, which is that it's episodic, so you only get an hour or three at most of play until the rest comes along. I feel like the way everything else is set up, is pretty standard for recent Resident Evil games, aside from a few instances, like different mechanics.

It doesn't feel like a real game to me because you don't really do anything. It's like playing a Telltale game but without choice or options. You're going through the typical linear gaming experience, but the episodes are so short that nothing happens and you're told to wait for the episode next week.

It feels like I was playing a prologue for an hour and a half but the game itself never began.

Is there an ingame currency to buy more inventory slots for raid mode or is it just real money? If it is, that's pretty fucked.

I don't think there is. It seems pretty much just DLC.

@crembaw said:

Your criticisms all seem very valid and well fleshed-out, and I certainly empathize with the pain of sequels that fail to deliver, but they don't really seem to fall in line with such a vaguely dire title as 'It doesn't feel like a real video game.' Generally that kind of terminology is best reserved for something like Super Smash Brothers for WiiU, which is more a Dadaist Statement than it is a video game.

That and the pictures are huge. Scaling, brother.

As I explain earlier in the reply, it doesn't feel like a real game because nothing really happens. It's linear to the point that you are just going through levels and all you get to do is shoot zombies while your companion A.I. stands around getting hit a bunch. You could argue that the first Revelations did the same thing, but the levels were huge to the point you really felt like you were exploring. Not here. You've got a couple of hallways and immediately a giant outdoorsy area that feels like it's going to open the game up, but nope, that's super linear too.

@nardak said:

The first episode took me 3 hours on survivor level.

I dont think that you can really have an effective horror game when you have weapons at your disposal. Alien isolation kinda made the bullets a rare resource and you couldnt really kill the alien with any of the weapons which you were carrying. This gave the game a nice atmosphere of tension. In Resident Evil games you start usually with a melee weapon and a pistol but pretty soon you are carrying a whole bunch of other weapons. Also putting those custom parts into weapons tends to make them very effective in the long run against the enemies.

This all leads to a game that is more about managing resources and shooting stuff than a game of pure horror.

That was the thing that surprised me. When you begin as Barry, you have THREE guns! I mean, at least Claire had one. The first Revelations spread guns out across the entire ship. In fact, I don't think I ever found the sniper rifle because of this. The ship was so big I didn't even know I missed it.

This game has more in common with RE6 than it does Revelations.

But Resident Evil 6 was fucking amazing. You don't know what the fuck you are talking about. Now how the fuck am I supposed to know if I should trust your fucking opinion? Anyway, I was interested in playing the fucking game locally with another fucking person. Did you get the fucking chance to try out the fucking coop? Maybe that is the fucking secret to making this fucking game super fucking rad.

@crembaw said:

That and the pictures are huge. Scaling, brother.

Don't listen to this guy. Big pictures are better. Having to click on a little picture to make it bigger sucks because it opens up that horrible glitchy pop-up.

Well the fucking online co-op is fucking locked for now because fucking Capcom wants to be Rockstar by fucking locking their fucking multiplayer for a couple of fucking weeks because they can't fucking figure their fucking shit out. But I did play some fucking split-screen Raid mode through fucking share play and it was pretty fucking great actually. I really fucking liked doing that shit.

Also yeah the picture sort of bug out when I do that so I just full-size them.

Revelations was one of the gems that I played a year after it's initial release and I enjoyed it quite a lot, unlike Resident Evil 6. My hopes were high regarding the second part, although I was quite confused that Capcom took an episodic approach to this chapter, since I was out of the loop for quite a while. Kind of a shame to read this negative review, but knowing Capcom, this is just the shit they might pull on their audience once in a while.

I think the first episode is poor(Or as I said, mega weak) but I'm really hoping they get it together. The next episode looks bigger but I'm not sure if that means better. I'm ready to be surprised. Revelations 1 came out of nowhere and ended up being a really charming little thing.

I feel like this just solidifies my feeling that I wish Capcom would go forward with some sort of RE2 and RE3 remake in the vain of the RE Remaster. I know that might turn people off since it would be a "retread" in source material...but I would love to dive back into those games with some updated concepts.

Even if they just released the old remake, and even if that remake is selling gangbusters, some small part of me thinks they'd just fuck up a RE2 or RE3 remake. They'd just make it into the fast paced survival horror action game Capcom thinks we all wants.

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The first Revelations took about 3 or 4 hours before I really fell in love with it. Until that point, I was really, really uninterested in it. But then it opened up and the flower that it was began to bloom into a mess of not not taking itself too seriously and then cheesy over the top characters that felt so good after the try-hard mess that RE6 turned out to be.

Fear you can't... remember... Hmm..

With Revelations 2 and the episodes turning out to be so short, I don't think that it can really afford to keep me waiting that long because that's like 2 or 3 episodes in.

46 minutes as Claire to dick around and not do much(This was with me exploring as much as I could and looking for shit everywhere, and even dying and stuff)
This was Barry's section. It took a little longer because I tried to use Natalia to see enemies and plan around them, but really, it doesn't matter. Just use guns.

I don't know. It just doesn't feel like a real game. It's really hard to explain. it feels like something is wrong... or missing or something.

The levels are pretty much 100% linear, and the places you can explore end up being routes you have to take somewhere else. So that's a big change from the first Revelations that featured so much exploration you could end up like 20 minutes away from where you needed to go. Not to mention all of the side rooms with guns and collectibles. Nope, not here. Capcom played The Last of Us and that changed everything. Well, not really, but that's what they'll tell you.

The gunplay is weird because the reticle is massive and it never feels like you're going to hit where you are aiming, even though once you figure it out it becomes very simple. It just looks worse than it is. Also there's this weird time delay between firing the last round in the gun and being able to reload. There's like a 3 second period where you just aren't allowed to reload. It's feels like a design choice rather than a bug, for whatever reason.

You also get Bonus Points for doing things like finding secrets and shooting emblems and at the end of an episode you can buy special skills, like increased damage, increased health or brief invincibility when you crouch.

That's right, you have to have unlock a skill before Claire or Barry will use their guns while you control Natalia or Moira. HOW FUCKED UP IS THAT.

The A.I. is soooooooo dumb.

Like, super dumb

So far, all of my complaints of the story itself come from how I kind of wish Claire wasn't there. Not only because Moira is easily the worst part of the game(All she does is stand in front of enemies and can't do anything because it takes two hands to hold a flashlight. Also she never fucking stuns enemies for me so she was literally useless for the entire Claire section). She tries to be super edgy because she says "fuck" like 30 times a second but it feels super forced and thus falls flat.

I feel like, with all of the connections to The Last of Us that this game so desperately tries to make, someone looked up a list for how many times Ellie says "Fuck" and said "We can top that!!".

With Claire's chapter out of the way, we move onto Big Bad Barry Burton and the game is immediately better. Not that it's that great to begin with, but it takes an interesting turn when you add Natalia into the mix.

Natalia is a little girl that Barry befriends immediately and, since there's not anyone else in the area, Barry decides to look after her. Whereas Moria does absofuckinglutely nothing, Natalia is interesting because she can sense enemies in the area. When you switch to her, you can see silhouettes of enemies through the walls, as well as hidden items you point out for Barry(Or yourself) to pick up. If you crouch, the distance at which you can sense things is increased(Maybe doubled, I can't remember).

One, it's more interesting right away because BARRY. BURTON. Two, Natalia adds an interesting perspective with her powers. Also she can pick up bricks and throw them or slam them on enemies' head because that's what Ellie can do in The Last of Us so it must be good game design. She can also crawl into small spaces because she's a tiny little girl and open up locked doors or retrieve items for Barry.

A dining room... Wait, uh, wrong game.

So really, if you get down to it, Claire's section of the chapter feels more like business as usual while Barry's section at least makes an attempt.

The issue here is the game is still stupid simple. You go to the waypoint on the map, passing a bunch of locked doors along the way. You hit a button, get power, get a key that opens a door, get another key that opens another door, and go along your merry way. You fight a bunch of enemies, Moria stands around doing jack all, and it ends up being like Resident Revelations, except Barry is in it, and it's also kind of dumb.

I don't know, I hope more people can understand what I'm trying to say. It just makes sense to me to say it doesn't feel like a real game. Something is missing and I can feel it.

Raid mode feels like a much improved Raid mode. Except for the 200% increase in microtransactions.

You do missions, level up your character. Except now you can choose which skills you want to get and level up independently instead of choosing a skin with predetermined skills. It adds a lot more depth into the game and it's turned something that was just kind of fun and also incredible tedious to just kind of fun.

1337 strats, fat stats. umad brooooo

Each character has their own levels and skills, but once you max out a skill(At level 20), you can "inherit" it, which unlocks it for all characters while also resetting the level of that particular skill back to zero.

You have a lot of stuff to put things in, like a space for your mods and guns, but the number of items you are allowed to store is suspiciously low. Suspicious when you realize how many DLC's there are to increase the storage amounts. Hey, I'm all for microtransactions when it makes sense, but it feels a little underhanded here. Just a little.

Final verdict!

I don't know if the next episode(or episodes) will get better, but as the first episode stands, it's mega weak. I want to see more Barry and less Moira "Fuck Fuck Fuckity" Burton.

I put on my robe and FUCK FUCK FUCKITY HAT

This is not survival horror, there is no fear.

Barry and Natalia have a nice contrast going on as Barry is looking for his own daughter, and must protect Natalia as well as himself in this nightmarish world(For the characters. The world is pretty standard Resident Evil to us).

The level design is linear to the point that I can feel the director's hand guiding me through the level. "This is the part where you stealth kill dudes, this is the epic action sequence where you shoot a bunch, and then you walk around for 10 minutes and HOLY SHIT THIS IS ONLY LIKE AN HOUR AND A HALF. EVEN TELLTALE GAMES HAVE MORE THAN THIS SHIT."

If you're asking if you should buy it, I say two things: One, the price is cheap enough that it shouldn't hurt you too bad if you end up disliking or even hating it. Two, you can buy the season pass at any time, so just go ahead and wait and see if people warm up more to the next episodes. I feel like the ground work laid out here could get really cool, as even the first Revelations was a little understated in its game design. Maybe the first chapter was just to set it up and the rest will execute on some grand design. Probably not, but time will tell... but probably not.

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Hey sorry about leaving the clan. I didn't want to be a jerk and get all dramatic about it. Simply put: My old Dust 514 corp is still around and I thought those guys stopped playing a long time ago, so I jumped at the chance to get back in touch with them.

Hope you guys don't take it personally and I'm sorry I did make much progress in the clan(Aside from donating a bunch of color pigment things) but I couldn't pass the opportunity up. Had to chill with my homies, ya dig?

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I've had a ton of fun with it today. I also picked up the season pass because why not. The extra outfits are actually really cool.

You certainly won't regret it. Or at least I hope not. Because Shadow of Mordor has got a lot going on.

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@yummylee said:

Wait, what do you mean? Big Boss shows up in MGS4? No he doesn't, Snake shoots himself in the graveyard and then it all ends! Right??? Yeah, yeah, that's what happened, yeah, definitely.

...Goddamnit MGS4 you suck so much.

Let it go, my son... Or should I call you... brother?

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@htr10 said:

I was hoping when I clicked on this thread all it was going to say was "...and now Jon Stewart is available"

Giant Bomb needs a Green Lantern more than a news guy. I'm all for Jon Stewart.

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@shagge: If I had shame, which I don't, I would totally be ashamed to admit I still haven't seen that Troy Baker video yet. I know, I'm scum.

@csl316 said:

I was ready to come in and poo on Second Son again because it's not as good as the previous ones. But you wrapped up the reasons why it's "ok" pretty effectively.

Stay aware from those ellipses, because it's a crutch that's just... I dunno, hard to let go of.

Oh, and Mordor! That game's great! I'm always afraid to jump into an open-world because it feels overwhelming and a waste of time. But Mordor's just fun, man. It's one of the best playing games I've ever played, which is why it was my second favorite game of last year behind Wolfenstein. There are a handful of side activities that drag on, but the controls feel great and pulling off the stealth and combat feels effortless.

I also wield the power of the PS4 share button, so let me direct you to a late game fight showing off the ease and pure joy that the mechanics can result in. I didn't think about any of this stuff, I just did it and loved it. (it's not much of a spoiler, I'm just fighting some tough guys, but maybe avoid the top left objective for 5 seconds)

Actually that video was pretty awesome. I'm definitely excited to share my own stuff like that. So far I only really have Ellie blowing a man into giblets and a really, really motivational bandit.

I see videos like yours and I get really hype because, while crazy, I found the combat in the Arkham games to be really buggy. Coupled with Assassin's Creed being nothing but a collectible slideshow with some sort of story attached, I am getting really bored with those games. But Shadow of Mordor looks like it takes philosophies of both games and turns it into its own thing.

I am definitely late to the party but I'll be one of yous guys in no time.

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@shagge said:

@n7 said:

I want Shadow of Mordor to hurry up and get here, but I'm scared I might start to feel fatigued by open world games. There's only so many collectibles before you break, man. Only so many...

Not to scare you away from it, as Mordor is fucking fantastic, but it's some open world-ass open world. Distractions: The Game would be a good alternate title for it. I'm the type of person that saves side stuff for the end, but Mordor does a scarily good job at making you think "Welllll, I should just clear this area completely since I'm right here... and over there is a nemesis... oh hey, that plant I need! Oh, but wait, there's an artifact over there. Ooh, a crowd of orcs! Let's blow 'em up! I leveled? Well, now I have to play with my new power..." and suddenly it's 11 at night and you've accomplished nothing but getting a bunch of pretty pictures because photo modes are the best.

Like I said in the thread for The Order, I am so ready for a short linear game right about now.

It... it sounds like my fantasy game. An honest-to-god great game that's also filled to the brim with shit to do!? Sign me up! Hell, look at Second Son! I got all of the shards before I really did anything. You put shit in front of me, I will collect that shit.

Honestly I think I may have a Troy Baker addiction more than anything. Last of Us Remastered, inFamous Second Son, Shadow of Mordor... I'm being suffocated in his sweet dulcet tones.