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@bollard said:

Game seems to be out everywhere that isn't America. Can't play right now but super excited for when I get home.

Yeah I know. Somehow every other PSN got their shit together and released it at midnight, right on time.

Man, I figured I could have this download while I was at work, but the American store doesn't update until like 5pm or something

It's a shame. I stayed up to get it downloaded early but alas, it was just not meant to be. But hey, it is for sure coming out today... Unless the PSN gets hacked or goes down for some reason...

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Arkham Knight just doesn't have a soul. It starts off awesome and peters out. The game has a direction problem in that it wants to show you things but settles for telling you instead. From the story down to the game design, it's just... empty.

The side missions require you to first do a thing and then it makes you do that thing every single time. It's never different, it's always the same. I don't mean "it's so similar you think it's the same", I mean it's formulaic in a way that says "We need to be done with this".

I wouldn't say I'm coming from a place of jadedness, personally. I'm coming at it from a critical frame of mind. I just couldn't ignore some of the flaws in this game. Usually people will complain about something in a game I like and I'll think "Well it doesn't bother me so it's totes cool". But there's just so many things in this game that made me ask "Is this... it? I've done it once so I've seen all there is?" And that's bad, in my opinion.

I don't like Batman: Arkham Knight. But I do like Batman: Arkham Knight. It's so pretty to look at, especially Founders Island where I hung out a lot just looking at all the super cool neon buildings. It sounds good. It plays well, aside from that game breaking glitch I ran into where I had to revert back to an earlier save and thus lost like 90% of my Riddler trophies, but hey, it happens. I wasn't even that bothered by it, truly. Because I honestly like the game. So I wanted to do it again.

I mean I did get the Platinum trophy like a week ago. I didn't just pick this thing up to yell at and then throw away. I did everything. I got intimate with this game. I became The Batman.

My life motto is: If we can't criticize the things we love, we must not love them very much. And just like MGS4, a game that is so dear to my heart, I can't see past the flaws and missed opportunities. So I'll probably nerd rage on it for a while until another game comes out to nerd rage to, but at least it comes from a place of love. Words that love.

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I agree with pretty much everything stated here. I wish there was a bit more of Arkham Knight even if it was obvious/cliche who he was. I am not a big batman fan at all, I have watched the Nolan and movies and like them a whole lot, but I had no idea there had been three Robins, yet I knew right away when they started introducing the story of Jason, that he was the guy.

For the record I am a bit bummed out that you spoiled Origins, which I haven't played, but I guess that's what I get for reading spoiler threads about Batman, even though it only says spoilers for Arkham Knight.

As for spoiling Origins, that's my bad. I probably should have known better.

Having said that, trust me, it's not too big of a spoiler. I probably shouldn't say more than that, but that particular element reveals itself to you relatively soon into the game. It's not an ending twist by any means. But still, that's my fault. Sorry about that.

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@n7: Isn't there a rank 30 vehicle or something?

I think so. There's the regular tank and the "super beefy" tank is around level 30 somewhere. I think some stuff unlocks at around level 22 as well.

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Meh, the guns are boring are you have to grind to get to the interesting stuff. Also you're made of paper meche.

You are made of paper meche and the enemies are made out of adamantium bullshit.

I hate it when you get the drop on someone before they even know you're there and bam, shot shot shot. NOPE. BULLETS MAKE ME STRONGER. Goddamnit.

So far the biggest and worst part of this game are people who run from medics. "Hey I've got one hit point left on me and this guy is trying to give me more! FUCK THAT TIME TO RUN AROUND LIKE THAT TIME I GOT MY HEAD STUCK IN THE TOILET". Come on guys. If you're going to run at least run WITH me.

Being a medic is tough. It's recommended for newbies because you get lots of Certs pretty quickly but, as they say, war is hell.

Honestly though, and maybe I'm just a dingus here, but there's not even really that much in the game to grind for so far. I've heard people say it's pretty grindy but I maxed out my medic stuff around rank 12. Now it's just misc stuff like a better gun and attachments. You can get Certs pretty quickly by switching it up every now and then. I got like 10 in about 10 minutes by healing and reviving a bunch, then dying and going on a 20 killstreak with a Max. If you aren't really doing much it can take some time to get Certs.

Oh and what's up with all the team killing in New Conglomerate? These people don't even give a fuck. Watch your heads, fellas.

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@mb said:

I had played Planetside 2 a little bit on PC earlier this year and never really got into it. Played the PS4 version at a friend's house, and holy cow, that frame rate is all over the place. They should have just locked it at 30, instead it seems to fluctuate willy between sub-30 and somewhere around the high 50's depending on what is on screen and how many characters are being displayed, complete with excessive screen tearing. I admit I only played it for about five minutes though, but man, it needs a patch big time. V-sync and a 30 FPS cap with some motion blur may be a good idea.

I get the idea they are doing some kind of "fresh start" on PS4 where it won't be on par with PC in terms of content and options for a whiiiiiile. But yes, a stable framerate would be ideal.

I just spent some time today playing it because the Evolve (this game is amazing, by the way) servers were having issues, and I found myself enjoying it in spite of it's general weirdness. There's some control wonkiness, the framerate is bonkers, bringing up a menu is a latency nightmare, I have no idea how to throw my grenade, I constantly have to remind myself what I'm supposed to do, but jetpacking over a wall blowing three defenders away is still a lot of fun. I can't really recommend it, but don't not try it. Make of that sentence what you will.

Oh, and it takes a long time to earn any currency.

You press L1 and R1 at the same time to throw your grenade.

As for generating currency, I think it depends on how good you are. For example, you can crank out some serious shit with a medic. As long as you're in the trenches reviving and healing and dying with your people it seems to earn you some money quickly.

I honestly hope this game irons out over time. I like what's here but it's just too janky and incomplete to last.

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@crembaw said:

I have an extensive history with it on PC that left me with certain...impressions about its direction and future. Judging by your comments, I don't feel a particular need to try the PS4 version. I do have a question, though: within the last year they had added a 'test fire' range where you could try out any weapon for free. Is that still there in the console version? How's the map interface, does it use touch controls or just stick+buttons?

There is no firing range in the game so far.

The interfaces are all pretty bad. It took me a while to understand anything about them. I'm still sort of confused by it all.

It's just stick and buttons. The touchpad just brings up the map.

Oh yeah, there's a lot of screen tearing in this game.

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I really like it. It's like a janky mix of MAG and DUST 514.

That frame rate can be a real bastard. Sometimes it runs fine and sometimes it doesn't.

Also I just don't know what I'm doing. I play a Medic and thankfully I read some tutorials that explained Medic is probably a good way to go for beginners and so far I've been loving it... I just don't really know what I'm doing or why. All I can really do is revive people and heal them but it feels like I'm missing the bigger picture.

The game does a really bad job of communicating things to new players, and of course by bad job I mean not at all.

Because the game never ends(And if it does, I haven't seen it) it leads to some pretty interesting experiences. I was pretty much the lone medic in a huge siege from the purple guys and it got pretty fucking hectic. People were dropping from sniper fire, sneaky snakes were getting in the base and blowing us up, and over the ridge we can see roughly 30 tanks fast approaching. After about 35 minutes we repelled the assault and turn tabled the purps and stole their base. It was a blast. I made a lot of XP during that one.

It's not very fun when it happens to you, though.

What about you guys? Have you played it yet? Did you even know it was out on PS4?

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Yeah I had thought about that. It's pretty cool to think about it like that, but at the same time I still feel it was really dumb for Jason Todd to call himself the Arkham Knight just because he was tortured in an isolated part of Arkham Asylum. It just didn't seem like an area that was that important to the story and felt really shoe horned in just so the player didn't realize it was just a different way of telling the Red Hood story. Honestly, it felt lazy. Like really lazy.. and I think that's why it made me upset when I realized it was Jason Todd. I wouldn't have been as upset if throughout the series we had hints of this coming along, like side missions indicating that someone with dual pistols was killing villains or criminals on the street or even just establishing Jason Todds character before this game would have been a lot cooler to his storyarch of becoming the Arkham Knight...

Not to go entirely off topic here, but believe me, you should be glad with what we got. Just look at how they treated Hush. He shows up in Arkham City all decked out like he's ready to royally fuck Batman up, and then... he's put through a table within 5 minutes of meeting him in Arkham Knight.

The point I'm trying to make is, they set Hush up. They seemed to imply they were going to bring him back for some major shit later. And they didn't.

As for the topic, they probably would have made a better twist by having it turn out that the Arkham Knight didn't even exist or some shit. Like the fear toxin was messing with his Batbrain and he was seeing his own worst fear come to light: His failure to protect the city at all costs. The Joker would have been a good fakeout for this, having the player think that he was just seeing a manifestation of his guilt to save The Joker. But in reality was the Arkham Knight; Batman.

Sorry if I derailed your topic a bit. I'm just super disappointed by the story in this game but I don't want to walk around being a huge sourpuss around it or something.

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Absolutely loved the game's main story. I haven't cleared out any of the side stories, so it's disappointing to hear the other members of Batman's rogues gallery get the figurative shaft.

The big sticking point for me here is the lack of alternate playable characters--which, @N7, you note in your original post. The effort was clearly invested in rendering Robin and Nightwing and Catwoman and, hell, even Azrael. Unique striking techniques, unique gear, unique takedowns. The works. But to only see that stuff in glimpses, that was the most disheartening pitfall for me.

The game's best sequence, wherein Batman and Robin coordinate to eliminate the three infected, leaves the player on this bittersweet note. It's like looking into an alternate-but-cognate dimension to see the Arkham Knight-that-could-have-been, an Assassin's Creed Brotherhood riff that pits the Caped Crusader and the Boy Wonder in a two-man corner against the coming onslaught. It's so, so, so damn cool for the ten minutes you're in that sequence of events. And then it's over. And Robin is naught but a footnote for the remainder of the game.

Well put. It's funny how my favorite moment form the entire game is immediately put on the shelf and nothing resembling that ever happens again.

As I said above, I really thought the fact that there were different endings would end up having some sort of "true ending" where Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, Azrael and others would all be in this massive mutli-play assault against the Arkham Knight. How great would that have been? So great.