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I am another blue name praising this for which is cool.

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Collector's Edition. Man. That's funny... OH! That's what it's actually called?
I pre-ordered mine a little bit ago. Super stoked for my N7 hoodie and fucking ROBOT DOG. Seriously. Alternate outfits are sweet, artbook is cool, but that fucking ROBOT DOG has my boner in a raaaage of hype.
Forgot what else it came with, but I'm really excited for this. I'm probably as excited for this one as I was the MGS4 La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo Edition.

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@N7Joker said:

sometimes I wish I was a PC gamer.

Cousin!! Do you want to go see some American titties!?
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How fuck. Didn't expect this. Looks like he's fully aware of Sony marketing his game now. I'm gonna shoot that truck.

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Dear: Idiot. Why are you so dumb. I mean, you are so dumb! Why! What does it even do!
Sincerely, a Nascar.
Now THAT'S what you should've sent! Send ripples down their spine.

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De plane! De plane!!

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@Nodderly: Dear Diary. Tonight, my fantasy becomes reality.
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Yeah... I think I inadvertently just created the IGN logo. I don't even know how it happened.

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@dekkadekkadekka said:

Doesn't the name change from PSN to SEN affect this?

Wait, no, I'm dumb, the store name is staying the same and only the account name is changing, right?

Yeah. From what I can recall, the Playstation Network is still the PSN. It's just the accounts that are changing over to Sony Entertainment Network. So the PSN still lives.