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Holy fuck. Two pages in and I haven't even read the other two, but this happened to me a BUNCH. Now I understand it! I used to chalk it up to ghosts, but this is so bizarre.
One time I was a kid(As we all were) and I was laying in my RATHER FUCKING COOL car bed. Well, I had decided to take a nap. During this nap, I had a dream that I got up and walked to the kitchen and there was this old man in a suit and a little girl dressed in pink. I WANT to say she was dressed like a pink ballerina, but I honestly can't remember. They weren't scary or anything, they were just sitting there, looking at me. It wasn't even scary to me. Just two people chilling. And then here's the fucking interesting part: Two days later I overheard my uncle(Who was visiting for a couple days) say he was leaving because he walked to our bathroom in the middle of the night and saw an old man in a suit and a little girl chilling in the kitchen when he came back.
Then, while living in the same place, I was sleeping in said car bed when I heard someone screaming "AND THAT'S HOW I DISCOVERED ROCKET SCIENCE". I woke right the fuck up, screaming, and ran into the living room. My mom was all "WTF r u dooin".
And a couple of years ago, about three years ago, I was sleeping in my bed and I couldn't move, but I could move my eyes. And I looked at the corner in my room, by my door, and I saw the shadow of The Green Goblin(Specifically the one from the Spider-Man movie) Stand there, turn upside down, and crawl into my ceiling. Again, it wasn't scary or anything. But it was like someone took a fucking picture of The Green Goblin, cut out the background, and turned the levels all the way down. It was surreal.
Then when I was a kid, I was scared to sleep by myself. This was a few weeks before 9/11. I would leave my room in the middle of the night and go into the livingroom where my mom would sleep, and I'd sleep on the floor. Well, one night, I was sleeping and I woke up, couldn't move, and I was seeing these weird flowing orbs fly around. They were all sorts of colors and they were going all over the place. I was so fucking scared I couldn't believe it. They were in front of me, in the kitchen, all over the place. I never forgot about that because I could have sworn it was my first run in with a ghost or something.
Those times scared the shit out of me, and now I come to learn that that's just what entails with sleep paralysis? The fuck man. Where was this fucking information back when I thought I had goddamn Satan trying to get me?

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So, The Red Dead Assassin's Creed Matrix Brotherhood, BUT IN THE REVOLUTIONARY FUCKING WAR?
Announce John MCclane and I'm going to shit not just my pants, but everyone else' pants.

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The day you die.

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They are governments and businesses at the same time. They have competing products. They can't steal them from each other or else it'll lead to an all out war between them.
It just so happens that nanomachine charged liquid armor is the competition.

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Oh mah gaaaaaad. This game is fucking beautiful. It may actually have a decent stealth system this time around.

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Call of Duty. Totally came out of left-field. I see bright things for its future.

Following in the footsteps of Halo going from absolute obscurity to mega-hit with Reach.

Hey, low reach.
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Call of Duty. Totally came out of left-field.
I see bright things for its future.

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People are jealous of them, that's why. There's no other feasible reason to dislike Tim and Eric.
Their success has rivaled that of titans themselves and people wonder why they don't like Tim and Eric. Do you know why you don't like Tim and Eric? Take a look in the mirror.

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I can't wait to have Leonardo da'Vinci build me some hidden tomahawks.

Don't you mean your Assassin buddy Ben Franklin? Because that's clearly how this has to go.

Ohhhh myyyyyyy goddddddddddddddddd.
He's going to give me some hardcore ass Cognitive Dissonance coated Hidden Blades.