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Also, I am curious.
I don't want to bug anyone or annoy people, but I want to know just how far this "mostly, no mods" rule goes. FIRST, I KNOW. I GET IT. I UNDERSTAND. I'm mainly posting because I saw a mod that was totally bonkers and I tooootally want it in the server in which I play Minecraft exclusively. But I'll keep this from going into "ZOMG NODD ADD THIS YEAAAAAAH". Instead, I'm just wondering how far the rule goes.
I ask this because I've been looking around and have been seeing some really cool mods. Not even gameplay additions or game-changers, rather, cutesy-wootsy little things that adds just the right amount of omg awesome. Not too much, not too little. Just. Enough. In fact, it's so small that you would literally not notice that they were there enough to impact your playing of Minecraft. For instance, one such mod is an Armor Stand in which you can take armor you aren't using and apply it to a statue of either yourself, a zombie, Steve or someone else. Just that "Ohhh maaaaaaan" of having a use for something you, well, don't have a use for is striking. It's enigmatic. It's the future.
Anyway. What I'm getting at. The server has seemingly waned in popularity the past little while. Whenever I jump on, usually between 6 and midnight on up, there's usually no one on. Aside from the usual Cap, AJ or Nodderly. I haven't seen anyone. Could it be that, maybe people have found other things to do? Maybe they haven't moved on, but rather ventured out into another frontier for a while. I think so. Yes. Definitely. But what happens when they come back to "Oh, it's Minecraft"? When they come back to the same thing they've been playing for days, months, years.
I have a remedy for this. Something easy. I think that, maybe every month or time period we decide on later if possible, we group up, find a mod we've been eying for a while, make a case on it and call a vote. This way, not only will we be choosing only one mod at a time(To space it out and not have some sort of 900 mods per month craziness), we will be a community again.
But before I continue, ask yourself: What mods do I want? What mods are great enough to add a new level of interest in the server, while at the same time strengthening my love for Minecraft and Nodderly?
Well I have your answer! Yes! Yes we can!
The rundown: Once a week, month, year, decade, whatever. We will come together with a mod we like, make a case for it, why we want it, why it would be totally tits-in-the-wind. And after we do this, we vote. The vote is the most important part, as if we didn't vote, it would be totally random with no way of knowing which mod would get added, as the decision would fall on Nodderly's increasingly strong shoulders. It would be anarchy. Who would know. And it also helps make sure we get a smaller number of mods added, instead of everyone getting the mod they've brought to the table added to the server which would PROBABLY KILL US ALL.
The rules would be simple: We each find our go-to mod, which HAS TO BE CURRENTLY UP TO DATE WITH THE CURRENT MINECRAFT UPDATE, that in our honest opinion would be tits-in-the-wind on the server, plea for the survival of humanity, vote, live life to the fullest with your new mods. 
I think this is a great way to add new life to the server. Even though I'm perfectly fine with Minecraft as it is, I cannot deny the new dimensions of fuuuuuuuun(JUST LOOK AT ALL THOSE FUCKING U's) and maybe spark some new life and give us something to go for.
That is, if this rule can be made flexible or abolished entirely, or strengthened with the force of a thousand suns.
Footnotes: I apparently just started using the phrase tits-in-the-wind, and I like Minecraft. But most importantly, I like you. :)

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It appears the server lives!! I don't know what happened, but there was some hella sick epic baaaad latency issues. Couldn't open any chests or anything and then poof, unable to connect for a while.
After screwing around in Creative Mode for a 40 minutes, I have decided I want to build Master Roshi's house on a self-contained island.

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I can no longer connect to the server! Apparently it keeps timing out or such!

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@MasturbatingestBear: I was reading it on the same website I saw the video on. Some sort of "UPDATE" to the site, not with her response, but with someone else saying that she "took it like a trooper" and "agreed with everything her father said". I think it was either her dad or someone that knew her.
It might have been Reddit or something where I read that, but I definitely saw the video somewhere else.
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Of course he's in the clear. Because he's the parent.
Parents need to lay the goddamn hammer on their kids and teach them some fucking respect. Everyone is too self entitled. Besides, she took this like a trooper and agreed to everything he said in the video. Not like SOME FUCKING PEOPLE who would rather whine and cry and complain about how everything should be theirs.

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The fuck is wrong with these writers.

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@WhiskeyAbe: Dude you are INSANE. You are the craziest builder in the world.
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I am another blue name praising this for which is cool.

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Collector's Edition. Man. That's funny... OH! That's what it's actually called?
I pre-ordered mine a little bit ago. Super stoked for my N7 hoodie and fucking ROBOT DOG. Seriously. Alternate outfits are sweet, artbook is cool, but that fucking ROBOT DOG has my boner in a raaaage of hype.
Forgot what else it came with, but I'm really excited for this. I'm probably as excited for this one as I was the MGS4 La-Li-Lu-Le-Lo Edition.

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@N7Joker said:

sometimes I wish I was a PC gamer.

Cousin!! Do you want to go see some American titties!?