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It's weird how easy these things are to ignore. They stay floated at the top for so long that when one goes down and the next goes up, it's impossible to notice. It'd be cool to maybe see a feature that adds some definable color whenever there's a new sticky. "Oh, bleeding-eyes red! New post!"
I say this because I'm sure I've been mentioned before(You know, because I'm so famous and memorable) and I would seem ungrateful for not replying and giving my gratitude for the mention.
It was really spur of the moment, the review of Syndicate. I've never done a review before, and as weird as it sounds, I didn't really know how or where to start. I'm more inspired by how Alex reviews things, as he generalizes a lot. He doesn't get too specific while still giving the same detail as anyone else would. What I mean by that is, where Jeff would go into straight specifics while describing something, Alex leaves things vague enough for the imagination. I wanted to try that, and sound vague on purpose so I didn't spoil anything for anyone, as I went in completely blind(Except for the one-level co-op demo that was entirely side-missions apparently taken from the classic Syndicate).
So it's great to see some exposure and the idea that someone might say "Hey, this guy reviewed it, I'm on the fence. Let's see what he said to say about it."

I appreciate the spotlight and the great reaction I got for the review itself. I had terrible formatting and just jumped at the chance to write and write and write, so I did. I spent too much time critiquing my own work sometimes and it makes me end up not wanting to actually put anything up, so I decided, hey, why not and I went for it.
I chased the dragon. I went balls deep after him and did my best, and everything went well. Can't get better than that.

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Hey guys. I'm going to spend three and a half minutes talking about how impractical it would be to wear a skirt in combat. How impractical it would be for a fictional character to wear a skirt in combat. A fictional character who has magical abilities, can summon demons to fight for her, has a transforming sword and is forced to walk down countless corridors for 40 hours with no rhyme or reason. A fictional character.
In my next post I will talk about eyes in video games. Do we really need them? Tune in to find out.

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With the MGS edition of it out, I thought I'd give it a try. Downloaded it on PSN, but found I made a mistake. Instead of buying RISK, I accidentally bought "How to explode with rage immediately".
Still in therapy.

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Sometimes I like to turn the internet on and hope to one day see a nice, calm, civilized conversation about daily life and the odds and ends that we all indulge ourselves in time and time again.
I guess I'll try again tomorrow.

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This is the best thing that could have happened.

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Uncharted 3 is pretty good.

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I don't mean to brag, but I made these beauties...

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Aw man, that's not cool. I think, aside from how still-broken the Twisted Metal MP is(While still crazy fun), I think it's a very well made game. It's tight and polished. Aside from the story being Bananas, but that was intentionally dumb, of course.
Also, what do we say about trolls? Ignore them and they'll go away. Unless they think they have talent, then they'll never go away.

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I want that jacket IRL so hard. I expect this to be on the Bioware Store soon. That shit is so cash.
And we do need an ignore feature. I don't want to see the Mass Effect or Bioware forums ever if this type of drama is going to keep up.
"Breaking News! Mass Effect 3 just went gold! What? Why gold? Is Bioware saying Mass Effect 3 is better than any other game? Why not bronze or silver? Fucking Bioware".

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Do you have a capture card?
I want to help you. I don't know what it is... but, I feel like we could reach the stars together, you and I. I don't know what it is... I just feel like you're the one.