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You know, as much as we like to rag on Kotick... I got to give him and Activision props in general for being the only large gaming company that hasn't fallen all over itself to appeal to the casual market. They make hardcore games for hardcore gamers, they haven't EA-ed everything up just because they're dominant, and if rumor (and what E3 stage they were primarily on) is to be believed they were the only large publisher to push against the Microsoft DRM restrictions.

So I'll fucking raise a glass to Bobby K if they keep remembering their main customer base is gamers, and not throw us under the bus to chase casual, tablet or mobile money like a seemingly endless processing of gaming companies are doing.

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Sigh... these trash-on-Diablo posts are starting to get really fucking old.

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The article should mention how the state loan of $75-million (60% of the state's high tech loan budget at the time) to 38 Studios came with the promise that 38 Studios would bring 450 jobs to the state by the end of 2012. The promise was nonbinding but probably set expectations for the state. Now that it is 2012 my guess is that 38 Studios is far from that promise and the state is re-examing their loan, which the studio is reliant on to keep it active. Hence the rumors of financial trouble.

I wish I could upvote this.

Yep, lets upvote it moar.

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Congrats, guys. I can tell Jeff is really psyched to hang out with his old spotter bros. Thanks for the video 'splainin stuff! I'm excited for the added resources that you guys may now have at your disposal. And I, for one, have no plans to discontinue my premium membership. So long as you PROMISE that Vinny and Jeff will do an Endurance Run of Persona 5 when it comes out. :D

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Wow, blow it up Patrick. No complaints here. I've never liked that Aris guy anyway. He sticks his foot in his mouth constantly... but this time he did it on Capcom's dime. Not smart.

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Dollars Laters :)

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I love fake statistics.

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Yay for DICE. Fuck EA in the ear, however... Hatorade marketing schemes make me want to puke. "Above and beyond the Call", my ass... its apples and oranges, folks.

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I also unsubbed. Let me know when things are back to normal. Sub-box spam is not something I can live with, especially when its with 1+ year old content that I've already seen.

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"The UK arm of a German developer"... Isn't Crytek a Croatian developer?