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Doesn't surprise me. Anyone else have problems trying to watch the '11 EVO2k stream via PS Home? It was pure, wide-open ass. And, as some who'd never even installed PS Home, it took 30 mins to get everything updated before I could even see how shyte it was. Once I got it up and running I gave it about 5 mins and went back to my laptop. That was infuriating...and it was free. Couldn't imagine going through something similar after dropping $350 :-s

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This fucking age of endless DLC needs to end. Sweet deal my ass.

Just keep some of the maps out of the final release, churn out a helmet or jacket for your character every month, and somehow, Activision manages to squeeze 110$ out of everyone for a single game, only to pull the exact same shit next year.

This is getting out of hand.

Yes, how dare Activision forcefully squeeze all that money out of people. It's not like they're buying it willingly or anything. Nope, Activision is surely forcing it upon them. Shame, Activision. SHAME.

I'm a fan of this response. Hate Activision all you want; they make stuff people want to spend their money on.

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What the fuck does "soon" mean? Give me a PS3 date please and thanks :-)

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@Patrick Klepek Gee, thanks for ruining my WEEK. :-/

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Bahahaha @DREW SCANLON. Fucking menace!

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Someone call up Pitchford and tell him he's a jerkass.

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@wolf_blitzer85 said:
" Wasn't there something about Excitebike 3D being a launch title too? "
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@Methodis said:
" why give this idiot any newsspace "
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Look I'm not disagreeing with you.  Guess I just REALLY wanted it to be the real Kaz.  :-( 

And, none of his tweets are idiotic in my opinion.  Not very professional (if he was actually an exec of course)... but most of his statements are spot-on.

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Yep.  Thought it might be possible that he was just trying to throw people off by the "parody account" bit? 

Not possible?