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Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, but I must know.  Is @KazHiraiSCE on twitter the real Kaz?  Doesn't seem real... because he only has a few hundred followers.  But his tweets are epic!  Loving that shit. 

Please let me know.  Thanks in advance.  :-)

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i would now like some delicious donuts from the fine folks at Entemann's  :-)

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i love scotch..  and give me the peatey stuff im no snob!
i drink booze

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Modern Warfare 2
 Fits perfect, No?  :-)

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I paid for the app specifically for video functionality...   Now they are asking me to give them more money for the same functionality.  
At the time when I paid for that app I could not have been happier to give Giant Bomb my money.  The way they are jockeying for our money nowadays just completely bums me out. 

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creepy sheep + cleavage + music by shoji meguro = SOLD.

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@Jeff said:
" Really not liking the single-player. I'll get going on multiplayer today and see if that makes it better. "
You the man Jeff keep us in with the knowledges!
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@Spoonman671:  Dude you're making me sad..  I don't even play Starcraft, but I want to go buy it just so I can give you this damn 'guest pass'!  G'luck sir.  =P
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