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Looks kinda like this lady here good sir: 

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia official wallpaper
Might be wrong on that of course =)
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I live in Oklahoma..  its fucking hot here.  Would already be dead without A/C..  =)

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mmmmmm next years evo2k tourney =)  mmmmmmmmmmMMmmMmmm....

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@MysteriousBob: eat poo sir.  i didn't about this guy until GB made a post about him, and couldn't be happier that they did so.  he's a game developer...  and this is a website about video games.  see the correlation?
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@Fallen189 said:
" This is fucking stupid.  "What happened to putting in a disc and playing?"  Nothing. I put MGS4 in my PS3, and it plays. I put Mass Effect 2 in my 360, press A and it plays. I put Galaxy in my wii, click a button, and play.  You're overcomplicating for the fact that you don't have the patience to understand how modern technology works. "
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Seeing Ryan's Astro A40 Mixamp makes me wish I was at home.. with my Astro A40 Mixamp.  bahahaha  <3

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Jeff will be giving this one 5* to save face,  and to try and con all of us into this madness.   STAY AWAY FROM ME JEFF.  I NEED MY $300 WHERE IT IS.  IN MY ASSR.

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ive had a couple of really sick knife-throw kills... and i once went 16-1 on subbase in domination..
but for me the absolute most enjoyable thing in mw2 is watching an enemy toss a tactical insertion flare, shooting him in the back to death.. then aiming up just so slightly so you get the perfect headshot when he respawns.  thats just fun   8-)
also yeah i once knifed the entire enemy team without dying.  tactical knife is pretty awesome =)

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@Yukoei:   Thank you for bringing that to my attn.  Duly noted.  
@guiseppe said:

Edit: Ok watched more of it, the dude's a selfcentered a-hole.

LOL..  while I don't share your opinion, I suppose I can agree that he can be pretty insulting to his opponents.  This doesn't bother me in the slightest though...and actually, its half the reason I love watching his videos.  
I feel that the little bit of ego he displays is easily offset by all the gratitude he shows to his viewers and such.  Just glad I haven't been on the business-end of any of his beatdowns yet.  :-)