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Glad you sirs are diggin the goods   :-D
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...is pretty damn fun to watch:
Don't know this guy.  Not friends with him.  Not plugging him for any reason other than I thought you guys might enjoy his videos.  He is hellof beast with the game.  And he is pretty damn entertaining on his commentary work. 
So anyhoo, enjoy some.. to da face, to da face!
And..  thoughts?

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tried this..!   
dont have marathon pro yet, nor do i have the tactical knife for my USP..  but I have everything else per your specs, p90 w/ rapidfire, pro-everything else, etc..
and just won 4 free-for-all matches in a row sir   :-)    granted..  was ranging from like 30:16 to 30:27 lol..  so maybe not ideal for k:d but who gives a shit..   it was a blast knifing dudes in the face =)
how much faster will things get with tactical knife?   im like 71 kills away with my usp still lawl.  =/
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@Chokobo said:
" I've conditioned myself to instantly hit the X button as soon as I die.  No matter how hard I try, I will never, ever, ever get the Spy Game accolade. "
Lawl..  im always getting the Spy Game accolade.  I won't say I haven't judged people from watching the killcam.  I mainly just try to always watch it so I can figure out how I just fucked up.
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@TwoOneFive said:
ps3 looks way better in these shots. look at the shadowing on the guys face for example.  "
I won't attempt to argue the legitimacy of the above screenshots as I'm sure they're from a respectable source.   
My point is..  Yes, more trained eyes will pick apart some specific arguments for each platform (shadows, etc.) which is all totally valid.  But, if you have the opportunity to witness both consoles side-by-side, I think you'd agree the overall visual experience on the 360 is superior.  And yeah... not trying to argue about development time for each... just stating what I saw.
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@TheHBK:   Good question.  I was fully expecting to see the PS3 diplaying at 720p.  Not sure if its just my setup or what.
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@ZeForgotten: Haha..  wasn't really posting this for any desired end-result.   Just thought I'd share what I saw.   Thanks for the heads-up though!  :-)
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For sure, there are hellof-more accurate/insightful comparisons out there on them interwebs..  
But, I was fortunate enough to have both a PS3 and a 360 copy of MW2 in my house at the same time this past weekend and just thought I'd share my thoughts regarding the graphics.  (I won't get into controls/network service stuffs at all.)  The set I used was to compare was my 61" Samsung LED DLP 1080p.  Both the PS3 and the 360 were connected to the set using cheapass gold-plated Philips HDMI cables bought from wal-mart.  And, when I pressed the 'info' button my TV, both the PS3 and 360 were showed as being at 1920x1080@60hz.
The level I chose to load up was the snowy level in Spec-Ops (Sniper Fi I believe, the 3rd level in the first grouping).   Crouched a bit and moved such that both games were looking at the same exact grouping of trees with roughly the same angle.
The 360 was the clear winner.  Everything just looked a little bit blurry on the PS3.  The gun-detail, the snow, the trees, character models... everything.
Again.. my 20/20 eyes are admittedly untrained for graphics comparisons,  but I had 2 other people in the room..  and all agreed.  And granted, the differences were somewhat minor.  But, nobody in the room sided with the PS3.  There was an actual clear winner... it wasn't like it was too close to call.
This has prolly been said a hundred times, but it just strikes me as crazy that the PS3 consistently looses these types of comparisons this late in the game.  Especially given the fact that some of the exclusive PS3 titles (UC2, MGS4, Ratchet etc..) appear to have graphics that no other console is capable of.
Anyhoo..  maybe some food for thought.. or not.  Just thought I'd share!   :-)

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61 sweet delicious inches of 1080p glory in my living room.... and 46 sweet delicious inches of 1080p glory in my bedroom!  MW2 looks pretty freaking fantastic on both =D
oh and... i graduated college..  i know what its like to be a broke student.  99% of my gaming life took place on 480i substandard ass.  keep your heads in those books people!