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It's mostly and the av club for me now. I love that the boys are back on Giant Bomb, though!

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Slider9 found him! GOOD EYES!

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@nac said:
this should be child's play.

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Heheh, I should have known something like this would have popped up on here. Hey guys!

I gotta stress that it's HIDDEN. The easter-egg isn't huge or going to disrupt the scene. But you should be able to spot it if you know to look out for something. Then again, you guys found "GLHB" on tiny folder labels, so this should be child's play. I just don't want to set you up for disappointment and expect a big cameo or something. (Although snarky comments are welcome and basically a given! Not everyone can be a fan.)

Anyway, sorry for being vague, but I figured it's a little more fun this way. <>

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The usual Polish reasons, eh?

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Brad's the B.S. on the second folder. It's half obscured though, so you might have a point.

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You were totally spot on. I'm really impressed too, since those are really hard to make out on the screen!

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Hahah, looks like you guys found em! I was worried they wouldnt show up on screen. Oh, about stuff like sticking the bomb logo in the show... By the very nature of how these things work, if I included Luchadeer or something like that in the scene he would be owned by 20th Century Fox, and no one wants that. So in-jokes usually work best.

Also, looks like I owe Patrick a mention in a future episode. Sorry dude!

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