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Pocket casts listener here.

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Nice to have updates on these games. But I'll still never quite understand why devs/publishers announce a game (complete with a cg trailer) when the release date is so often still years away.

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Madison WI USA

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Even though there wasn't a doubt in my mind that she would land herself a sweet job somewhere, this is nonetheless pretty impressive. Good for her.

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1. Bad Company 2

2. BF3 / BF4

3. Bad Company 1

4. BF 1943

Those are the only ones I've played...

I know you'll disagree seppli, but bf3 and bf4 just aren't different enough yet for me to distinguish between the two. Maybe I haven't played it enough yet, but so far, even with the tweaks bf4 has made to the formula, it feels like more of the same. Not a bad thing mind you, but still.

That said, bc2 is my bread and butter. I don't play it anymore, and I realize the progression and unlocks are nowhere near the depth of bf3 and 4, but from a purely gameplay and map design perspective, it's still my favorite.

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I much preferred Asylum over City, and was feeling pretty burned out on the series after I finished City, so I probably wont play this one. I am interested in the Blackgate handheld game, but I'll wait for a sale to pick it up on Vita.

Mostly I'd like to see what Rocksteady is working on...

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@seppli said:

Who says that Stand-by isn't in? Aren't you reading between the lines there? Source? As far as logic demands, stand-by has to be baked into the hardware in some manner, and should most certainly be working out of the gate.

Its in the link in the article:

Some features will not be available at launch, such as “suspend/resume mode” which is a feature that keeps the PS4 system in a low power state and promptly takes users back to their game.

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I have a crappy 6 Mb/sec DSL connection, and right now I can typically download 300Mb on my PS3 in about 10 minutes. This is no big deal.

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Overall the buttons are fine except for the shoulder buttons, which are way too squishy and wobbly.There were times in Uncharted where I thought I was pushing the shoulder button to shoot, but it was just wobbling on it's spring, not fully going down. You have to push it a little harder than other buttons, and push it in the right spot, for it to register.

Its not a deal breaker, just something to get used to.