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Nice to have updates on these games. But I'll still never quite understand why devs/publishers announce a game (complete with a cg trailer) when the release date is so often still years away.

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Madison WI USA

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Even though there wasn't a doubt in my mind that she would land herself a sweet job somewhere, this is nonetheless pretty impressive. Good for her.

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1. Bad Company 2

2. BF3 / BF4

3. Bad Company 1

4. BF 1943

Those are the only ones I've played...

I know you'll disagree seppli, but bf3 and bf4 just aren't different enough yet for me to distinguish between the two. Maybe I haven't played it enough yet, but so far, even with the tweaks bf4 has made to the formula, it feels like more of the same. Not a bad thing mind you, but still.

That said, bc2 is my bread and butter. I don't play it anymore, and I realize the progression and unlocks are nowhere near the depth of bf3 and 4, but from a purely gameplay and map design perspective, it's still my favorite.

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I much preferred Asylum over City, and was feeling pretty burned out on the series after I finished City, so I probably wont play this one. I am interested in the Blackgate handheld game, but I'll wait for a sale to pick it up on Vita.

Mostly I'd like to see what Rocksteady is working on...

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@seppli said:

Who says that Stand-by isn't in? Aren't you reading between the lines there? Source? As far as logic demands, stand-by has to be baked into the hardware in some manner, and should most certainly be working out of the gate.

Its in the link in the article:

Some features will not be available at launch, such as “suspend/resume mode” which is a feature that keeps the PS4 system in a low power state and promptly takes users back to their game.

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I have a crappy 6 Mb/sec DSL connection, and right now I can typically download 300Mb on my PS3 in about 10 minutes. This is no big deal.

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Overall the buttons are fine except for the shoulder buttons, which are way too squishy and wobbly.There were times in Uncharted where I thought I was pushing the shoulder button to shoot, but it was just wobbling on it's spring, not fully going down. You have to push it a little harder than other buttons, and push it in the right spot, for it to register.

Its not a deal breaker, just something to get used to.

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@hassun said:

@patrickklepek I might be wrong but is "It was too expensive to have the air on every night, so my bedroom window was often open." correct? Is "the air" an accepted term for air conditioning or something?

It might be a regional thing, not sure, but "the air" is exactly what we call air conditioning here in the upper midwest USA.