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12. When encountering a ghost, hide in a corner far away, but so that you can still see him and shoot the ghost in the head, preferably with a sniper rifle. No need to be afraid any longer kids!

13. Once you stop fighting Liz doesn't consider DeWitt worth giving the ammo she was just about to throw to him.

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I have a couple concerns despite recommending the game to everyone thanks to it's great (really clever) story and storytelling.

Now, my biggest issue are the weapons and certain enemy encounters. Let me preface that by saying that I played on hard for my first walkthrough.

The weapons are basic, tame weapons, not even upgrading changes much about them. They don't even compare to some of the cool stuff from e.g. BS1/2 and Dead Space 1/2 (and 3 to a degree). Worse, some of the weapons share almost the same functionality, such as the Shotgun and Heater, Machine Gun and Repeater, Volley Gun and Hailfire Gun. Considering that I already don't really want to experiment much because I'd like to use the weapons I upgraded, having unnecessarily many (similar!) weapons is just stupid. I was constantly annoyed by running out of ammo. Now you can say "well just pick up other weapons and experiment, it's fun too!" To that I reply that I was reluctant to do that. Because of how many weapons there are and how scarcely they're placed you can easily end up going without a certain weapon for over an hour of playtime. In fact the Hailfire Gun, which I decided to put my last upgrade into, starting before the third Lady C. battle, didn't show up once for the rest 3-4 hours. Yes, not once. Maybe I missed a spot but if I'm not mistaken (after two additional playthroughs) there really is just no Hailfire Gun placed anymore and I'm not even sure if a single enemy appears that could drop it later on. That may be the case but you still need to hope the weapon actually ends up dropping.

So I really think my reluctance to switch weapons was kinda understandable. To make things worse, I upgraded the Pistol and the Machine Gun, 2 weapons which I felt like were fucking terrible in comparison to the Sniper Rifle, RPG, Carbine and Handgun. Fortunately I also upgraded the Sniper Rifle as third weapon. Overall precision and high damage weapons, such as the ones I just named (except RPG but that's huge splash), easily take the cake in this game. Because you can take damage extremely quickly taking out enemies from far, far away with the Sniper Rifle is a blessing. And the Pistol and Machine Gun just don't deal nearly enough damage to even compare to a Sniper Rifle or Handgun headshot. The machine Gun also runs out of ammo way too quickly for what it's worth. The whole weapon situation ended up being quite a problem in...

the fucking Handyman and Lady C. battles. Now let me begin with my first complain about these enemies: Their actions a really, really hard to read at first. Understanding what the Handyman can and can't do made the first 2 encounters rather frustrating. For example he can jump any distance. Period. He (or a Handyman I guess) has a ground AoE stomp attack, which means you just shouldn't even be near him if he isn't temporarily stunned. He hits hard as a brick. He can fire electro balls at you, which means the first encounter that doesn't have any rails (only hooks to hang on) requires you to use the ground only. He can electrocute the rails, which I think is his fairest and clearest ability (as he announces it every time). He can throw objects (corpses) at you. This meant that the first Hanydman encounter meant running around like a moron (but not just straight ahead, because if you just run a straight line he will catch up to you), turning around, at best casting crows, taking a couple shots, if possible hit the heart (good thing that tip immediately disappeared, granted I expected this anyways for obvious reasons, and rinse and repeat a billion times. Because by god are those guys bullet sponges.

When you really understand how the Handyman works the third fight, which occurs in the most awesome area with great rails, rifts and structure, can actually be loads of fun. However I don't really think that this will be the case in the walkthrough of most players. Also, by all means, hard is supposed to be hard. But the Handyman and Lady C. just shit on everything else in terms of difficulty.

Anyways, the first Handyman encounter is seriously a terrible bossfight with lots of frustrating moments.

Even worse though for me was the first Lady C: encounter. Which I had no other chance but cheesing. I think I lost 700$ or so, meaning I died 14 times, because the weapons I went with weren't the best choice for the fight at first. I mean I at least took the Sniper Rifle which, if you know what you do and especially if you cheese her is the best, but whatever else I had did nothing to her. First of all that thing too is a huge bullet sponge. Secondly unless the AI bugs out (which you can actively do by cheesing in certain positions) fighting her head on is barely possible unless you know exactly what you're doing, which you most likely don't at first. To add to that, she's so fucking hard to read. Like when she revives soldiers as ghosts she seems to be invincible for some time, but I still can't say for how much exactly. Because when she does this, she actually looks less transparent and like she's in "take damage mode". But no, for that time she actually is briefly immune it appears. Then she has a stupid huge AoE attack which is certainly as hell not obvious and has quite the damage and knockback. Then there's the problem with the stupid save point system. The more you die in that fight, the worse your position. You first of all of course keep losing money, but you also run out of weapons and medpack rifts. Sure, when you die both your weapons get like 2 clips worth of ammo, but that's often not even close enough to kill Lady C. when you restart after dying. I and a friend who got to that part a bit later basically got fucked big time in this battle. I couldn't take out the ghosts quickly enough because I ran out of Salt and Ammo, especially since I wasn't in the greatest situation after having died in the fight already and I couldn't take out Lady C. quick enough by ignoring or trying to disable the ghosts. So at some point I realized I may be able to cheese her by hiding in a certain s pot and taking shots with the Sniper Rifle, which worked because the AI wasn't that great.

Now I know that other people did fair much better against her, on hard or maybe even 1999 mode, but I also know that a fuckton of people got overwhelmed by this stupid boss fight, for rather unfair reasons. The difficulty spike just didn't feel right and the whole encounter is plain and simply not well designed in my opinion. Yes, I was able to do much better in the 2nd and 3rd battle (because the location is better for fighting for once) and I think only died once in the 2nd one. But my friend actually had to reduce the difficulty to medium because with his weapons etc. he was caught in another terrible situation in the 2nd battle and just didn't want to deal with the crap any longer. I don't even think her battle is any fun when you've got it completely figured out. Sure, it's rather easy then but that's it.

/endlongrant (again though, I mostly do enjoy the gameplay and thanks to the amazing story(telling) I can't recommend this game enough

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To post something actual on topic from my side:

The lack of editorial articles on Giantbomb doesn't really bother me because I get to know the guys' opinion on most stuff through listening to the, often rather long, Bombcasts. I mean it would be nice to fill the downtime with such an article if there's a huge topic coming up shortly after recording one of these Bombcasts so that it isn't old news or even forgotten by the next one but it's not really a problem to me. And Patricks "Worth Reading" articles should contain at least some interesting content for those asking for more.

What I do dislike though are low quality articles, like when Alex Navarro wrote about the Warcraft movie but referred to it as "World of Warcraft" movie every time, which is a) kind of an ignorant mistake to make ("Warcraft? That WoW stuff!?!") but b) trashed the comment section because of the general WoW hatred. That stuff or too many spelling errors really don't need to be there.

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Jesus the arguments by the Patrick-Haters are fricking ridiculous. How can shit like that not get punished by decent moderators? I'm sorry, I understand that Giantbomb isn't supposed to be strictly moderated but with shit like this that becomes more common with a large and growing userbase, what other choice is left.

I feel disgusted to read crap like that, which leads to nothing because it's obviously bullshit. Patrick articles are a mere cheap bait? He destroys just about 90% of other "video game journalists'" articles for crying out loud.

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@GunsAreDrawn said:

I loved Moon but after seeing Source Code and reading here that Legendary Pictures or part of it, just makes it seem like it will be crap.

I don't see how a Warcraft movie would ever turn out good, it seems like you would have to make the Humans protagonists because using any other race would seem incredibly goofy - especially if they are speaking english.

I just think this will be a total critical failure, but maybe it will make a lot of money because so many people are currently obsessed with WoW. Just wondering if WoW will still be popular in 2015, which I don't see this being made in time for as you would assume there would be a ton of time spent in after effects for a movie like this.

I also just cannot imagine this movie to turn out really good. I mean especially that it turns out to be a good Warcraft movie that feels like it got the same atmosphere of the game. One of the biggest issues are the aesthetics, I mean the whole art style in Warcraft has always been exaggerated features: Huge hands, feet etc. even for the human race already. Maybe they can do most of that with practical effects even but if they want to display some of the other races they'll just have to go the CGI route. And that will not only become extremely expensive but will also be an extreme challenge to get right. I mean I don't now if Blizzard's Cinematics department would collaborate with the movie's effects team later on and help out but even then, that would be just so goddamn hard to get right. Especially considering so far we've only seen e.g. Orcs in Blizzards pre-rendered cinematics which are completely suited to the art style of course. But when you suddenly have to make it fit a live action movie - I dunno.

I just cannot imagine this turning out especially good, or even if it's somewhat decent on its own it will probably rather hurt the franchise because it just doesn't fit or so. I mean the Director, who as some pointed out already has been very interested in making this Warcraft movie (I remember when he tweeted about it some years ago, when Sam Raimi was still on it). Moon was a good movie, I don't think Sourcecode was more than medicore but okay, he may be a great choice.

Legendary Pictures has worked on some great movies, so they may be good for the project, of course we can't know that.

But even if they somehow found the perfect director, the best producution studio and have an unlimited budget, I cannot see a Warcraft movie being created that I'll actually like.

If it would exist I'd be delighted to see it though, especially if about Arthas' stuff.

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@President_Barackbar said:

@NaDannMaGoGo: Well, can you really blame people for being burnt out on a series that has been going on for this long? I don't think people not liking WoW is any kind of moral failing, they're just tired of hearing about an old game that most of them have moved on from.

Well, granted it's partially Alex fault, it first of all is NOT a World of Warcraft (you know, the game) focused movie. It's a Warcraft movie and none said it'll be about WoW specifically. And then quite frankly I don't understand why it should be an issue to make this movie now? Are you telling me all that matters is the release time? Should it have come close to release of WoW or so? The fuck does this matter, if they want to make a good Warcraft movie that isn't just some cheap advertisement shit (like say the Dead Space bullshit Animes) what's wrong with that?

WoW being an old game shouldn't play much of a role. But of course shitty forums like these go on an outrage whenever they here their keywords like WoW, EA, Activision and what else. I mean apparently we're 5 pages into this discussions and I was the first (I think) to point out that Alex didn't grasp that it's a Warcraft (franchise) movie instead of a World of Warcraft focused one. How can you even have discussions if everyone just spams his "lolfasihgfa fuck this rofl!!"

edit: The problem is of course the, by now, rather huge userbase of Giantbomb. Pretty much every online community turns to shit when it reaches a certain size and there isn't some damn good moderation in place (which it isn't here, let's be honest). And stricter moderation would probably feel like it goes against the "relaxed" Giantbomb attitude, but in reality there's nothing else to do if you want to avoid this crap.

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@ Alex

Why do you title it World of Warcraft movie? Not even the article you linked mentions World of Warcraft but rather plain and simple Warcraft, which was always the case when talking about this project (prior with Sam Raimi).

There was pre-WoW stuff in case people don't get the difference. For example the whole Arthas stuff, which was often considered a good story for a potential movie, is mostly developed within Warcraft 3. WotLK just has the tail end of it.

Apart from that it's that to see how pathetic the Giantbomb threads have become. 80% of the comments are pretty much "WoW sucks I don't care for WoW and omg WoW is old."

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@Jay_Ray said:

@ArbitraryWater said:

I feel like a sociology major would have a field day trying to deconstruct why the gaming community is the way it is. Really, I'm just going to say it all boils down to unrealistic expectations and the inability to temper them responsibly. Why that is so I cannot say. I don't think I've ever raged about anything on the internet in particular. I've even defended Dragon Age II, and I know that game isn't great.

People have become so hyperbolic, yeah DA2 was not great, it was a let down compared to the original, but DA2 was still a decent game. DA2 was flawed but it was far away from being the giant piece of shit people make it out to be. DA2 is not Superman 64 (or other truly bad games). That is the problem, people want perfection and when they only get decent-good they go ape shit and call it the worst game ever.

Well said, that's one of the bigger issues.

It's funny, if there was none else complaining about Diablo 3 I myself would probably point out many, many issues I see with the game that I would like to see addressed. But what people complain about is ALWAYS so overblown (or sometimes not the complaint itself but what people do/say in response etc.) that I feel like I Just have to defend the game or developer. You know, you feel like a complete apologist because you keep defending something again and again, even if you do your "I want to preface this by saying I do acknowledge the issues but what you guys say is just..." phrases.

The problem is that there are insanely many dumb, vocal people out there. So EVERY TIME there's an issue some of these people will blow it completely out of proportions, which then in turn often negatively affects the opinion of someone who had only little interest or knowledge at first and bam, a cycle of hatred arises. And when you try to make some reasonable comments those just get drowned within the surge of moronic arguments, that aren't even arguments.

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Oh definitely. At times I wonder if I should even read and participate in online gaming communities at all anymore.

Your Diablo 3 example can be taken to

Once a subreddit with pretty good discussions it has now become large and the quality has taken a nose dive. Every time there's a Diablo 3 thread the game will be bashed to no end and everyone cycle-jerks one another. So pretty much every day you I see a highly upvoted anti-Diablo 3 thread. I liked the game. I think the game does have flaws but the reactions and the fucking negativity on the internet - man it just fucking sucks.

These cynicism cyclejerks are so darn annoying. Heck, recently after the Starcraft HotS and Elder Scrolls Online trailers people start creating more and more "CGI Trailers are misleading garbage!" threads. What the fuck man. Now apparently Blizzard's beautiful, pre-rendered Cinematics are some bad? Because if you're a moron and look at it from a retarded point of view these trailers try to mislead you into buying the game purely based on these the trailer... Like there aren't 200 billion gameplay video when you google the term Starcraft. Oh and "Blizzard's writers are literally retarded Hitler" has to be the most upvoted comment too, of course. Wouldn't wanna miss mention that, right?

All the cynicism feels fun as long as you agree with it. But when you realize it has reached a ridiculous point where everything the particular community isn't already loving gets shit on, well fuck.

Reddit is just one of the plenty examples. Giantbomb itself isn't much better. Reading through the comments has become a rather bad experience by now and I'm barely even bothering. Has partially to do with the size of the community again, the bigger it gets the more likely it's going to turn to complete shit.

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I've only seen like 15minutes from the Gamegrumps video, which I had to turn off because those guys can be fucking awful to watch when they just talk random shit that often times isn't even funny while in the meantime playing beyond awful, often not even progressing.

Either way from the few parts that I have seen I was very disappointed.

First of all the setting just doesn't convey the Dead Space vibe to me very well, but it's okay, you cannot just repeat everything, I understand that. The snow effect on the boots for the walking animation looked surprisingly shitty, considering that Visceral does an otherwise great job in regards to the technical aspects. Now the real bummer is just how absolutely mediocre the scripted parts were. I don't know if this part is just for the demo but from that doesn't seem to be the case, looks like it'll be the real opening. If it's custom build for the demo that is understandable but it being part of the real game is just sad. It's the third part in the (main) series of Dead Space, cheaply scripted moments where a Necromorph will suddenly appear in front of you will not impress anyone. It's kind of disappointing to see that being the first thing you'll experience in the game, a bunch of cheap scares instead of some greater atmospheric buildup or just something other special. I mean the beginning of Dead Space 1 was great, the whole flight to the Ishimura to the first attack of the Necromorphs and your close escape. That just felt good. Dead Space 2 though already fell flat on that, too. I mean it started with "ACTION! DUDE; FUCKING RUN MAN. NECROMORPH MORPHING IN YOUR FACE OH JESUS RUN!" "oh wow i'm so scared man :|"

@ Mrsignerman44

All I want, is for the story to be as excellent as it was in Dead Space 2. I don't care if it's not scary, I just want this to feel like a good conclusion(?) to the series.

Hmm I thought the story/plot took a step back in comparison to Dead Space 1, that's pretty much my biggest issue with Dead Space 2. Nothing really interesting happened in Dead Space 2.

Either way, what we'll most certainly not get is a good conclusion to the series. I mean perhaps they'll slightly conclude Issac's story in this game or so but the series, nope. EA build this up to milk it, they'll expand it more and more. If I'm not mistaken they've pretty much already made clear that there's a lot more games to make within the franchise :/