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hm my router....oh and my katana leaning on the table.....but its as dull as a brick

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ninja gaiden - alma 
it did not matter how good at the game you were. she was harder then the last dam boss in the game!, she would always destroy me, and to make matters worse before you get to here you fight some fucking tenticle monster that makes you use a nice amount of supplies and health.......when i beat alma.........i walked to the store...bought a beer(and i hate drinking).......and felt like i was dictator of the world!

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i love the u.s.......but i just have this gut feeling...that somethings bout to go down

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just finished watching, i liked it =D, you gave a nice introduction for yourself, and you went threw the entire game (unlike some who only show key scenes) and spoke your mind about it. i definitely agree with your thoughts about the emp mission.
you have just given me my new favorite excuse....sorry i did not file the reports because a car made of explodium gave me a fender bender
would love to see some more if you will :)

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well.....imma watch and ill get back 2 you when im done lol

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eh, i cant judge people, i say do what you want don't listen to what others say........also
@AjayRaz said:

ur cool now pa$$ da joint 
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just tell him your job hunting while you relax :)
if that fails....tell him you work for one checks their employee list =D

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...well better piss my name in some snow and story it on legacy will carry on and all will know me!
...also...if you ask me..we don't know a thing about the universe we like to keep telling ourselves that but for all me know we are blood cells inside a giant brain or something idk and idc =D

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pfft idk i play killing floor for this very reason to avoid this question :p

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@KaosAngel said:

@Nadrick said:

i bet it would be hard to reverse that little plugin.

No it's easy, people made that one too. There are F2P only servers too so it works both ways.

ops my bad a spelling error there meant to say it would NOT be hard
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