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After the podcast I realized I work less than a mile away from their office.

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Nothing hooked up but my PC. I've got a PS3, Dreamcast, and Saturn sitting around but haven't plugged them in.

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Work. Got a new job, which wouldn't be much of a difference but it's 20 miles away. In Atlanta.

Takes me an hour to get to work each day. Been relying on the bombcast to at least keep me sane for a couple of days each week.

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Some people are just awkward in explaining their own feelings, especially on the internet. I wouldn't put too much thought into it to be honest.

On a side note though, that tweet from his was really sweet. Made me tear up a little.

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There's a lot of good games I haven't finished, so no I'm not going to finish a bad one.

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Seems cool, I'm always down for free stuff.

Especially when it's for something I'm playing.

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It's fine. It actually comes with a free level 90 as well, which typically is priced higher than what this expansion costs. Not a bad deal all things considered.

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This is a "why you shouldn't freak the fuck out on twitter 101". Now, no matter what he does to try and hide it his name will be associated with all of this. All because he had a tantrum on Twitter and was a fucking moron.

Honestly I mostly feel bad for the rest of the people in that company. They basically got fucked because of what this one dude did. Imagine pouring countless hours into a project only for it to go to shit because your braindead owner decided to give a death threat (serious or not) to the head of the largest digital distribution platform on PC.

The thing is too I could be a bit more empathetic with the guy if he wasn't continually trying to dig himself deeper and deeper into a hole. At least Fish ended up deleting his twitter.

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Dealing with clients who insist on trying to do my job.

I'm a web developer for an agency. The amount of clients that think they understand design or how anything ever on the web works is alarmingly high.

By comparison it really isn't that bad to most jobs, but still frustrating.

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Yeah, he's been real on-point recently. Some great fucking material the last few week's bombcasts.