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Nah I think the alias are a lot of fun in the esports scene. I don't really care for not see the need to switch to just using real names.

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About $14 for some simple shoes that will likely last me about another month or two, then I'll buy another pair until I eventually wear them down as well and so on.

I should just spend the extra money to buy a good pair of shoes that will last a few years, but I'm cheap when it comes to shoes.

You're really just spending more money in the long run.

Think I spent $70 or so on shoes a few years ago and I'm still wearing them.

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Why exactly are people so adamant about Witcher 3 being somewhere on the GOTY list? When Dark Souls came out it became one of my favorite games of all time, yet wasn't really mentioned at all around here.

Different strokes for different folk and all that. Personally I found Witcher 3 to be amazing, but too fucking long. The game got stale for me, especially when the combat was very so-so.

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Why would you have that many frames? Unless your running a 120hz monitor theirs no reason to go over 60.

Uhhh because 120hz monitors are pretty common, and hardware that can easily push this game over 144 FPS is also common?

This is just lazy, I hope more people realize it.

Yeah, I've got a 144hz monitor myself. They honestly aren't very expensive (I think mine was ~ $230 or so).

Games locking physics to framerate suck. Likewise games that lock to 60 fps are also my bane now.

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I just cannot get on with it yet. The bread and butter fodder combat is nice enough but the way bosses are handled just rubs me the wrong way. I can't figure their patterns and this time around they'll legitimately stun-lock you. I'm waiting for the point where it'll click but I just don't know if I can push on to see it.

Most of the bosses in the game had fairly easy patterns, how far in are you? One of the early bosses is difficult just because it requires you to have gotten used to the Bloodborne way of combat rather than the Souls way, but after that there aren't all that many difficult bosses honestly.

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2, I guess. I'm not really interested or hyped but if the game turns out to be something really special I might give it a go at some point.

Really though I wasn't all that big of a fan of Fallout 3, so w/e.

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I got hung up on the Dandelion quest line in Witcher 3 and haven't come back to it yet. The game has some amazingly well written and well done side quests, but the main questline (up until what I got to) was really disappointing.

I also got bored of the combat fairly quick. Going off of Bloodborne and Dark Souls 2 over to it was super rough. It's not terrible or anything, but just not all that much fun.

Also, for what it's worth I fucking loved MGSV and played the shit out of it. Something with that game really 'clicked' with me, where as Witcher 3 it didn't quite. Which is unfortunate, because I was a really big old-school PC RPG fan (Baldur's Gate 2, NWN, etc)

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Lets not arm Dan please.

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Apparently some side ops will 'overwrite' others if they have more importance. I skipped almost all of the side ops and am near the 40's now in terms of mission progression and trying to go back to get the weaponsmith has been rough. I basically need to do some side ops around the area to hope that it pops up.

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Unless Fallout 4 happens to be amazing (which meh, whatever) I'm thinking MGSV has to be the #1 contender for GOTY right now.

To be honest It's number one for me as well. Single player games don't typically keep me hooked anymore, but I'm still going strong on MGS. Even Witcher 3, which I thought was great, fell off for me after around 30 hours of gameplay.