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Maybe they just think it's a more interesting game to cover? Not to mention with TI4 there is a ton of excitement about the game right now.

And anyways just because a game is popular doesn't mean its popular among enthusiasts or people who cover games. WoW was (and still is) really popular, but most people who play a lot of games seem to have stopped playing it or caring. The same thing may have happened with league.

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It's a cool universe, but I wouldn't want single player. I'd rather them focus on making an awesome multiplayer game.

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Honestly I think the idea is pretty interesting -- it's definitely worth 'reporting' on.

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I just don't really care. The pros far outweigh the cons for me.

Plus I remember, as a kid, sometimes losing my CD Key to a game. That sucked. I did eventually organize stuff better -- but even then it often times involved just taping a piece of paper with the key to the CD.

With digital distribution (steam, in this case) all I have to do is remember my account. It's super fucking useful.

And really, in the end, I don't really give a shit if in 20 years this stuff crashes and burns. Worst case Scenario is I just pirate the games I had owned that went under.

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I'm fine with them if they make interesting use of the mechanic. Can't say I really run into them often enough to have formed a real opinion though.

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I mean, Far Cry: Blood Dragon was technically a "total conversion" mod for Far Cry 3.

I feel like I'd much rather support interesting smaller projects like Blood Dragon that don't require the main game than something that does though, if i'm paying for it.

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@neogamer said:

@Guided_By_Tigers said:

fat people with beards = Ryan Davis

But this picture takes the crown

I know a lot have commented on this, but how the fuck? Ryan literally had that same shirt lol.

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I think if we tried to constantly make sure all these characters make real world sense the games would not be very entertaining to play.

I agree.

I can't remember where I heard it (I think it was a PAX panel a couple of years ago) but I remember someone liking it to a play or a musical. Something along the lines of "What the fuck, this gritty teen drama is suddenly just bursting into song? Totally ruined my immersion" (Grease).

I mean even though they were joking about it, it brings up a good point. I can understand the complaint of 'dissonance' sometimes, but many other times I really just don't. You get the people who complain about how "it's totally unrealistic that this guy would kill that many people" when they fail to realize that if it was more realistic it would also be really boring.

The Military (Infantry, that is)? Real life is pretty much 99% boring shit with 1% pure hell and action. That doesn't really translate into a game well.

Realism isn't always something to strive for. Personally, when I look at a game's story I'm looking at what it is trying to tell. In Bioshock Infinite Elizabeth not reacting to the constant murder never really bothered me, because they game wasn't about that. The Uncharted Series isn't trying to tell the story of some tragic tale, it's a big blockbuster-style game. The entire point is to put you into ridiculous situations with a lot going on. It doesn't really matter if Nathan Drake kills like 800 people, because him killing people isn't even hardly related to the story they are trying to tell.

Like how a musical might just interupt into song (when that'd never happen in reality) a game will interupt into gameplay that might not be a completely believable thing. It all depends on what the developers are going for.

All of that said I do think dissonance is an issue when a game actively contradicts its self on a primary story element. Some games can get around this (Far Cry 3 is seen as a satire, for example) but some games might feel a bit awkward because of it. In the new Tomb Raider the entire point of the story is you are new and young and inexperienced. When you turn around and suddenly are able to do these incredible things it's kind of weird.

If it's a more minor thing though I really don't care.

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It really depends what your goal in the game is. I probably 50/50 used a guide and didn't for stuff, but my goal was always for end-game PvP stuff.

When Dark Souls II comes out I'll probably not use one at all until NG+. (still undecided to get it on PS3 or wait for PC)

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Not sure how you managed to omit GTA from this list. Seems like the very definition of an overrated and over-hyped game.

And since voting for Other is not fun, I picked DOTA 2. A HD-ified sequel to some-mod with some pointless micro-transactions... OMFGGOTFY.

Way to oversimplify something to a hilarious degree.