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For the last 5 years Ryan Davis has been a bright spot in my weekly routine. Every Wednesday morning I awoke with a smile on my face because I could not WAIT to hear "Hey everybody is TUUUUUUESDAY!"

It's so fucking weird to feel this way about someone I never met, but it honestly makes me depressed that I'll never hear those words again. Most of all though I think I'm going to miss the way Ryan commanded a group of people. It didn't matter who or how many guest were on the podcast, Ryan always kept the conversation flowing smoothly. It takes real skill to do that and I feel really bad for the dude that has to fill those shoes.

Mr. Davis, thank you very much for the laughs, for making my Wednesday morning's enjoyable, and for bringing together so many people in the gaming industry. Without you I would have remained oblivious about a lot of the great folks that make the games we love.

Rest in peace big guy.