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Seems to be a zero tolerance policy here that I don't quite understand.

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How insecure do you have to be about your platform of choice to even do such a thing?

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I'm already bored with the amount of content in it after only three days. Want to play with friends in parties for ranked matches with voice chat, but that's not possible. I have no idea why Nintendo won't give me the option of playing with my friends in a party with voice or text chat. I find myself enjoying the squid mini game more than the same damn maps over and over again. Overrated game for its asking price.

I'll probably sell it next week and put that money towards Arkham Knight on PS4.

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@donpixel said:

Get a PC, the fact consoles are dead man walking is becoming more evidently month after month.

If you live in backwards land maybe. Don't underestimate the convenience of a dedicated console. Until an affordable and more streamlined option is available for gaming PCs, it will never be the first choice as a gaming machine by the vast majority of the world.

I do expect that xbox 1 will be the last from MS though. I expect a Nintendo Wii U successor in about 2 years and PS5 in maybe another 5 years.

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And yet PS4 will sell another 10 million by the end of the year. I don't expect the casual audience to go run out and build a gaming PC. Steam machines are priced too high and there are too many options that would confuse anyone who isn't already a PC gamer.

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I still need to go back to it. Left off at rank 3.

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I'm enjoying myself so far as well. Also a huge fan of MGS4. This game is an absolute visual marvel, one of the best looking games I have ever seen. Loving the gunplay too, the impact from the weapons feels so good.

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Can't think of any off the top of my head.

Forza Horizon 2 is the best game on the console, so get that if you like racing titles.

He said no open world games.

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@karkarov said:

Have either your friend or you considered seeing a psychiatrist? Seriously dude all these replies are needlessly dense and complex. There is absolutely no good reason to play all monster hunter games (even the abridged versions people are posting with only 4 games in it) unless you play on writing your college thesis on monster hunter. Skipping to 4 Ultimate is the only good advice anyone will give you.

This. Jump into MH4U or MH3U if you have a Wii U and prefer to play on a console. MH4U brings the biggest changes to the series though.

(reading this back to myself makes me feel weird only because of all that U)

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Nub on the new 3DS works pretty well, I find the placing of it above the face buttons to be awkward though. I still resort to the left trigger to center the camera back on to the monster when I'm in a pinch.

Goddamn I miss using the classic controller (Wii) with it's stick placement for MH though.