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@bojangle: Yep. Here:

SE reiterating that the deal has a duration.

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@travan: Resorting to slanders against fellow community members? This is the last place I would expect something like that.

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@zor: It's a timed exclusive. Just like it's always been.

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I'm not sure why every outlet is treating this like news. It doesn't actually mean anything. I can go play the first Mass Effect on my PS3 right now, if I want to.

It isn't news. Just a reiteration on a statement they made previously. Actually baffled that this was posted as such. Seems like something only the more sensationalist video game coverage sites would do. Surprising to see something like this on Giantbomb to be honest. I usually consider them one of the more accurate sites for games. Guess I'll have reconsider that notion.

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As pointed out by the Game Informer article, what this ISN'T saying is that the game is exclusive to the Xbox for the life for the game, something Sony was 100% clear about with SF5. The fact that they aren't being clear means this answer still means nothing.


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@meptron said:

sounds good. I love not-broken games.

@hammondoftexas said:

All games should be delayed until finished.

Quoted for my sentiments exactly.

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So I'm at the PSX event right now. When I heard the official confirmation of SFV being console exclusive to PS4 (as in co-developed by Sony), I thought of this thread. Taking a break and resting my feet. This is seriously big news. I'm rolling around in a mountain of salt as we speak.

To top it off PS4 and PC gamers will be able play with each other! That's huge :) Sony is absolutely killing the competition.

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@lnin0 said:

It would be a different story if KOF was PS4 exclusive but SFV...who gives a rats