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Yes. I think the first world was fine imo but the second one really got to me as well. I'd just literally go from quest point to quest point hoping to the next world. Carried that same mentality in the third and fourth world and before I knew it the game was over. If there's one thing this game shows, theres a real delicate balance between being too lomg and too short

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Well in my case the framerate was kind of erratic after the archon fight. In the overworld it was mostly the standard 30 but in dungeons and menus it certainly was higher than that. I wonder if this happens to anyone else and if it has anything to do with the game locking up on me

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Anyone else felt like the last two worlds felt kind of a half assed attempt to make the game longer? Don't get me wrong, i appreciate a long single player game, but the last two worlds certainly didn't match the quality of the first two .

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I don't know if anyone else is having this problem but since the fight with the archon the framerate for my game has gone up. It moves so much more fluid now but on the downside the game locks up on me a couple of times. However after i finished the game and started new game+ the framerates gone back to 30. Weird :\

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If it's running at 60fps, then I'm in

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@Zetabyte: play it off a flash drive. After the textures have gone back to normal, I deleted it and played it off the disc and its looking fine

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Thanks! That finally solved the issue =)

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it's the 1.2 ver alright. Tried playing from disc and HDD but still doesnt seem to have worked. Tried playing in on low res mode but to have played it looking better for the last 65 hours really makes the low res mode look terrible. I think I'll just put the game on hold until the next update arrives. I wonder if anybody else is having this issue

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clearing the cache doesn't seem to work. I haven't tried a new save yet. Maybe that will do the trick. If it doesn't, well, I think I'll just run it off the HDD since the load times seems much more tolerable that way but the noticeable drop in graphical quality will undoubtedly sour the experience a little

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So I made the dumb mistake of installing the game thinking that the latest patch solved the issue. Now the whole darn game is on low res. I tried uninstalling but the textures didn't change back to high rest. Anybody know what I should do to get it back to normal?