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Ditto will be your best friend to do this.

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Even if you had the experience and confidence to help you out, that would still sound like a bad situation. Just be glad that someone finds you attractive instead of thinking that there is something wrong with any person who shares that sentiment. Sounds like you got low self-esteem dude.

Exactly. You could be right, she could be desperate. Maybe she is just being nice. She could also see something in you that you don't realize yourself. She probably sees you around helping your mom even though your 24. To some women that is a big plus, it shows that them that, even though you are a grown man, you care about your mother and that your are not bothered doing all the small shit with her. Also, the whole part about her being materialistic when talking, that is damn near all women. I'm not saying all women are materialistic, it is just how most women start a conversation, so don't judge to harshly on that.

Anyway, I guess all i'm trying to say is that you should just be happy that someone finds you attractive, regardless of the reasons. so take what you can get man, even if its just polite niceties between the two of you at the gas station, and let the good times roll.

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Yes, and who gives a fuck about the Yout family.

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@demoskinos: same here. had to turn my brightness down.

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@demoskinos: Double dragon had the developers on skype, it was awesome. missed the tmnt block. Pokemon was okay, would have been better with Werster. Gta vice city was great. AdamAK is one of my favorites.

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Damn link got fat.

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Got to get that protein while working out.

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@rebgav said:

Surely it depends on your height and the length of the sword? Same answer for boxers vs briefs.


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Oddly hyped for Doom 64.... even though I remember it being an awful version of Doom.