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OMG! I am really excited because this means there are opportunities for me as a New Yorker to see Vinny and Alex for GB East meetups in the City hopefully, but I am scared as this is soooo different. I wish you guys luck and know that no matter what I will stay an avid bomber :D Additionally, if you need help setting stuff up in NY for free or low pay I am your muscular camera lifting and wire-running man (in Queens)!!!

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I find myself glued to my PC chair, I have to be on my way to Boston in an hour but I keep refreshing and looking at other people's postings and pages to Ryan, hoping for some new development. I couldn't sleep well last night thinking about how my happiness was dependent on him and how every time I listen to this bombcast and bomb crew I love, I will always be reminded of the laughter that won't come because of his absence.

I, along with many other fans I am sure, would really like to donate or contribute to Anna for whatever it is worth. If I am a poor man and I am willing to give $200 of my own hard-earned cash for a many who has given so much more than than paultry amount in joy, then I can imagine how much the community as a whole can be able to muster. Money, no matter how large an amount, will never bring the man back, but god damnit it the best we can do to show how much he meant to us all.

I will miss you Ryan Davis.

I feel like the clown who must always be smiling and put on a happy face, though inside myself I know the hole in my life from your passing is all I can think of.

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@th3irdeye: Yeah I know how you feel! I was in my hotel bar next to the PAX East Conference Building when they all walked in. I really wanted to go over and introduce myself and buy them all a round, but I chickened out because I was too scared. Thought the same thing; next year I will be more courageous... I am so saddened, this does make me more appreciative of life and hopefully I will grow bigger balls to say hi to people from now on.

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I am still in shock. Ryan Davis, the host of a damn good podcast I listen to every week called Giant Bomb died last week. The news is only hitting us now, and I can't explain why I am so sad. I never met him and quite frankly, I was always a big fan of the site because of Jeff Gerstmann who I idolized as a "Speaker of Truth" in a corrupt money-hungry videogame world.

So why am I sad for the loss of I man I never knew and who I didn't worship as a hero? Maybe because he was my friend.

He didn't know it, but when I felt depressed (and trust me, that happens a lot!) watching a quick look or a feature with Ryan hosting would never fail to cheer me up. On my loneliest nights I could always hear his jokes on the podcast and feel like someone who understood my humor was talking to me, directly.

I guess I was surprised when I realized I was so depressed over this news, but taking all of these emotions within myself into a account, it is no wonder how at a loss I feel. The show will never be the same, and no one will ever replace him.

I always hate it when people say things like "no one will ever replace him" or "he was one-of-a-kind", but in this case it certainly feels appropriate. I will miss you Ryan Davis. I will always appreciate the great times you have gifted us with.

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Your steam name: Nakirendral

Your location and what times you are available to play: NYC (EST) available mostly after 9pm until midnight - more frequent on weekends

Experience: Beginner, but getting better!

Favourite Hero/Role: Omniknight! Love to heal dat Ass.

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Actually! If I remember correctly, back when I first found out about Giant Bomb I listened to the ENTIRE back catalog since the Arrow Pointing Down days of Jeff and Ryan shouting into shitty mics. Yeah they used to listen to questions from people but, holy crap! The questions were typically so garbled and incomprehensible that I fully understand why they would not want to pursue that form of listener interaction anymore.

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Yeah, seems to be a slow news day. Maybe the post-E3 slump is a perfect time for another Endurance Run :D Uh-oh, now that I mentioned it seems like it is further away! :(

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Yeah Ten19. I am having some speedy back-to-normal progressive HD video times today. Hoping the issue has been resolved for us NYC TWC users!

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Hey guys, just wanted to chime in. I gave Time Warner in NYC a call and even the motherloving tech support lady who gets the BEST internet connection available from TW couldn't even load the main page after 30 seconds. I have been resorting to Quick Look collections on youtube to satisfy my Giantbomb itch cause unless its 7AM, Giant Bomb videos will not be watchable. An example is I just got back from the gym an hour ago and clicked progressive HD on the Alice QL. A fucking hour has passed by and I think I can watch up to 45 seconds of the video.

Can we please, please, PLEASE get a response from Dave or another Whiskey Media dude to at least confirm that they are hearing us NYC GiantBomb supporters that've shilled out our hard-earned money to access this content. Would like to know that someone in WM cares about us poor NYC kids.

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Sucks that some great people I know have lost their jobs in NYC, but this studio was too volatile and disorganized to survive long. Sad to hear about job loss but on to greener pastures, imo.

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