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Jesus Turboman. I was thinking we need more QLs. But maybe this is what we need to be doing. As a community we should just use what we have to make more glorious comedy :D

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Heya guys, I saw you listing browsers and Operating Systems and decided to try Opera on Windows 7 64-bit. VOILA! The videos now work perfectly. So please try to switch around to an alternate browser if experiencing these issues on Firefox or IE.

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I bought a Dell XPS M1710 about 2 years ago now. The gaming on it was great but then one day the Motherboard fried from overuse in unventilated conditions. Luckily I bought it with a 4 year warranty and they replaced it no prob for an updated model M1730, which is more sleeker and sexier. I can play all of my games on high setting (Fallout 3 mostly), but the problem you need to recognize when gaming on a Lappy is the incredible heat they produce when in full chugging o' energy mode. For the most part I can game on High settings in Fallout 3 or WoW (until I quit just recently) for about 3 hours, after which the performance will dip down considerably, and will become unplayable unless you turn the settings down. I have noticed considerable improvement since I switched from 32-bit XP and Vista to my 64-bit Windows 7 RC, BUT the overheating will always be a problem since there is so much heat production in such a small space.  
The idea of being mobile in my gaming and Programming assignments is great, but in hindsight, were I to have chosen again I would have definitely bought a small lappy for programming/classes and then kept my gaming exclusive to a Custom System with high-end ventilation solutions. If you are absolutely dead-set on leanring from your own experience, the Dell XPS M1730 is a great Lappy for gaming, and with a Military discount it cost me about 2k for a 3.5K system. But, if you have no access to such discounts or simply want it for gaming primarily, I would highly suggest you build your own Desktop via the YouTube instructional Vids and check and for great deals. 
I am still quite content with my Lappy and seeing as how it is my only real computer in my place since my 5 year old desky has been turned into a media player in my rec room. I am not an avid Computer game player anymore, though. If you are on the bleeding-edge of technology, and dont just use it for Sam and Max type Adventure games on the fly, then definitely go a different route. Haha, essentially I am regurgitating all of Echoes221's advice, but the man certainly has all valid points. 

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Let the rockets rain on me, Baby Bird.

Let 'em RAAAIIINNN!!!!

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Meh! I got burned out on MMOs b/c of WoW. Just like about 90% of the Giantbomb audience. The only way I could ever get into MMO Star Wars is if the first month is free to try, and the healing mechanic rocks. Holy Raiding Priest for life.

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I am a biga-huge fan of implicit story-telling in my games, ala Ico and Left4Dead.

Hope this will end well for the baby Gryphon. Regardless the game is a must-have for me.

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Use a combination of Legos, paint and small military toys (Helicopters, mini-assault rifles, etc.) to re-enact the Uncharted 2 demo ala Traveller's Tales-style, or make your own demonstration of any other  popular game Demonstrated at this year's E3.

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Vinny!!! I feel yer passion bro!  ER is my reason to come home and play P4 while listening to ya'll!

I hope you can get this rolling and if nothing can be salvaged, hey screw it, just have a lil montage at the beginning of Episode 51 saying "Last time, on the Persona 4 Endurance Run..." and just speak the previous episode's events to lil stick figures. I don't care about footage, just long for yous guys' commentary!

Much Luck.

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Never heard of this game before this posting, but if Gob is in it I will keep my purchasing cash ready for the Giant Review.

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