Last night I played for about 5 hours and made it all of the way to the Galaxy Stage. So far the game has been very interesting. I one thing I like about the game is the ability ot make anyhitng you want and populate the world. The Galaxy phase is a little confusing and a lot of stuff happens at the same time. Managing everything is the key to success. I look forward to playing through the game again and see what other kind of species populate my planets. My last thought would be some of the first stages could have a little bit more depth but other than that so far so good.


Mod Images and Me: Feature Requests

The mod image tool was a really good idea to help keep the image queue down. I commend the person that came up with the idea. I know it has just been put up late on Thursday and it looks like a lot of users are using it and keeping the image queue flowing. I do however would like to suggest some changes to the functionality of the tool. The first thing on the list that I would liked to see changed is where the caption is placed, usually I scroll down to see what the image is and to see what pages it is going to be posted on. When doing this the caption is off the top of the screen then and I have to scroll up to see if the image has one or to read the caption. I suggestion putting the caption under the image so that the user doesn't have to scroll up and down all of the time. Another big thing that I would like to see added to the image mod tool would be the ability to say yes or no on the specific gallery the image is going to be added too. I have noticed a couple of images that are added to the correct game page and gallery but they sometimes have a random game gallery in it. This forces me to either skip the image or say no to the submission. Also I have seen some images being added to all of the galleries on a games page. I notice this more for games that are on multiple platforms. For example because Madden is on multiple platforms some people might add a screenshot to the Wii, PS3, XBOX360 screenshot galleries when it might just be a Wii screenshot.

Well other than that Jeff is the man for resolving my issue with the pyro page. I also have been going through the game companies pages and looking for their logos. Some might never be found but it will not stop me from looking. The logos will never hide from me.


A little Upset

So about 1 day 16 hours ago I uploaded all of the images for the pyro achievements to his page in the intent to fill in the article with an achievement section with the image on the left and the name of the achievement and how to get it. I spent about an hour getting the images and formatting everything so that I would be nice the article. My submission is still pending after 1 day 16 hours which that doesn't bother me. What bothers me is somebody else got approved for the same information submission but all they did was copy and past from here: and it still has the images that says visit this site to see the achievement image. They also did it on the medic page too copy and pasted from the tf2wiki. I myself didn't add the achievements yet for that page but was going too. Oh Well guess I will go back to just uploading images.


Lets Do This!

So it is Day 4 of the site launch. It seems like the team did a good job of handling the influx of users and making sure the site is stable. I have been having a field day adding images of company logos. I think this is going to be one of my side projects for the site. I also have talked with coonce about getting none console specific box art up for multiplatform games. So that is another project here on the site that I am working on, the last thing that I am doing is going to upload a lot of box art for N64 games if they need them.

One thing that kind of bugs me about the site is the submission process, because I have some submissions from the first day that have not gone through yet. I understand the load that the staff has and I am sure they are working on ways to fix this process. I am not to worried about the submissions though because they were all minor things. I am excited about the new image submission process that the guys upstairs will be rolling out soon. I think it is a good way to automate the process and not distract the team with approving those.

Thats it for this update. Got to go back and work on a few things before I make my contributions today.


First Blog

Yesterday when I got the email for the launch of I couldn't wait till it was actually launched. All day I found myself constantly checking the site to see if it went live. Finally when I checked last night before I went to bed I saw that it was live and had then couldn't sleep. So I browsed the site to see what all was on here so far, I found some pages that I am interesting in updating. Now I get to do some more research on the companies and fill in some pages. The only bad thing about the launch of this awesome website is now I am going to be busy all week contributing to here. Thats it for now back to research and adding info.