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Heres the theme I am using for chrome. They are very artsy and look very good while keeping the simplicity of google chrome's menues.
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Sweet this is the one tool that officially makes this a wiki database site. Its good to be able to see all past information. Keep these cool tools coming coonce.

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flawless2c said:
"I agree with you.  These guys have probably gone through all over their own personal savings to get this site up and running.  I think Jeff even had to sell his house or something.  Plus the fact that they're not making any money out of it yet (given they have no ads).  I would also really like to do what I can to help these guys in these troubled economic times.  "
They have actually had 2 ad campaigns on this site. Gears of War was one of them and I think Watchmen was the other. They were not intrusive so you probably didn't notice them. But I am sure it was not enough money to cover them for everything. I think they would like booze and pancakes over money any day.
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Google Chrome Waterfall
Shirt Woot
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twitter account nakratz

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I have noticed the past couple of days that the site was becoming really slow and taking a while to load. Today it seems like pages load faster. Thanks for the update and the performance upgrade coonce..

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Sounds like you guys are having a blast. Hopefully this little vacation has refreshed you guys and once you get back you will be popping out features left and right. lol, enjoy the rest of australia. 

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Haven't played TF2 for awhile but will probably get back into it over holiday break. Level 3 Teleporters and Dispensers are good

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Don't forget about Nintendo Wi-Fi Pay and Play its the new logo on games like Guitar Hero where you have to pay for extra songs. Not sure if that concept is added to giantbomb yet though.