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It's not "To Austin Powers" a turn it's more like "to pull an Austin Powers".

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@zamolxes: I am 39 and will be 40 next month. It's not that I'm an old man yet or anything, it's that I am seeing the early trends and can extrapolating forward. I find that as time passes, the process of being able to focus on something and learn it to get harder and harder every year. I used to be able to learn every aspect of game rules, be competitive in shooters and timing based games, know all the menus of a VCR or an answering machine, learn what every menu and right-click action does in a new OS, and learn lyrics to new songs no problem.

But now as I am getting older, I find that I can't compete at all in any FPS, I can't pitch whatsoever in MLB The Show, I can't learn song lyrics no matter how hard I try, I get lost in some of the more technical menus of my wife's android phone ( I have an iphone from work and was not an early smartphone adopter), and I hate Windows 8 because they moved everything.

I am guessing that as I get older the mind has lost its elasticity and every time I want to do something on a device or a new game I kinda have to relearn it to an extent. The most painful part of any game is having to slog through it learning the level design and building a muscle memory for how to play. If you have to basically redo that every time, you're going to grow sour to it and tend not to want to do it anymore.

It's not that we get more busy, it's just that things are taking more time to learn and we have less patience now and get tired sitting and focusing for hours at a time. We tend to want to use the things we already know. I play NHL every year and play a lot of retro NES/Genesis/Arcade games because I can have a great time and don't have to relearn anything.

Shit this was a depressing reply to write. Hopefully I'm totally wrong and I'm just ADD and have too many games to play though :P

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Geez, to think this started from a few people just wanting to get laid and play videogames. I hope this whole thing blows over and the vocal creepers who started this mess just go away. If we can't sway their opinions, we should do our best to educate the younger ones who might be influenced by them that this shit has no place here and to realize that our community is diverse and everyone's voice deserves to be heard equally. Maybe if we can let the hateful people burn themselves out quietly it'll be the firebreak we need to make sure this stupid topic doesn't flare up again.

Amazing OPED piece, Jeff. Reading that made me remember why I never became a writer. I could never write something so well.

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@alexisg you leaving will be a sad day for me. Of the personalities on the crew, yours most resembles mine. I know you weren't on the podcast or in the videos much, but I got the impression that you're one cool, thoughtful, and genuinely good member of the GB team. You'll be missed, bub. Good luck in your next adventure!

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@baillie: But then I wouldn't have re-listened to these classic GB epidodes :)

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As a proud new owner of this shirt, and because I just spent my entire morning trying to find the context of this shirt, I will paste the fruits of by labors here for future generations to see. The conversation from which Vinny birthed the concept of the Vinnco® Maglift™ System Mark III, the invention of which in the future year 2087 will net Vinny Caravella a billion dollars and make it easier for others to effortlessly move their Earthshaker pinball cabinets happened in the July 23rd, 2013 podcast at the 39 minute mark.

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They'll pull what Valve did to Counter-Strike. Buy it out, lock it down, and sell it like any other boxed retail product.

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Wait how is Vinny's announcement of having a baby girl 3 hours old and this thread is 7 days old. What am I missing here?


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One year later. I still think about the big guy daily. Miss you Ryan.

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Anybody streaming? I want to watch, but don't own Dover