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One year later. I still think about the big guy daily. Miss you Ryan.

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Anybody streaming? I want to watch, but don't own Dover

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Fuck if I know.

I'm with this guy. I'm now on media blackout--I don't even know if there will be friggin' swords in the game let alone what build I'm going to be. But in Dark Souls I'm all Havel'd out. Tank through and through.

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Love that Wizards & Warriors one. I borrowed that game from somebody who claimed the game sucked, but I played the crap out of it and finished it. Used to sit there listening to that intro over and over too.

Rare did the best music. Reminds me of this classic from RC Pro-Am:

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I'm loving that sweet MAME cab at 3:30. Somebody put a lot of love and hard work building that thing... either that or it's a just gutted MK2 cab. Either way, it's effing sweet.

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I flew it for a few hours last night on the reddit hoggit server ( and had a blast. You can have the copilot take over and switch seats to work the door guns. Taking off was really hard, you really need some good rudder pedals just to get off the ground., hopefully Drew has some.

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