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This sort of thing makes me wish I had the patience to play something like EVE.
Either way, I'm glad it exists.

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Loading Video...

Dice right now.

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Nice to hear that it isn't just a marketing ploy, that they've put thought into it and are genuine about it.

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Really missing my weekly fix of GB livestream. I also feel like I'm missing out on Unprofessional Fridays.
Maybe I'm at the point where I should consider a premium membership.

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Jesus Christ.

I can't properly react to this.

Giant Bomb will sadly never be the same. I feel bad for his family and friends.

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Nope, stream just won't work properly for me, neither will the chat. Twitch or not.
I'm waiting for it to be archived.
Worked just fine to begin with.

God damn it.

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Howly dawgz?

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Around 3 hours is perfect in my opinion.
Long enough for it to last a good while, short enough for you to be able to listen to one each week.
Sometimes I pause it, and if I don't finish it there's always next week.

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War never changes.

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I wonder if that could have been the plan all along. To advertise the Wii U so poorly that more original Wii's get sold in addition to the U's.

But no, they probably just screwed up.