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Option C looks like a frog in a hole instead of a toad. =P I guess I pick option A? I don't eat those though since I'm not big on eggs unless scrambled with cheese.

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I'd eat all of em except the ones with fish...cause I just don't care for fish. I'm one of those folks who has no problem eating chili for breakfast. If it's what I've got to eat (or even if I'm just feeling it) I'll eat it for any many.

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Who knows, maybe he will enjoy the games. =) Weirder things have happened before so it really is possible. Kudos for trying duder! *thumbs up*

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Savannah GA is really nice this time of year too. Lots of flowers blooming with weather warm enough to start hitting the beach.

I've done the solo thing before. I'm from GA and I went to visit CA on my own. First time flying for me too lol.

I recommend planning everything you can out in advance and having back ups in place in case something goes wrong. Like if they mess up your rental car situation make sure to have a back up (cab numbers for the area, uber w/e) and bring a map.

There are certain days that are better to buy plane tickets than others (which you might already know). There are plenty of guides online that talk about that so I'd check one out before buying any plane tickets.

Have your money, map, phone w/e with you in a safe place. I.E Back pocket of your pants does not count. =P

(is typing this at 6:30 in the morning so forgive the randomness)

All in all have fun dude! Even if you just stay in your home town, or fly across the globe be prepared best you can and it will work out fine.

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Awesome job dude!

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My husband has been a fan of Jeff since his gamespot days. Like many here he followed Arrow pointing down all the way to Giant bomb. A year or so after we got married I finally decided to look into the site for myself just so I could understand him when he would tell me about jokes or stuff that happened from the Bombcast and videos on the site. Fast forward a few years and I now spend more time on the site than he does, and we both love watching the videos together. We are now both big fans (not just my hubby anymore). =)

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I don't like when you basically need a walkthrough full of spoilers to get to the true ending of a game.

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I wonder if the 3DS version will be good?

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It would be a dynasty warriors like game, but with the AI actually being good for once. The player would have to defend their honor, values, and hopes from hordes of trolls, vampires, mascot characters and even the occasional shadow clone. At the end of the game fighting the hordes of darkness the hero/heroine finds themselves coming to the realization that the only way to defeat them is from the inside. The game ends with the hero/heroine pretending to join the dark horde. The camera then zooms into their face where they give a sly grin and winks at the camera as if the say : Let them believe what they want to. My goal hasn't changed.

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Well I'd say ether the one with lime since if it has actual lime that might be sorta healthy? Sorta? All of them might give you the poops though.