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These are amazing!

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Well I was going to be replacing my XL since the hinges keep cracking the case but I think I might wait now to get one of those.

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My mind has been blown. Actually glad he's part of the GB team.

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Hmm that's about what I guessed they would charge. Thanks for the great article! =)

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Oh woah that's pretty cool. Thanks for the scoop Scoops! =)

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I'm really glad it wasn't worse than it was considering how strong the news seems to be portraying the quake. Hope everyone is ok! We get tornadoes and floods here mostly so I don't know to much about quakes. Went through some small ones a few years back when I was living in So Cal but I almost didn't even notice them if not for my dog freaking out.

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I recently started the long process of deleting my fb. I was having a rather similar experience with it since the bulk of people I know (and even that annoying trending bar) seemed to be posting nothing but negative and depressing comments. I have some pretty rough issues with depression so the constant splurge of negative news articles and posts and tweets was really starting to bring me down. I tried taking a break from fb and twitter for a while an honestly things got better for me. Granted my experience most likely isn't the norm but if you feel like you need a break maybe taking one for a few days isn't so bad to start with? At least that way you don't make any long term commitments to completely 'unplugging' yourself in case you want to go back. If you don't wanna go back then you can always go back and delete them later. Hope it all works out for you! =D

Edit: I should note that I personally haven't had a problem with tweets from the GB dudes. Realized my earlier comment made it seem like I had which isn't the case. My issues stems MOSTLY from my family/friends.

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Hometown Story. The creators were saying things about making it like Animal Crossing but more in depth. Instead I got a very crappy shop sim with no real point and a very bad camera.

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Wooohoooo! Congrats to Vinny and his family! Praying all goes well! =D