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I really can't deal with self-mutilation.

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Or no?

You are?

You're not?

You are?

You're not?

You are?

You're not?

It could be cool. Maybe. If it ends up sucking I will have lost all hope in 2013 to be a good year for gaming. Just kidding. Kind of. There's nothing worse than the first game of the year you play to be a piece of shit.

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@Knite said:

They're hiring new people!

They will ruin everything we love about the site!


And again and again! It never stops! Over and over! Again and again!

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They don't. They're just regular missions. Do them one after another. Boom, boom, boom.

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@M_Shini said:

but SR3 is still awesome'er.

Be my girlfriend, plz.

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@haggis: Are you playing the retail boxed version?

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@EpicSteve said:

If she isn't in charge she has no business acting like it. She needs to stay in her lane. Worry about herself.

Yes, worry about her!

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@Rotten_Avocado said:

The CO-OP does scale for the amount players. I played a couple rounds last night with some random people, then by myself, and it was way more intense with more people.

Sorry if I sucked. Got distracted by the sick gf and hadn't played Syndicate in like 4 months or so.

I'm definitely up for some CO-OP with teamwork. It's a bitch to play with random people who are just out there for themselves.

It was a combination of the slap-dash attitude with which I threw that game together and a lack of microphone on my part that made things go sideways in the first ten seconds. Also, I wasn't really committed at that moment because I was about to make some food, but decided to throw out some invites.


If we don't play in the next few days, no worries, I'm interested in doing co-op for the next few weeks, so we have plenty of time for games if we don't hook up in the next day or so.

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@ashton: What console are you playing on, and what version do you have? (DLC episodes or boxed release?)

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@YOU_DIED said:

2012 will be remembered as the year when the word 'misogyny' lost all meaning because some college grad turned 'pop culture critic' said something irksome on YouTube

This. A million goddamn times, this.