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Pepsi has no taste. Pepsi is carbonated water with food coloring. I realized this after nearly exclusively drinking Coca Cola for many years, (product of where I lived and not necessarily a choice). I went back to Pepsi once and I was like, "why does this taste like nothing?"

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Oh, this is legit? I thought this was a joke flash thing thrown together.

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@ashton: Did you read the instructions in my OP?

Let me highlight the bit that you missed, which is why it didn't work for you:

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c. Highlight save slot one, copy your game, and then select save slot three to copy your gave save there.

d. Load up your game from save slot one and voila!

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@SharkEthic said:

SR3 is hot garbage.

You're an ass and I'm going to beat the crap out of you!

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@SirOptimusPrime: TNGSitSRF is the newest game. Are you ready?

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We're in a weird middle phase where stories and characters are ambitious, but oftentimes things that are said from characters, characterization and plot devices still leave me rolling my eyes and is either super cheesy or nonsensical.

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Is SR3, Saints Row The Third? Because if so, it's SRtT, not SR3. If not, well I don't know what the fuck SR3 is.

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@ashton said:

@Napalm: Thanks for the copying tip. Worked for me after failing from slot 3, worked in slot 2. Too bad there are so many bugs, hopefully there is a patch out by the time im ready for a second play through.

Can you tell me the process you went through to get it to work? Did you copy it from save slot one, then to save slot two, and that worked?

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I'll play. GT: Mesoian


North East. Boston


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I'm pretty sure we don't even know what Respawn's game is going to be. All we know is it will have guns, because in some update they went to a gun range to capture a bunch of sounds.

I just want to know what the fuck the game is going to be.