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@Kidavenger said:

...she drank an entire McDonalds vanilla milkshake through her nose.

Wait, what? Can anybody else confirm this?

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@Humanity said:

I tried playing a month or two back and it was pretty barren but I did manage to get into some games. Sometimes you just need to play a level by yourself for a while and someone will usually join mid match.

Do you wanna play some?! Xbox 360!

@musclerider said:

@Napalm: Well now it's just weird because I'm actually in the North Atlanta area.

Well let's make this even weirder, then! I'm in Lawrenceville.

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@musclerider said:

@Napalm: US East

Awesome! So am I. More so Southeast. Georgia.

I'll add you tonight! I might start a separate Syndicate for us late bloomers who want to throw down on the Xbox 360.

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Cheerios, or honey-toasted oats. Or apple cinnamon-toasted oats.

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@musclerider: What is your location?

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@desmondfromthehatch: @procrasturbate: @ashton:

You guys should probably read my topic if you want to save your file.

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I asked a moderator to sticky this as people are still asking how to get their saves back.

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@NeilRapalee: Are you playing on the Xbox 360? I just beat the campaign a few days ago and I wanted to jump into some co-op to do a bit of it and I kept getting connected to these two jackasses who sat there for hours refusing to ready-up.

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C'mon duders, I've heard good things about Syndicate, let's set up some time to co-op facefuck some other syndicates!

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That is a solid-ass list.