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Grand Theft Auto 4 And Grand Theft Auto From Liberty City.

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Wow Google is buying everything these days.

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@glottery: Expanded the sentences made them more clear sorry for the mix up.

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Like what kind of hardware and software Rockstar Games used to make the PS2 games?

Already know what game engines they used but what else like specs of PC & Soft they used?

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@vinny_says: I see well from the scene were he was shot down. Kinda felt they were best buddies :D.

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@somejerk: How can it be a scam. It's all about older Xbox 360 games codes I'll give it a try anyway.

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@lordandrew: Action Replay was not a waste of Money it gave a person thousands of cheat codes like infinite health, all upgrades so on, I still need to buy Xploder sounds good.

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He lost his best friend in Splinter Cell 1 When he was shot by a militant.

In Splinter Cell Chaos Theory he had to shoot his friend, while on a mission, he found out Shetland had gone corrupt.

Then Splinter Cell Double Agent he found his daughter was dead when her death was faked in the later Splinter Cell Series. They put Sam Fisher through allot of suffering & pain :O. His daughter was the only person he had in this world, everything ripped apart from him in a New York minute.

Imagine being Sam Fisher you stepping into his shoes if a person had to experience What he had to experience through out his life this dramatic psychological experience he went through :O.

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And Xbox? Is it good? Cause allot of users say it's bad and a waste of money.

Wanted to you know opinion about this product before I buy it?

Just like for PS2 they have Action Replay gotta love that Infinite Health in God Mode.