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Like if they enabled Infinite Health they can just save the game to the PS2 memory card and just load the data with out re inserting the Action Replay or Game Shark disc and re doing it all over from beginning?

Lets say you have GTA 3 for PS2 you enable infinite armor and health you save the game with the codes enabled.

Can you load the GTA 3 with out re inserting the AR Disc or GameShark disc and re enabling the codes or they do get saved on the PS2 memory card automatically.

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@wickedfather Also I don't see any ghost points for the PS2 version.

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I'll just re do the money train robbery mission over again.

I just have to complete the Russian level atm.

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I don't see a mission rating saying 90 or 100%

Mostly I always complete the mission objectives and other bonus objectives they have but in the train robbery mission 3 bodies were found

so does that really matter?

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I finally researched a way to transfer PS2 save data to USB Drive and back to memory card

Ok so there are a few games you can get save points from Game Faqs and put them on a USB flash drive then insert the flash drive into the PS2 usb thingy then use a software called uLaunchELF burn it to a blank DVD then put the disc in the PS2 and restart PS2 a screen called McBoot will load up select u launcher and browse folders to copy the Air Blade data from Game Faqs

I did complete the whole Airblade for PS2 everything 100% but memory card broke and lost the data save so how to replay it and forgot some stuff in the game so having the game save from Game Faqs 100% is better then re playing the whole game I would rather play a different game then waste 100 hours on a old game I've played before and lost the data.

I can't believe I re played GTA 3, San Andreas, Vice City over again 100% when the data was ready there. Waste of time seriously, I would have played Splinter Cell Double Agent with that time.

But these are the games that were saved on my old Memory card for PS2 that was broken and completed 100% But now thanks to this method I won't have to replay these games over again since it gets tiring.

I can load the data back to my memory card and regain my rep like the way it was before in 2008.

Tekken 5


The Warriors

Dark Cloud 2 - Also Dark Cloud 2 is very complex to do things over again.

Max Payne

Test Drive

Midnight Club Dub 3 Edition Remix

Ultimate Spider Man

Superman Returns

Naruto Ultimate Ninja

Smack Down Vs Raw 2007

Smack down Vs Raw 2008

007 Agent Under Fire one of the most complex games to beat and get medals

No One Lives Forever also complex

But the PS2 has to be modded or use Swap Magic 3.8 Disc in order to load the elf u launcher thingy and the usb drive has to be formatted to FAT32.

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And would you contact the creators to do a remake?

I would definitely contact the creator so they could make a re make of the complex game.

Like for example AirBlade is PS2 based game compared to Tony Hawk's but no wheels, only hovering on air and unlocking extra's is tough you have to move fast and quick to beat the time plus they did not add cheat codes to the game just like God Of War where I can't beat Challenge Of The Gods and God Mode.

So for God Of War and AirBlade only beat the story modes and in AirBlade did some objectives that's how far I will go into these games least I completed the story mode.

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This game is tough I played it countless hours and only beat story mode and some tasks in Stunt Attack or Score Attack.

They really should re do this game and add some cheat codes make it less complex and tough.

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God of War for PS2

Like I beat the game the story mode and in the "Treasures" Area there is "Challenge Of The Gods" And In story mode there is a fourth option for God Mode.

I can't beat God Mode and Challenge Of The Gods so complex and tough

In Challenge Of The Gods I made it to the challenge 10 and kept being pushed off the circular cliff and in God Mode I died from to many hits.

So yeah that's that I saved the data for completing the story mode that's how far I will go into God Of War.

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If I use the cheat codes for

Taxi missions completed

Pimping mission completed

Will I get the percentage? or do I have to do all of them?

Cause I do not wanna do those missions

It was tough in GTA 3 and Vice City to complete them.

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Like these two games

Grand Theft Auto 3 for PS2

Grand Theft Auto Vice City for PS2

GTA 3 was Release: on 10/22/01

GTA Vice City Release: on 10/29/02

Counting from 10/22/01 to 10/29/02

It took the creators like 13 months to make GTA Vice City.

How is it possible then after 2 years later they made GTA San Andreas.

Cause I know it takes like 3 to 4 years to make a perfect movie or video game just my own opinion.

I wanna hear your opinions

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