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@agentboolen: You got a point there are endless possibilities to make created instead of going back and expanding the game. Plus they could always re make just HD versions same game just HD quality :D Like they did with God Of War & God Of War 2 they created a God Of War Collection HD version :D.

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@cale: I never said I can read thousands of eBooks. I they are also my collection to just like video game covers I collect for every game console :D.

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I already knew the answer to that, just wanted to hear people's opinions. Back in 2000 technology was limited for game developers but few years later technology had changed and now they make HD video games soon they will make 4 K games that's the new HD now.

Plus I am 22 and been a gamer for along time, I also read about Web Development, Software Development. Even Game Engines I have tons of eBooks stored on my DVD Discs like about 150 discs of eBooks safe kept. I am terrible at English grammar so forgive me.

My whole question was comparing GTA 3 To GTA 5 since they are both different.

I remember from GTA for PS1 that the graphics were a little mushy then came out GTA 3 a new era started :D.

I know tech was limited and not advanced at the moment so the dev had to try their best to make it possible.

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I mean in the year 2000 it was obvious the city should have been more bigger and twice as large when they created GTA 3. At least they should have made the game really huge like the city for example.

Plus GTA 5 the city is so huge and realistic they should have made GTA 3 like that.

I mean it's already expanded on other platforms besides PS2 & Xbox.

It's on these platforms PlayStation 2, Windows, Xbox, PlayStation 3 (PSN), OS X, iOS, Android.

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Made a photo of First Released God Of War Games :D.

Anyway back from eating. So made this collage aka mosaic photo from the first God Of War games to present God Of War games.

I mean I love how they made the saga HD and added all 5 games in one. Man video games have come along way since first generation video games. I know allot of people are collectors in this world who collect console from console no matter how much the price is.

God Of War for the PS2 was complex playing in God Mode but I finally completed it thanks to AR Max Infinite Health & Magic the creature were so tough :D.

Soon in the future God Of War will expand into higher consoles like mobile, Iphone, Ipad, so on and other hand held devices nothing is impossible for people who know Soft Dev & Web Dev coding :D.

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@cale: I already know about the Easter eggs just want to start up a discussion on video games.

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Like for example GTA 3 Music I'm Hot Tonight was music from Scarface the movie, then they made Scarface the game added the I'm Hot Tonight music in that game to.

In GTA 3 Carcer city is some where around GTA 3, some one mentions it on the radio station. In Manhunt Carcer city is a place were Cash was killing his way out of trouble.

GTA Vice City has a hotel room in blood where Tony & Manny were about to get sawed off in Miami well Tony survived Manny died. In Vice the mansion is the same as in the Scarface movie and video game. Vice City is like a feel like Miami.

GTA 3 feels like parts of New York City.

Max Payne feels like were in Carcer City, but it's in New York City, some games I love when they set in New York City :D.

Plus some easter eggs are found in video games :D.

GTA 3 if you are in the 2nd island cafe you can see GTA 1 and GTA 2 screen shots on the computers.

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Added this pic to Imgur and no interest. But adding it here might spark some awesome interest :D.

Best games most of them have a dark atmosphere and most of them run on a same engine some different. I miss those older games were the atmosphere was very darker and had the noise grain feeling. Everything is so HD now 720P 1080P, 4K. But the older games will remain in our memories forever. Plus I made that photo :D. Also When ever I see pictures of video games on Google it brings back awesome memories nostalgia memories I say :D.

Well adding more info now, I mean playing these games bring back allot of amazing memories to me, I did not mean them as older as in old old, I meant as in classics, they are good classic games to me even I love the older ones from the first generation era.

Just roaming around and experiencing the graphics are amazing, I just love the grain, noise, dark feeling of the game. Manhunt, GTA 3, have a dark graphics feel like. Metal Gear Solid, Splinter Cell, The Great Escape is based on stealth and also have almost the same graphics so on.

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I never meant it towards cheating online.

I meant for it people who wanna play God Mode and keep failing at it for hours when they can enable infinite health and complete God mode un beaten.

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For example PS2 Action Replay Max is real good.

I was once playing King's Field The Ancient City for PS2. My goal was to reach level 99 character upgrade & the game had thousands of stuff to upgrade, swords, magic, items, leg armor, chest armor, helmet, plus all items were scattered all over the areas & the enemies were very tough and had tons of abilities like there was this one enemy were he would hit you and you would freeze and can't move so you would need a special herb to eat then you can move. So I enabled all the codes and it was right there in front of my own eyes, all weapons, magic, level, every item in inventory unlocked and once I made it to the end of the level I saved the game completed it added it to Game Faqs so people can download the save, they can roam around with a character that has brute strength :D. It took me 1 month to make it to character level 36 when I could have bought PS2 Action Replay Max then used the cheats more easily in one day oh well mistake learned.