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That video seems like it was filmed in 1995.

That is because it is still 1995 in Rhode Island.

Fuckkk... I'm still three years old and I'm going to rhode island college, that has to be a record or somethin.

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@VisariLoyalist: not really... we're the most politically corrupt state in the entire union. Our most loved politician served federal prison time. This kind of stuff happens every now and then.

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Is there anyway to create custom resolutions like in Sim City 4 and Diablo 2? Text files, directory names etc.

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I find it very hard to believe that you just started learning what memes are. I mean, you belong to a journalistic gaming website. You probably have a twitter or facebook and I'm assuming have friends. Memes are funny for the first little bit when you discover them but they're going out of style quickly as the general masses fuck them up like everything else.

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Is NINJA WARRIOR an acronym? Seems like the only reasonable explanation for the caps.

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Fuckin hell unbalanced, I don't know a single person in my group of friends who doesn't brag about their one hit kills past level 20. The GAME is unbalanced.

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I'm just glad this is all over because I'm sick of my dad coming into the room and telling me the news about "Studio 38", I stab myself in the face every single time.

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So, coming to Rhode Island was a terrible Idea. First off, we have some of the highest taxes in the entire country (due to our size). Second, we're 2nd or 3rd poorest in the entire country and will probably be first to go bankrupt. And thirdly and most importantly the general rule among business in Rhode Island goes as follows "If you don't got with the mafia, you go bankrupt." I'm assuming it's difficult to extort a video game company so that's another bad decision. I don't know, when I heard they were coming here I was like "shit" because this was inevitable.

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I am Rhode Island born and Rhode Island bred and when I die I'll be Rhode Island dead.