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I bought Broken Age back in the day because I loved the old style adventure games but for some reason the style of Broken Age just didnt appeal to me visually. It is a beautiful game but for me the graphics are a bit too much like something out of a children´s book. Everything has a kind of soft animation style that puts me off for some reason.

I think the game is a bit too much of a fairytale kind of a game when it comes to its graphics. Especially the world of Vella with its people living apparently in the clouds seems very unrealistic.

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Lost my skyrim save which was probably 70 or 80 hours worth of gameplay. For some reason cloud save got corrupted and I wasnt able to restore the save from my harddrive. Had killed all of the dragons and got all of the runes and was planning to dive into the dlc´s but guess steam decided otherwise.

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There has probably been a change in Konami leadership or they just dont want to budget as much cash anymore for the Metal Gear games than they have done in the past.

It is unfortunate that we dont get the new Silent Hills game because of this rift between Kojima and Konami but I think that all in all we have had a pretty nice run of Metal Gear games.

This gives Kojima finally a chance to do something else besides Metal Gear series.

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Its probably a character flaw for me but I cant really wait for the eventual pc ports to come out down the line. 1 year is a long time to wait for a game to come to pc´s and in some cases those ports are pretty awful. So while playing games on pc is the ideal choiche there isnt always an option to do so when a new game releases. Been actually thinking about getting an Xbox One also because i really want to play tomb raider 2 and the next halo game when those come out.

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Because people are willing to pay hundreds for what is basically a watch. It seems that for some people it being an apple product is enough. People really dont need to upgrade their apple product every year but they seem to do it anyway. Well not all of the people but enough that Apple is swimming in cash atm.

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I didnt think that man of steel was abysmal. In fact to me it was a far better Superman film than the previous one where Superman just kinda hang out and the main villain was again Lex Luthor. In a universe full of great Superman villains they always seems to bring up Lex Luthor as the main opponent.

Though I dont understand how the trailer can be leaked since it seems to be a recorded video from a trailer shown at a movie theater. The Batman vs Superman trailer that i watched had portuguese subtitles in it. They should just release it as a official trailer since a lot of people have by now seen the so called leaked trailer.

The thing that worries me about the Batman vs Superman movie is that they seem to be prone on cashing in on the popularity of Batman franchise to bringing people in to watch the movie. Marvel kinda does whole movies dedicated to different superheroes before doing a movie (Avengers) with an ensemble cast. Warner Bros on the other hand has done 1 decent new Superman movie (man of steel) and now they are throwing at least 3 superheroes into the same movie (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman). It does kinda seem that they arent confident that Superman alone can bring enough people in to the movie theaters.

Small addition to the above: Just checked and it seems that they have released the official teaser trailer in hd:

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This game had voice acting? I turned the voices off as soon as the opening started in the camp site. Dude's dialogue was fucking awful, and he kept droning on about Effigies and Glandfathers while I was trying to read the rich prose peppered throughout the dialogue box.

I would like to say that I spent about 40 hours with Pillars (on Easy, because I fucking suck at these kinds of games), and I enjoyed it immensely. It was deeply engrossing and I spent more than a few nights playing it until 3 AM. Time flew by and it was probably the best damn thing I've read in quite awhile.

I also cannot express the unbridled anger I felt by the end of the Skaen Cult quest. I can't believe that there's a modern RPG out there where murder is arguably the best outcome for a quest.

You turned off the voice acting? Darn I tought that the voice acting was pretty good. Especially when the characters in the party talked amongst themselves.

All in all I must say that I found the end of the game a pit puzzling. The last image that I had off my player character was him lying on floor in what seemed a pool of his own blood. Was also a bit weird to have the narrator tell the tale of how the characters in the party lived their lives after the ending withouth mentioning anything what happened to the player character.

My choiche of god was Wael. I kinda liked his suggestion of letting the souls end where they may. The damage was already kinda done so maybe it was for the best to leave the choice to chance.

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Bloodborne was my first souls game. Must admit that I killed one boss in co-op since i got really frustrated with the boss (shadow of yarnham). Killed all the other bosses on my own though (also the optional ones).Though some of the optional bosses were hidden so well that I had to look up a guide on how to get to them.

Some bosses I managed to kill in a few tries (less than 5) but some bosses proved to be pretty hard. Think one mistake that I made in leveling up my stats was that I kept my hp stat pretty low. This resulted in me getting killed where a player with higher hp would have probably survived.

Though the final boss (moon presence) was much easier than Gehrman. Killed him on my second try. My final level was 109 which is pretty high but I am not that good in these kinds of games. Which is the reason that I have avoided souls games until now.

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What I find bit silly about the pvp (have had 3 pvp encounters so far in the game) is the fact that the mobs seems to react only to your character. If the invader walks close to them they dont seem to aggro on him or her but on the player that is being invaded.

Also having 20 vials can make those pvp encounters really long and protracted. I kinda think that there should be a rule of regulating use of vials in pvp to only 1 or 2 potions per encounter. Otherwise people can just potentially roll away and heal and get back to the fight.

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My main weapons are axe and Ludwigs Holy Blade. For some bosses the axe is just too slow and so i use the sword for those. Though i have been kinda leveling multiple melee and ranged weapons. Just in case i want to use something else later on. Though i did concentrate on trying to level the axe and sword first and only then leveling the other weapons.

I haven actually used the ranged weapons that much although there are some pretty interesting choiches dropping in the game.