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What is next...a game called the lake, a tree or a cake...?

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The other alternative would have probably been Vinny having to leave Giant Bomb. So all in all this is probably the best thing that could have happened.

Will also be nice to have new people join the Giant Bomb team. Though maybe it would be a good time to hire a female game reviewer.

Oh yep and remember Vinny that real New Yorkers never use fork and knife when eating a pizza.

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Just a bit afraid myself that at some point all games will be early access games. That way one doesnt even have to finish a game in order to sell it.

Its just a question of time when we get the first cases of early access games which wont be finished. This will be even more problematic with steams "no refund" policy.

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Must say that Drew´s list surprised me a bit. Expected Drew to have more simulator type of games on his list.

Lot of choiches which I also would have picked for my personal top ten (Bioshock Infinity, Last of us, Beyond Two souls).

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I want for the Giant Bomb to have their own version of that train wreck of a video game awards show with the layer man and Joe "bark" mchale.

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It does seem to me that the automatic copyright identification system doesnt work correctly at the moment. At the moment Google is eating at their own profits with their new policies which only seem to serve the interests of corporations willing to sue anything on youtube for a chance to get their hands on the ad revenue.

Its pretty incredible that companies can dispute the videos so easily and with so little justification. According to Angry Joe one can dispute a video because a sample of a song lasts for about 17 seconds. That is a reason enough for googles bot to dispute the video and for the profits from the ad revenue to go to the company who owns the rights to that music.

So go Google?

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Valve has no heart.

Though honestly speaking at this point I dont think that any Half-life 3 game could live up to my expectations.

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I would like for Assasins creed to go to China or Japan. French revolution could be also an interesting time period.

It could also be potentially interesting to have an Assasins creed game set into the far future. Tough it could be difficult to explain why the player would use swords and melee based weapons instead of guns.

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EA wants to force us to use its crappy Origin platform so it might take a while before Titanfall will available on steam.

Even when the game in question is a partners title based game.

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It just seems in a way that Gamespot basically stole the awesome design that the guys at Giant Bomb designed. And yes I am aware that they are now the property of CBS but it still seems like a one sided relationship in a lot of ways.

I am a tad worried about the future of the Giant Bomb site because if there is a choiche of terminating one of the web sites it will probably be the Giant Bomb website.

Gamespot all in all is a pretty horrific website. The only thing that i usually check in there is Kevin van Ord´s gameplay podcast (which i am unable to find anymore because of the redesign) and the news on the front page once in a while.