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Best of luck in everything you do, Patrick. You are a tremendously talented writer, and (I believe) on the cutting edge of what video games journalism should look like in the future. I'll have a new favorite video game related thing once you get hired somewhere else. Safe travels!

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@shinmaru007: And Duane Gill, one of my favorite Attitude era gimmicks...Gillberg!

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This video working for anyone? I cant seem to find the speedrun online

Here's the archived video on Cosmo's Profile.

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Hey, I've jumped back into this game thanks to my girlfriend watching TNG, and I wanted to fly the colors of my Giant Bomb love. If Velip@narfic can be of any assistance to the Space Neon Lobsters, I'd be happy to join up.

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Ashland, OR, USA

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@demoskinos: It depends on the device I'm using. My 360 plays the backlog perfectly most times but has issues with playing the live feed. My Apple TV on the other hand has the exact opposite problem. It plays the live stream with no issues but will sometimes straight-up crash when playing the archived shows. My laptop is kinda in-between the two.

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I've been trying for two nights to think of something worthy, and nothing seems good enough. Ryan, you entertained me for years and I am a better, sillier person for it.

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I too must protest that you separated the Kill Bill films. But if I have to choose, it would be Vol. 2

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Here's my two cents as a fan of this series. Getting better at a Devil May Cry game is more about learning the ins and outs of combat and exploiting the enemy patterns to build your combo. Don't think of it as "leveling up" because what you probably think you need is heath (correct me if I'm wrong). And aside from playing the same few levels for HOURS to get enough red orbs to buy all of the heath items you can from the store, there's no easy way to get that. Take that time instead to start reading the patterns that the enemies and bosses have. Once you start to "see the code" as it were, you'll get dramatically better at the game and start wondering why you had so much trouble in the first place. Hope that helps. :)

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I had the pleasure of working as a sexual assault victim's advocate for 6 years (and I hope to continue to do so in the future). On top of that, I happen to be male. This has given me a unique perspective on gender issues in American society. Despite the fact that some of the comments I read in Patrick's two stories angered me, I'm glad to have seen the conversation happen. Whether or not we can all agree on how these issues should be addressed (spoiler alert: that will never happen) is immaterial. What is more important is that a conversation that can be educational for all comes out of this. And I know I learned a lot from the discussion even if most of that was learning which usernames to skip over in comments from now on. :)