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@mrfluke: Isn't it awesome when you beat a boss character and you thought you were gonna lose?

That's how I felt with some FF boss fights

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@meltdown547: hahaha I know. That game is random as Fudge. This one time a pedestrian stole my car, which was one small wind gust away from exploding. So the guy drags me out of my car, gets in and drives into the highway, gets hit by a truck and causes the biggest accident and eventually the biggest chasing explosion I've seen. Just - amazing.

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@panvixyl: I remember my most memorable moment playing pokemon was when I found articuno in red or blue. Doing so was simply amazing to me, cause I didn't use any guides or anything like that, so going into a cave and finding an articuno was just. WOW.

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@themanwithnoplan: That's always really cool. I remember me and my younger brother spent the better half of a week grinding in monster hunter 2 for the PSP so we could get good gear to beat a dragon. After beating the thing, it felt awesome. Its the whole experience that made that moment cool.

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@jacdg: Oh I have a lot of those memories. It reminds me of when I was a kid and I spent the better half of the morning with that morning orange sun gleaming through the window while riding Epona in the legend of zelda OoT.

I'm just fascinated by this kind of stories.

Any more Giant Bombers?

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@harlechquinn: Yes!!!! That's what I'm talking about. That perfect video game moment that others will call cool but they wont be able to appreciate how great it actually was when it happened 8 )

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@herbiebug: Is it part of a series? Sounds cool 8 )

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@cheappoison: I'll look those up sounds like a good option. Thanks 8 )

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What is Your perfect video game moment / memory? That moment that you can hardly expect others to understand but makes them think back on their own memories to find their own perfect gaming moment.

There's just a bunch of moments for me, but when I think back to it and try to think of a cool, zen, mine and only mine gaming moment, the most recent memory that comes to mind is driving around in the desert in GTA San Andres while listening to the song A horse with no name. That was just completely and utterly relaxing. Just driving, not thinking about family, school or life's issues.