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Not big on the necros but stumbled upon this thread by accident on google.

Thanks a lot @thebunnyhunter grouvee was exactly what I was looking for!

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I personally do not care what gender or sexual preference the next person to join the crew is. Being a woman, a men, interested in men, woman or both, black, white, brown, half bown, theses things don't matter to me. What I care about is having a wonderful new person joining the crew who will fit well with Giant Bomb as a whole. While i was skeptic at first with the addition of Dan, I've become quite fond of him and Jeff has proven to me that he knows who to get.

All i care about is that we get a kickass new human being. No matter what or who they are, no one should be getting preferencial treatment based on their gender of sexual orientation, and never just for the sake of diversity.

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Added you ! My PSN is Narxivias if you ever are looking into stuff, I just got into the dlc myself earlier yesterday.

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Send an invite to East 2!

PSN: Narxivias

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Started another playthrough of MGS thanks to Dan! Keep it up man!

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As a yearly subscriber I did. I like to think it will be used to figure out what the viewer base enjoys generally and/or figure out why people come to Giantbomb.

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Feature seem to exists in the GiantBomb video buddy app! Surely it would be possible to do it site wise?

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Nice way to honor him and make my clients go whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Thanks duder!

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Thanks for that Patrick, tonight I'll raise my glass to both Ryan and your dad.