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Feature seem to exists in the GiantBomb video buddy app! Surely it would be possible to do it site wise?

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Nice way to honor him and make my clients go whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Thanks duder!

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Thanks for that Patrick, tonight I'll raise my glass to both Ryan and your dad.

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Welcome to both of you!

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@solh0und said:

So have any early adopters get this yet? If any of you have, how is it?

We actually have received a copy on the blog I manage but there is an embargo that lifts on Tuesday so...

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Quebec City, Quebec, Canada!

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I currently run myself a french video games blog all the way in Quebec City! My english is pretty good tough so send me a PM if your looking for a canadian correspondant!

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Watching Trump is a good idea! Make sure to check his series where he gets to legendary without spending any money. I've been using his decks as a sort of base to build upon.

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Clearly the man has other ideas in mind, maybe so should you!

If you are around college age, that means you have a lot of years ahead of you to meet wonderful people that would probably care a lot about you more than this guy does.

No matter what people will say, it's your decision in the end. In my case, I'd break his plans by ending the relationship now. It just feel's like he's trying to get what he wants before bailing out.