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I don't go on Anandtech often but when I do the articles and reviews are always extremely thorough and in-depth. Happy retirement to guy who made it happen,

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I first played MGS back in '98 so I will always prefer the original. In Twin Snake's defense, though, it was kinda cool at the time after just having seen The Matrix (back when every single piece of media was copying it). I never took TS too seriously though, for me it's like a silly remix going back to the original game with MGS2 controls. I don't mind the changes because 1) it will never replace the original and 2) it's a pretty clear celebration of it.

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Too many. Chrono, Shenmue, Suikoden, SaGa, Skies of Arcadia, PSO, Phantasy Star (offline), Bushido Blade, The Last Blade, Head Hunter, Secret of Mana (not mobile shit), Zone of the Enders, Diddy Kong Racing, Vagrant Story, F-Zero, Grandia, Castlevania 2D to name a few.

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Geaux Tigers. That is all.

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Eh, whatever. I bought the zelda 3dsxl last year and I don't use it too often so I'm not in the market for an upgrade anytime soon. After Persona Q comes out it will go back to gathering dust.

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I used my Xbox One a lot more than my PS4 the first half of this year because of the exclusives on it. For the next 6 months, I foresee using my PS4 a lot more than the One.

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Congrats Vinny and family!

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@edsone said:
@vikingrk said:

Classic Rock isn't a genre, it's a radio format. It's pretty much only defined by whoever programs the major Classic Rock stations.

That's how I see it too. It also cover a broad range of genres if you think about it.

Exactly. Also, I feel like classic rock stations only put 90s stuff in the mix because there aren't any real contemporary "rock" stations anymore. At least where I live, it's either Pop, Country, Hip-Hop, or Classic Rock.

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Seems alright considering most EA games don't have much life after their release window anyway, especially multiplayer games that get shut off every couple years. The real problem is their current Xbox One lineup is garbage.

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Some Xbox One codes. Enjoy for the next 2 days:

Xbox One (Global)YPTC9-PXGQ3-7DGR2-QJRV3-694JZ