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I remember really liking this game as a kid. Don't remember any of the details now though, it's all part of a late 90s JRPG blur.

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Finally saw the race yesterday. The new engine sounds indeed take some getting used to. F1 basically now sounds the way IndyCar has been sounding the past few years. But the racing itself is no doubt more exciting than the previous years so I suppose it's a net win. Hard to reconcile that with the "this should be the most technologically advanced machine possible" thought though.

To those of you who attended the race, can you really hear tire squeal and wastegate dumps now? Because I keep seeing people in various forums say these things but I didn't hear them on the broadcast.

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@gaspower said:

I actually love the bit when he was talking about the PS3 dev kits and that time when he worked with Adam Boyes. The way he trash talks is HILARIOUS.

His trash talking was easily the best part of the whole bombcast this week.

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Mikami, Inafune, and now Igarashi. Seems like this is the story now days- prominent Japanese developers leaving their employee of many years to either join another company or start their own thing. I wonder what that means for the state of the industry in Japan- is it a sign that things aren't so hot or is it a sign of health? I'm think indie development is a good thing and great games continue to come from that part of the business. I think people also just get tired of making what their company wants to make and not give them to freedom to make what they want.

Definitely a sign of health. The top talent behind all these fan-favorite games are ditching the Japanese corporate tradition and striking out on their own. They can work on their dream projects and the big companies will be forced to promote new talent and innovate or get left behind. Or keep making phone games for the domestic market, whatever.

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@ntm: I didn't know they stopped it. Last time I checked (a week ago?) it was still discounted. That's kinda crappy if it was only temporary, I had assumed it was a permanent drop.

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Actually, it's been discounted to $40 one the Xbone store. But no, you still shouldn't buy it.

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Personally I love the silly humor in these games, it's very nostalgic to me for some reason. Like watching happy-go-lucky Dragonball before the overly serious Z.

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I don't think it breaks the game but yeah, all the streetpass stuff is pretty lame. Also, I think requiring your friend to manually update their streetpass data for the summons really breaks that system. Why not just have it refresh every 24 hours or something?

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I recently got a 3DS about a month ago so I just went through this same process/

1. Yes

2. I'd also go with Mario

3. Most (if not all) games are available for download on the store (Zelda, Bravely, and Fire Emblem all def are)

4. You can upgrade all the way up to a 32gb card. From what I understand that nets you around 200k blocks, most games are around 4k blocks.

5. Fire Emblem, Snake Eater 3D, any DS games you might be interested in