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Great month. I wish I still had my PS3 for Yakuza 4. I've been wanting to check out Transistor and Apotheon, too.

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What? There is absolutely no similarity between James Bond and MGS3 aside from both characters being spies during the cold war. Even so, Snake's brand of spying is more of the spec-ops variety, like a one-man Navy Seal team.

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Are you a regular listener? They always say a word or phrase in Japanese when talking about various things. Or are you one of those people that says "Wow, you speak [x language]? Say something!"?

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Yep, mostly done with digital and made to look old through post processing. Sometimes you can tell bc the "fake" old stuff looks too clean compared to actual film, despite all the tricks.

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Nice! Nothing is better than the look of utter desolation upon Jeff's face during a thrilling match of Mario Party.

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I'm surprised it's not on mobile.

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Get ready to bust your ass. Your first priority should be figuring out what you actually want to do with your life. What are your hobbies? What do you enjoy doing? Can you make a career out of it? Unless you have parents who don't mind you moving back in with them, once you graduate you will have to take whatever job you can land. Try to use any connections you might have to get one. Remember, it usually not what you know but who you know.Also, grad school might be a good option for you. I originally wanted to go to law school but realized what a terrible idea that is after graduating. Now I'm going back to school for computer science and am pretty happy about it. It's not the end of the world but it won't be easy. Time to hustle.

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I didn't know about the bsaa costumes either. Is it just a costume change or is the character model the RE5 'roid rage Chris Redfield? That game kind of ruined these characters for me. It's so nice to go back to this one that is, compared to RE 5, pretty sensible.

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Just finished it. As an inFamous 1 and 2 fan, my main problem with this game (and possibly with Second Son, by extension) is simply that the combat abilities are not very fun. Force field+shoot weak points ad nauseam is terrible. The whole concept of having to shoot weak points is terrible. I mean, sure, it makes sense for the DUP to be armored up or something necessitating you shoot at specific body parts but ordinary gang members? Makes no sense and serves only to make the combat more tedious. Cole had missiles, grenades, a shield, and all sorts of powers that you could employ. I went down the infamous upgrade path in the first two games: the destructive abilities were more enjoyable for me than the containment ones. In First Light, you get no such choice. You play, ostensibly, a "good" character but have no choice but to kill in the end. The game literally says Abigail has become a killer. Never mind the dozens of people you've been killing throughout the game.

I think a telling moment of this game is near the end where you have to go on a city-wide rampage to distract the police, but all you can really do is blow up some cars. Cars that, let's remember, have people inside them. Wasn't the whole point that she refused to kill? I don't know. I'm sort of ranting at this point but the game just seemed really weak to me. As a final aside, I'm getting quite tired of playing the good, naive character archetype. Why are the heroes incapable of putting together a coherent thought? Why are only the bad guys allowed to be intelligent and have actual plans in place to help them work towards their goals?

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@kanerobot: Followed by the game plan for Saturday: