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@jeffrola: GB is a great community full of reasonable people as long as you're not making even the mildest critique of the crew. They're almost deified by some around here. It used to be way worse back in the day.

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@sammo21: The enemy AI and behaviors in Halo are far superior to anything jn Destiny. I don't get all the praise for the base mechanics either.

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Besides the city dog pounds there are tons of specific-breed rescue groups in every city. For example if you want an english bulldog google: english bulldog rescue [your city]. Good luck!

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I saw it with the GF, we laughed our asses off. It's not as funny as This Is The End but funnier than Neighbors. The first half had some pacing problems/lame jokes but it really starts to shine once they get to N. Korea. After watching it, it's kinda hard to believe North Korea tried to suppress such an innocently dumb movie.

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"Huh? What was that noise?"


"It's just a chicken."

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Pretty much everything you need to know about Peace Walker is summed up in a briefing in Ground Zeroes.

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@bigjeffrey: really? I've had the complete opposite experience with the beta. Also, not having played Halo since ODST I'm not sure I like the direction it's going in.

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I think it's only for people in your VIP list.

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@tuxfool: I don't know, giving you options and trying to take over your living room are two different things in my opinion. Also unless you're really strapped for cash, in which case you probably shouldn't be spending money on a video game console anyway, then I don't see why anyone would buy the XB1 without the Kinect. Even if you don't want to play Kinect games it does seem like it's part of the package.

I have one without the Kinect, before the UI update it was pretty nightmarish to get around the system but they fixed most of that, now if only the settings menu wasn't hard to get to/not complete shit.

But honestly I could care less the Kinect just isn't very good. And yes I was strapped for cash but I'd rather spend that 100 bucks on a game and lunch.

How to get to the settings menu:

1. Press menu button (start button)

2. Scroll down to "Settings"

3. Press A

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Basic geometry lol. You know there are like entire websites devoted to math, right?