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@fitzgerald said:

Ugh, God. That last line in tonights episode...

"These contracts... signatures all over 'em."

Yeah, that's how they work.

God, this piss-poor writing this season.

I'm seeing a lot of hate for that line, but I have zero problem with it. He's expressing excitement for the hard evidence they just found, not surprise.

I get what they meant with that line but it still comes off as silly. It would've worked better as "We've got a lot of signatures on these contracts" or "These contracts...this links us to a lot of people" or something. But don't worry, the worst line of the show goes to VV as usual: "He never wanted anything but that was for his family". Are we supposed to believe that a gangster would speak with such eloquent, poetic phrasing? Gimme a freakin' break.

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Wait, why not have young Arnold in the game instead?

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Only 1,400 light-years away!

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I never finished KOTOR II because it seemed too similar to the first one. Maybe I'll finally play it now.

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Late to the party here, @n7, but I just finished the game and I think you nailed it on all counts. The Jason Todd reveal was astoundingly obvious to any Batman fan with even a passing knowledge of the comics. The boss fights were either non-existent or batmobile centric, one area in which it falls way, way short of Arkham City.

Also, can we all agree that scarecrow is super lame and does not have the necessary gravitas to be the main villain? I could not take him seriously at all and really hurt my perception of the story. I think Nolan got it right in the movies by making him a pawn in Begins, and reducing him to a cameo in TDK. Not a mastermind plotter of Batman's downfall complete to every last detail and variable.

The sidequests are numerous, lazy, and ultimately forgettable. The fact that they don't give you a marker the majority of the time until you get intel somehow (go fly around the city and listen for criminal chatter where they mention a firefighter! fun!) is infuriating. And that ending, oh man. It's like they ran out of money, ideas, time, or all three.

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Thanks for playing Emma, her character seemed the most like an actual person out of all that wonderful silliness. Hope you all are enjoying a little GB sales bump.

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Makes sense. Unless he was interested in an executive position, which it seems he isn't, he had pretty much hit the ceiling at Gamespot. Good luck with whatever you plan next KVO, you were one of the best in the biz.

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@contradictionvg: I'm buying this as soon as I finish Batman. Any chance for an iPhone version?

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Count me in.