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I'm gonna go opposite here and say get a new XL. The new 3ds has no release date announced outside of Japan. So probably we're looking at either a Spring 2015 or Holiday 2015 launch. Either one is sufficiently far away to get your money's worth out of an XL, especially if you're gonna be playing a ton of games on it this holiday like long ass RPGs. You can always sell your XL later and consider the price difference your "upgrade fee". Honestly though, the new 3ds doesn't scream must have to me. Doubt devs will use the extra horsepower for much.

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The Vex are architects of ancient and complex structures thought to be buried within every celestial body. Linked by a network unlike any on Earth, they operate in unison, directed by a single unfathomable purpose.

This is mind-numbingly stupid. Really, "buried" within every single planet, star, comet, asteroid, moon, black hole, quasar, nebulae, star clusters in, what, the solar system? The galaxy? The universe? What garbage, throw-away writing.

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Most games journalism is based in California, and increasingly, New York City. In the post-objectivist era that most major gaming publications/websites operate in, writers need to distinguish themselves by saying something about the games they cover besides facts like frame rate, resolution, etc, tying back into cultural/art/social issues. Liberal writers write liberal articles. Not all segments of the gaming community agree with said viewpoints or simply dislike the politicalization of video games, making them feel underrepresented.

Well, I think a few people galzanized the many people who wanted to talk about this, so a dialogue really started. But some of those galvanizers didn't do it in the best way and ruffled the feathers of a lot of people who were largely comfortable with how things were, so those people started getting super pissy and offensive. Then a giant internet war broke out and everyone depressed me. Why can't we have games where women are awesome and kick ass and immature games where they don't at the same time? Not every game is made for the same audience, just like not every movie is for the same audience. You can enjoy something immature and childish without being a bad person. Especially when it's fiction.

I think the pseudo-intellectuals in the press annoy me more than the general public. They should know better. They should be professionals. They should know it's not a zero sum game. Like you said, there can be games with strong female characters (Portal) and there can be games where you save the damsel in distress (Mario). As if General Motors should stop making Corvettes just because some people don't like sports cars and would rather drive Priuses. It all comes off as a very childish, naive worldview and I can't take them seriously.

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Brad's not fooling anyone with that cop stache.

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Good on him, I would do exactly the same thing. In fact, I would've done it sooner. But please don't say things like "I'm right there struggling with you." I bet you a billion dollars you are not.

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I cancelled my preorder which I wouldn't exactly say I'm happy about (in a perfect world it would've been a much better game). But I am satisfied with my decision.

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I'm more hopeful for Alien: Isolation but I'm not yet sold on either.

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Glad you enjoyed it, although I disagree with the assertion that VII's plot is as opaque as XIII's. The music is some of Uematsu's best work too.

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Great preview. I was on the edge of buying Destiny, but hearing that the story and narrative is just a bunch of Bungie mumbo-jumbo is very disappointing.

I said this elsewhere, but...are people really buying Destiny for the story? Really? That just seems silly to me.

Quoting for the really hard core truth. This game is stupidly fun especially with friends. There is some more story exposition but it doesn't really do anything interesting until Venus. That said who cares? Some games you play for the great narrative and plot, some games it is just there but it isn't the focus. Destiny is one of the latter, it is about joining up with friends, having fun, and enjoying the gameplay/challenge of the missions and different enemies. Some of which are crazy tough to beat.

Uhh.... maybe because they were selling the story hard throughout the whole preview process?

"We like to tell big stories and we want people to put the Destiny universe on the same shelf they put Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars."

Read that again. "We like to tell big stories and we want people to put the Destiny universe on the same shelf they put Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars."

That's why people bought it for the story. They hyped it so fucking much since the announcement, leading people to believe they were going to get something incredible.

I remember them saying this too. Crazy. Makes you wonder if they are holding some huge story stuff for DLC/the sequel or were they really just talking out of their asses? Either way it's insanely disingenuous.

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Oh, is this a math game?