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I see myself buying one month of access maybe next summer and tearing through some last-gen games I missed.

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It looks great. Glad that worked out for you.

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Scalping doesn't bother me. The economy is still recovering and I don't begrudge someone trying to turn a profit on the side. The are far more insidious business practices going on at the big corporations and major banks for me to care about someone who didn't bother to preorder a 3DS and now decides they need it so badly that they are willing to pay an extra 100 bucks for it. Hell I bought two PS4s at launch, with no intention of flipping them, but ended up selling one anyway when I was offered $600 for it. Easy money, too good to pass up.

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Some areas have more interesting side content than others. For example I really enjoyed kicking Venatori ass in the western approach. The exalted plains, on the other hand, was a total snooze. Try to find the side quests that are interesting to you and ignore the others. Power isn't really a big deal; at one point I had like 80 power saved up.

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Mmmm dat Ford GT.

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I played 91 hours on my first playthrough. I'm glad I saved this game for the holiday break.

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I hope not.

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If you can look past the dated aesthetics, I prefer The Original Series. Can't beat the chemistry between Kirk, Spock, and Bones. Some episodes are just monster-of-the-week type of affairs but many are also surprisingly philosophical in nature. The entire show is on netflix but a lot of episodes are on youtube as well.

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@traneboy said:

@nasar7: Yeah, because i've already done so 100 times....oh wait.

100? Wow. Congratulations, you've read every book in the world.

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You should probably stop watching anime. Read a book.