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@kalmia64: They've built monuments to that triumphant feeling

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I sit, but sometimes I use my Freshette when I'm camping.

Haha that link is great. But why bother when camping? You could just, uh, let 'er rip.

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No, but I don't have a desktop pc in my house. Although I probably wouldn't bother anyway.

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You can't get rid of the applicants' names.

You absolutely can. Create a program that assigns all applicants a number then at the end of the process translates the number back into a name. It's actually the EASIEST part of that whole process

Yeah, but to what end? Gender and race/ethnicity are eventually apparent at the interview stage. Unless you think the entire hiring process should be done by computers tabulating data.

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I dislike meeting other people with the same name. Feels weird to call someone else my name.

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Maybe we're chicken-or-egging it here, but I think as long as there's an imbalance of power and representation among groups of people, different races will always get different treatment, whether positive or negative, intentional or unintentional. We have to find a way to correct that imbalance first, and I think silence isn't the right way of handling that since silence is what propagated the issue in the first place.

Silence and willful ignorance are completely different things. Segregation and police sanctioned racial violence are not "silence", they are active ignorance. Also my "silence" includes attempting to overhaul hiring practices in order to remove the racial identity of applicants out of the entire application process. This would eradicate institutionalized racism and allow for organic diversity rather than artificial diversity

You can't get rid of the applicants' names.

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Again, I hope this doesn't get lost in the shuffle, but I have a recommendation on how we could help make the site for inclusive. An easy way to do that would be to come up with a better name for community members other than "duders." I am not really sure on its origins here on the site, but I think avoiding the use of the term duder to refer to the community would be an easy way to help make the site more inclusive.

Also, if anyone would like to refer me to the origin of using duder (podcast/quicklook?), I'd appreciate it.

And, yes, I have seen the Big Lebowski.

It's an old whiskey media thing. Jeff and Dave I think were the ones to use it and it just stuck. Google "hardcore duder" if you haven't seen the old shirt design. Those were the best times. Also, I always thought it stuck because it was inherently inclusive. A girl can be a duder. Duderette?

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One of my fears is if Giant Bomb decides to publicly talk about the applicants' demographics, and it's revealed that little to no minorities or women applied, some people will say "See! We were right." They will casually ignore that the tone and atmosphere created by some (vocal) people in this community might keep minorities and women from applying in the first place.

I'm a minortiy, 100 percent hispanic first generation American (just to give an example my father was born in the Dominican Republic). I applied to work at Giant Bomb as a producer and I must say I was incredibly qualified as I've worked in television as a producer on things WAY bigger than Giant Bomb for a few years now. While Drew and Vinny were going to E3 I was producing content at the GRAMMYs (not diminishing their work of course!). Only reason I applied to GB is because I love the guys there even though it may be a "step down" from big time television. All that said, and despite my really good resume/reel I knew I had no shot...I KNEW someone from the inner circle of game journos would get the job. Why did I apply then? Because for a second I thought Jeff really wanted FRESH BLOOD, I really thought he meant it. Kind of like when they make a new Superman movie and they ask people what do they want an established star or a fresh face...lots of times people ask for a fresh face which is why Brandon Routh and Henry Cavill got those roles. Sometimes you just want someone new and I thought maybe that's what Giant Bomb was looking for. I have no ill will towards the new hires, I actually quite like Dan Ryckert...but I still find Giant Bomb comes off badly making this hire out to be more than it was every going to be. They should've just hired Dan and Jason and never made their hiring practices public on the forums....I doubt this would be happening if they just did this like when they hired Patrick (even though he got his fair share of hate, it wasn't for this reason).

If you came across as being this condescending in your resume, I can see why they wouldn't have considered you. Or, they could have simply considered you overqualified.

Condescending? How could you even make a claim about a resume you never saw? Overqualified? I thought people were arguing that they wanted applicants with lots of experience. Which is it?

I make the claim based on what he wrote in his own damn post. Seriously, read it. If "I must say I was incredibly qualified as I've worked in television as a producer on things WAY bigger than Giant Bomb" doesn't come off as condescending, even if it wasn't intentional, I really don't know what to say. Fuck, look at

"Only reason I applied to GB is because I love the guys there even though it may be a "step down" from big time television."

That makes it sound like he was trying to do an act of fucking charity.

It's not that hard to understand what he was saying duder. He's saying he was willing to take a job that pays less for the opportunity to work along side people he respects and admires. That is hardly condescending.

Also, let's be realistic here. Television work is way more prestigious in the real world than a niche videogame website. It might've even impacted his career negatively.

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My girlfriend got me into New Girl. It's fun because the characters are likable and the actors have good chemistry. The comedy isn't forced either. Zooey D does the same typecast cute indie hipster chick thing she always does, though in a more charming way than something like 500 days of summer, where I thought she was just plain infuriating.

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@freewriter55: I agree wholeheartedly. Not that it was a bad hiring decision, but it was the safe, boring decision. Certainly Patrick, being the intelligent and socially conscious guy he is, was aware of this missed opportunity. Not saying that he has the power to affect hiring decisions.

I'm torn. On the one hand, I find Samantha Allen's tweet so heartbreaking: "...I'm through believing in 'good guys'." She is clearly very hurt, and this hurt only arises from a betrayal of trust. Clearly she held GB in high regard. Only to find out that GB is part of "The Man". On the other hand, it's embarrassingly immature. That said, I don't want Dan or Jason to feel unwelcome in their now roles. I'm sure they will be a great addition to the site. The ideal scenario I suppose would be to hire some fresh perspectives in a second round of hiring sometime soon.

But this is all a smokescreen, guys. The real deal is now Vinny, Alex, and Robyn at GBeast! The true Giant Bomb starts here.