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Great preview. I was on the edge of buying Destiny, but hearing that the story and narrative is just a bunch of Bungie mumbo-jumbo is very disappointing.

I said this elsewhere, but...are people really buying Destiny for the story? Really? That just seems silly to me.

Quoting for the really hard core truth. This game is stupidly fun especially with friends. There is some more story exposition but it doesn't really do anything interesting until Venus. That said who cares? Some games you play for the great narrative and plot, some games it is just there but it isn't the focus. Destiny is one of the latter, it is about joining up with friends, having fun, and enjoying the gameplay/challenge of the missions and different enemies. Some of which are crazy tough to beat.

Uhh.... maybe because they were selling the story hard throughout the whole preview process?

"We like to tell big stories and we want people to put the Destiny universe on the same shelf they put Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars."

Read that again. "We like to tell big stories and we want people to put the Destiny universe on the same shelf they put Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter or Star Wars."

That's why people bought it for the story. They hyped it so fucking much since the announcement, leading people to believe they were going to get something incredible.

I remember them saying this too. Crazy. Makes you wonder if they are holding some huge story stuff for DLC/the sequel or were they really just talking out of their asses? Either way it's insanely disingenuous.

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Oh, is this a math game?

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@jarmahead: The reviews are reviewing what's available to people when the game launches. I think that's fair enough for the sites to do. If Bungie/Activision want people to buy their game week one, the reviews should review what content is available. It's all well and good saying that in another week or two more content will be added to the game, but look at Alex's review on NHL 15. It's missing a ton of features which the devs/publisher are saying will come for free down the line, but if they're not ready at the time of review then they can't be accounted towards a score or impression.

Well, there are far different expectation given to day 1 content in a persistent online game and an annual sports game. It's common practice for MMO reviews to be held back weeks after official launch in order to put end game content and the full breadth of the experience in the proper context. Destiny isn't a full fledged MMO, but it's got enough of those elements that a "day 1 review" isn't ideal.

Yeah, but a review isn't simply a thought exercise. It needs to be useful, right? After a certain amount of time a written review ceases to be useful, especially from the business standpoint of the reviewing organization. That's why there's no Persona 4 or Red Dead Redemption reviews on the site, among other big games the crew played and declined to review after the fact.

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Don't forget to download Super Time Force for free this month if you're into that.

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Was it...hidden DLC content we will pay for but not see for weeks? I hope not.

Considering the two expansion DLCs are up on the store at 9.5 MB each....yeah.

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I just watched the final boss video on gamespot and yeah, it looks terrible.

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The Duck Hunt dog has a bootleg Banjo-Kazooie alt. Sold.

That is fuckin' amazin'

Game of the Year.

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@afabs515: Not only a lack of significant characters but a lack of significant enemies too. The Darkness, the Fallen, the Hive, the Vex, who cares? They are just things in your way to the next waypoint. How can there be no central antagonist(s) in a game like this?

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This is good to hear, especially about the movement speed and flow. Brawl never felt right to me in that regard.

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and a 5.5-inch phone being called the iPhone 6 Plus.

Being sold exclusively through lane bryant.