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Yesss, sign me up for Giant Bomb East office!

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Isn't the Canadian dollar awful, resulting in these price raises??

It is "weaker" than the USD but in no way awful. Right now $1 CAD is worth $0.92 USD, so it is only 8 cents weaker.

Yeah the cost of living in general is higher than the US, one of the reasons why most places in Canada also have a higher minimum wage. The $10 price hike sucks but really isn't that bad, especially if you buy digital cause it isn't taxed.

Or is the cost of living higher because the minimum wage is higher? That's what economics would argue.

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Finally, a reliable source for fake passport of Vatican City.

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It can be rewarding but it's usually not done well enough so I'd say that, in general, I prefer one satisfying ending rather than 5 shallow ones (of which one will inevitably be picked as the 'canon' ending anyway for sequel purposes).

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Sure, I will play a new Halo on the new Xbox, for old times' sake.

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Only bad investors ask those questions. Granted, there are a lot of them.

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Nope, it looks very mediocre.

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I'll expound a bit more on what I said although I usually don't engage in these conversations. I find discussions on philosophy and metaphysics very tiresome. Basically, you are not the first person to think these things; the Greeks recorded their thoughts on the matter over 2000 years ago and humanity has surely contemplated the meaning of life long before that. Some might say you are having an existential moment. They are wrong. The point of existentialism is not in the "oh no I'm forever alone life is pointless" phase, but in the realization that you must rely on yourself. If you want your life to have meaning you gotta go out and create that meaning for yourself. No one else can do that for you. I don't agree with all of it but personally I find this aspect of existentialism to be a profoundly empowering and optimistic philosophy.

Sorry for format I'm on my phone.

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You say religion is BS but also want there to be a deeper meaning to your life. Can't have it both ways.

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I think our generation of 20 something's that grew up in that Final Fantasy 7 hey-day are in a weird place where we don't realize that JRPG's are more of a niche in the western world overall than we would like to believe. They aren't dead and they never were, but aside from a few select games they don't, as a genre, penetrate the mass consciousness.

I thought about this when reading that thread about a lack of young people knowing about JRPG's.

You're right and as a niche genre I wouldn't mind a drop in quantity of RPGs compared to the 90s golden era (when everyone and their mom was putting out RPGs), but the drop in quality is a real bummer. Are jrpgs dead? No. But they are in decline.