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That's how I operate. I only play one game at a time and I only buy games I absolutely want to play. This means I only buy 3-7 games in any given year. I also don't use steam, so no steam sale temptation there. In a way you could say I'm just as selective as you, just I make that call before I spend my money.

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Not terrible but yeah, pretty bland.

Bland! That's the right word for it. Like they pulled it out of the same hat everyone else uses for their lame-ass subtitles.

Right, like it's been focus tested to be as inoffensive as possible, yet lacking any panache.

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Not terrible but yeah, pretty bland.

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Is there gonna be a midnight showing? I will go to that.

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Rented the new Godzilla last week from Redbox...very underwhelming. I'd give it a 2/5.

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Anything that gets more people to play VC is fine by me.

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Highest Hopes - FFXV ( I hope it is good and can "save" the series)

Most Excited For - Persona 5 (I personally want to play this game more than any other announced RPG)

I can't wait to play Bloodborne but it's not really a JRPG.

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Not really. I just finished Shadow of Mordor last week and I'm not too hyped about anything coming out this holiday. Maybe I'll get the Master Chief Collection. If not, I likely won't play another game until Bloodborne.