World of Warcraft references and other stuff i discovered myself.

This is a blog about the weird pop references ( and other stuff)  included in world of warcraft. The list would be endless so im gonna report the ones i found myself.
In Scholazar Basin there is a small piece of land inside a land with a hatch on it. You cant interact with it in any way and its not the subject of any quest in the area but if you point the mouse over it you will see the numbers of LOST +1. 
The mounts blood elves use are modeled after chocobos. Also a hair option for blood elves is the exact hairstyle of Sephiroth from FF VII.
The alliance workers that are lumbering wood in azuremyst island are the exact model of the human building unit in warcraft 3. They have the same voices as in warcraft 3 aswell. This is especially weird considering that before the first expansion there wasnt anything resembling them. 
There is a priest talent  in the Holy tree that allows them to take an angel-like form for 30 seconds after dieing allowing only healing spells . The tooltip says : You have grown more powerful than anyone can possibly imagine. This is something said by Obi-Wan in the original trilogy of Star Wars.
The raid boss C' Thun is named after the Lovecraftian old god Cthulhu.
 Most villains in Warcraft Lore began as heroes but went insane at some point. Most notable examples are Arthas, Illidan and Kael' thas. 
Night elves have no male guards while blood elves have no female guards.
There is a low level ring called : The one Ring. A reference to Lord of the Rings. At some point i found out ( cant remember how) that there is another ring called The 2 Ring.  It says 'better than the 1 ring' . Both rings can be used by players and have nothing intersting apart from being useful for low-level players.
There is a huge eye in Icecrown. It is on top of a tower just like the eye of Sauron. Another referance to LOTR. 
The last boss of the Ulduar raid is Ygg-Saron. Ygg-Saron like C' Thun is named after a Lovecraftian  god. He also shares the same traits (madness). The original god's name was Yog-Sothoth. 
If you go to the Caverns of Time instance called Old Hilsbrad you will find an area you can explore by your own that is basically the town of Southshore and the surrounding area. There you will find intersting characters. Kel' Thuzad, second to the Lich King appears, still human as member of the Kirin Tor after having contacted the Lich King (Ner' zul). This instance is set 7 years to the past, before even the events of Warcraft 3. Nathanos Blightcaller, a Horde undead quest giver in the Eastern Plaguelands and target of an alliance quest (his death specifically) appears as a human named Nathanos Marris. A fisherman tells his weird dreams to his friend and mentor. 
He sees Tarren Mill lost to the alliance, death, war,  undead walking around.... Basically in his dreams you understand that he has seen the future.
Kel' Thuzad has been killed 3 times and ressurected twice following his first two deaths. ( One in Warcraft 3, one in the original naxxramas) 
The Scarlet Crusade. ( abit spoilers here) Even though they oppose all undead and eventually everyone that is not withing their own ranks, they still have death knights in their ranks, which are essentially undead. The scarlet crusade's 2 leaders have BOTH been possessed by demons. The Scarlet Crusade leader was possessed by Balnazzar and the Scarlet Onslaught Admiral was possessed by Mal' Ganis. In general all lore conserning the scarlet crusade is plain weird, especially their open hostility to even members of the alliance. 
More to be added at some point in the future.
In Marshal's Refuge in Un'goro Crater are three characters that reference Nintendo characters:  Larion, Muigin, Linken.  Linken's epic quest starts in Un'goro too.  One of the final rewards is Linken's Boomerang. 
 Adam Eternum in Shattrath city is a reference to Adam (He-Man).  He is standing beside a "Battle Tiger" which is Battle Cat and a little gnome with a pointy hat which is supposed to reference Orko.     
In the sewers in Dalaran there is a rat surrounded by four turtles, so TMNT. 
I got another one! There are 2 scarlet crusade NPCs called Brother Crowley and Brother Anton. References to Alistair Crowley and Anton La Vey


Adventure, Horror and H.P. Lovecraft

 There's something captivating about an adventure game. While they have been in a decline for years ( as was the case of good old CRPGs) a few of them like the Monkey Island series continue to keep going. This particular series is a perfect example of a humorous adventure. And even though im too young to remember the time when PC adventure games were popular, i never believed adventure games would be made for a console.  

However i realised that there is a rather disturbing lack of adventure horror games. The only thing that comes to mind are the penumbra series, at least overture and black plague.
These games even though they were budget titles they had their charm. When people hear budget title now, thanks to GB partially, they think of deadly premonition so i should say these 2 games were the complete opposite in terms of 'drawbacks'. Really short for one. Even though they cost something like 20 bucks they would last a good 6-7 hours, with obviously zero replay value. So most people stayed away from these games.     

Then there was this.

 Now this game attracted some attention. First of all it had the bad luck to come out some time after half life 2.  Graphic comparisons were made and well this game didnt fair too well compared to the kickass fps.
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth was a first person shooter / adventure, with a great atmosphere. The story of the game was great. It was based on the Shadow over Innsmouth novel by Lovecraft but there were some changes in the backstory / ending (which was based on another short story which i wont reveal for possible spoilers). These changes were great and fitted the game.
However the biggest problem with the game was the shooting. I really cant remember how was the AI bit it couldnt have been too great. Most of the time you just wanted to delve to another catacomb to find something terrifyingly forbidden that would make you shit your pants. At least there was a really basic stealth mechanic, which could be used to avoid some battles, which was your best chance anyways. This game was scary,  and not the 'huge mosters with tentacles wants to chop my head off, scary'. There was gore but it would be scarse making you 3 times more scary than if it would happen under other circumstances,
5 years have passed and nothing that resembles this game has appeared. How would a game based on 'The case of Charles Dexter Ward' be?  Discovering letters and reading journals of someone that died 200 years ago wouldnt make for a video game premise?  It would certainly fit an atmospheric adventure though, how many people are intersted in such a story? Especially one where no decisions would be made.  Personally i believe there is room in the market for something like that, but even though we may see something we can be sure that it will be another unappreciated/budget title. The question is thins: If a first person game based on these premises comes out do we want it to be a shooter? or an adventure? I wouldnt mind shooting if it involved puzzle solving but a case where you know 'this is the part where i fight' wouldnt feel right.  
It feels really weird knowing no major company made a game based on the Mythos apart from the aforemented one. I mean, how many people read these books? Certainly not enough for someone to say that it feels too familiar. Under the hands of an artist everything can feel different. How do you depict a shoggoth or something as tall as a mountain??
What form does the ''burning eye with the three lobes and balck wings'' take in a video game?   It would be great to witness something like that on a screen, espacially considering the fact there are no worthy movies about it. (Apart from the shit load of gore movies noone should ever watch)

I mean how do you put something like this in a video game? (thats the artist depiction of a Cthulhu Mythos figure)
Obviously if there is no vision on the part of the developers you dont. You go to your familiar grounds and make a game with 8 hours of repetitive campaign and Modern Warfare Multiplayer. OR you can go all crazy and shit and make something like Bioshock. It's up to the developers. 
Yea it may fail, and yes it wont be 'casual' and your girlfriend / roomate wont be able to 'pick up and play'.
 But hope is not lost. Demon Souls was gamespot's 2009 game of the year. This game came out of the blue and won a lot of awards. Just be being crazy and requiring you to do the same shit again and again. People liked it though because someone had a vision when making this.
And thats the reason Medal of Honor will fail.
Thats what i had to say, the text is big and its meant to be read in one go for maximum results. Also this is my first blog so comments are welcome. Unless you are a troll. In which case just wait for a while and you will get your own major city when Cataclysm comes out.
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