Console gaming parties and misinformed Aussie politicians!!!

This is my last weekend before I have to go back to work. =[

 During my holiday I haven’t have the chance to play many games although we did have a “console weekend” last Saturday, where I invited friends over for drinks (Jack Daniels, Canadian Club, Beer, etc) and to play some Tekken 5, NHL 08, NBA 2k8, MK2 and SSF2 HD Remix beta. 2v2 NHL is awesome fun drunk! This weekend I’m going to my buddy’s place for a BBQ and some games, I can’t wait to finally leave the house! Also I am very pumped for SC4, so far it looks AWESOME and can not wait to pick it up!

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Watch How Misinformed Aussie Politicians Are About Video Games:

Anyways, I was reading yesterday on about our Australian gamerating drama and it sure does suck to be one of us Aussies. I mentioned in one of my first blogs about Fallout 3 being banned here and this whole subject pisses me off so much.. ARRRGH!


The above snippet is taken from a relatively new ABC show called Q&A, which gives everyday people the chance to pose questions to politicians, journalists and the like. The latest episode saw the panel field a question about the lack of an R18+ rating for video games. The result... well, all I can say is wow. At this rate, we don't stand a chance. It goes for just over 7 mins.

Please note for more information and a very detailed email check out the Kotaku Article

Awesome Vid blog thing with funny stuff

Just a video blog but not of myself, just a few videos i found funny. I myself have done nothing at all today and most of lastnight except for play a bit of tekken 5 on the PS3.

The Gamers Lounge RPG  = lolollololol


Have some HARD NEWS!!!!


Counter-Strike For Kids!!!!!


And hot stuff!!!!!!!!



Ed Boon interview on Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe

My thoughts on MK vs DC and MK in general

I'm still unsure on this game personally.  I've been a massive MK fan ever since the original from when i was around 11 or 12. Mortal Kombat 1 to Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (or MKT) are awesome games to this date. I feel that when they went to MK4 and so on it just went downhill. Why did they have to go 3D? WHYYY? What i wished is that they took Capcom's Street Fighter 4 direction. Keeping it 2D with great graphics and extra gameplay elements.
Back when Deadly Alliance was announced I was so excited, but just like MK4 was burnt... Actually All of the 3D games have not lived up to expectations personally, don't get me wrong Deception and Armageddon are great games but they could have been so much better. I will end up getting it because I'm a fan but as i said I'm very unsure, that's just my personal opinion anyways....

Get to know Ed Boon

"If you need an introduction to who Ed Boon is you really are in the wrong place. Obviously one of the coolest things for me at this year's E3 was getting to spend 10 minutes with this video game icon. While I could fanboy out and talk to the guy for literally hours, I just tried to throw everything at him that I ever wanted to know about the MK series that could still be answered in a short time frame. I figure that if I was curious about it, chances are you are too. If you're a fan of video games at all you need to see what he has to say. The best part? He's a fan of ScrewAttack! No joke!"


Extra video - "Why is your game Awesome?"

Another great video from :) (very funny)



Hard news, achievements, AVGN ANNNND Keeley!!!!! (updated)

She lost her shirt :(


Keeley Hazel is amazing. This blog was going to be just about her but i ended up changing it incase it was inappropriate.
Nice high heels Keeley!
I'd really like to see some feedback on the pics and if i should bother to pursue blogging about something non game related. 
I'm unsure of the rules so here are some pics, enjoy! :)))

"Keeley has skyrocketed from a rebellious, trainee hairdresser to being crowned one of the World's Sexiest Women by FHM. Her career is globally covering the whole spectrum from brands to magazines to tabloids and broadsheets hence she is the face of Sony’s Playstation 3 Edition, Formula One 06 and has most recently lead the advertising campaign for Lynx Dark Temptation deodorant. She has graced the covers both nationally and internationally of Arena, FHM, Maxim, Loaded, ZOO and Nuts (to name but a few)"  

blah blah blah :)

Hard News

I'm pretty certain that most gamers are aware of and or the angry video game nerd. Anyway the guys at have got a daily show called “Hard News” At first I didn’t know what to expect from it, but in good old screwattack fashion, it’s extremely funny at times and becoming one of the reasons to view the site. Most episodes go for about 2 or so minutes and are highly recommended.


My Achievement Points

I’ve decided to finally work on my achievement points! I know, better late than never. Currently I’m on 9,011 and have been in the 7,000 to 8,000’s for around a year or so, only playing games for a few minutes then going back to the PC to fulfil my World of Warcraft addiction.(clean and sober for nearly a year woot). I’ve had my Xbox since 4 months after launch and it’s about time I start playing the older games in my collection.

Currently I’ve got 30ish games and 15 Xbox live arcade ones. To start it off I decided to knock off an easy one. Madden 06. I quickly got a few out of the way and am now working towards the easy but very long achievement, “Complete 30 Years of Franchise” Talk about dedication. Even though you are simulating all the games it takes for ages. Around 3 to 4 hours of nothing but siming but I’m nearly there. I think the last time I looked was in the year 2020. From there I was considering working on Hitman or Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter.

Please comment on what I should play, and also if i should post about non gaming stuff????

The Angry Video Game Nerd

The world famous nerd with his latest episode. 

Batman Part 1



Hossa got skillz
YES, finally the NHL 09 crew at EA have added the highly requested "be a pro" mode. It was announced several months ago and yesterday I saw a glimpse of the feature in video.

I myself haven’t completed a full non simulated NHL season since 99’s amazing game on the PS1. What would happen is that I’d gladly play a hand full of franchise games, usually around 3 months or so, then get bored playing versus the computer all the time with no real goal on the way. After the 3 or so months I would only play the game when friends came over, and ultimately my franchise would go from being neglected to nonexistent.  It wasn’t that it bored me but it felt like a chore, a grind. It became extremely repetitive and I was unable to find the motivation to keep on going.

My friends and I have been talking about a feature like this for years. It’s perfect for a simulation fan. You create a player (or use a current pro), get sent to the minors, work your way up the minors to an NHL team, maybe get traded, try to become captain, all-star, hall of famer, whatever. The options seem endless and from every blog post and article I read on this gametype it makes me want to play it more and more. I know I could go more in-depth with the feature and the actual game but since this is only a quick blog post I will try and keep it short and sweet. It’s not a preview just some of my thoughts on it and past NHL games.

As mentioned above, I haven’t played a full NHL season since the PS1’s NHL 99. What a fantastic game that was, back then I was living with 2 friends and we played a full 3 player season, 5 minute periods, 82 games & playoffs for all 3 of us, around 300 games give or take. I was the Philadelphia Flyers while my buddy’s used the Dallas Stars and the Colorado Avalanche. NHL 99 turned us into fans of the real NHL. We would watch what limited games we had on our Australian ESPN and enjoyed all aspects of it. Oh yes the good old days when you could play video games and watch TV all day and night without having any real responsibilities. Thinking back to those days I smile on how much fun a sports game can be and I am very hopeful that this game will turn out to be sports game of the year.

EA Sports NHL 09 - Be a Pro mode.



IPhone 3g and my monkey with super balls

Don't spank the monkey if you get to the goal
The hype made me buy it!
Yep, that’s right I got myself an iPhone last week. I’m one of those dirty people who buy apple products. (so all my PC fanboy friends tell me).

This isn’t going to be a blog about the iPhone 3g in general but about a game I purchased from the brand new Apple app store.  It won’t be a review as such, but just a general observation on what the game is like and my first impressions. I’m not going to try and make this a professional type blog, it’s just a quick overview of what I liked and disliked about it.

Super Monkey Ball

It’s from SEGA so of course it’s going to cost me something and I honestly felt that the purchase was justified after only playing it for a few mins. The concept of the game is very simple. Make your monkey go in some ring and collect bananas on the way. Seems pretty easy but since you don’t have a directional pad it is a hell of a lot harder than it looks. You have to move it side to side, up and down a bit like driving with a wheel only... not. (i don't know :P)  The graphics are good for the iPhone with frames being consistent and not chugging at all, it runs very smooth.

Anyway I got through the first levels pretty easy but then it starts to get hard as fuck. I thought this was going to be a nice happy friendly game but it frustrated the living hell out of me at times. I would be yelling “GET THE FUCK IN THE RING YOU STUPID MONKEY” whilst being on the verge of throwing my brand new phone as far as I could down the road. I know, I know, just because a game is hard or challenging, doesn’t mean that it’s bad. In all honesty I’d say this is the most fun out of all of the “iGames” I’ve tried so far and now I know what to expect from the harder stages, I can keep my temper in check without going all Angry German kid and actually enjoy it.

As i mentioned before it's not a review, please comment!!!!


If fallout3 in AU = “null” else = import or download illegally?

Why is it that when we all get ready for a game that possibly pushes the envelope, it’s either edited or banned in this not so great country of ours?


Failout 3
I know that most of us Aussies will grab it from, eBay or some random UK site but it’s not the point. Call me lazy or whatever but I love easy access, I want to be able to go down to my local EB games or JB-HiFi store and pick up a game, go home and within 5 minutes be playing it. Oh and believe it or not I don’t want to go to a school or a shopping complex and shoot everyone I see, or go murder some hookers or what was the reason for fallout 3? That’s it, how silly of me; I will want to do drugs.

If you think about it, the Office of Film and Literature Classification are giving us gamers the incentive to obtain copies illegally. I know, I went there, but why wouldn’t you? If you are a PC gamer or a “naughty” 360 user, obviously you would have the internet, and it’s not hard to find out about bit torrent etc.  Do they want us to buy products from other countries and or download games illegally? Sorry but yet again a blog post has turned into a rant but I’m new to blogging so MEH!

Long story short, I think we need to do something about this, but what? How can we make our stupid classification office have 18+ games?

The man hates us :(

I didn't win :[


what i think of giant bomb?

So far it's great. It's way better than i thought it would be.
Once performance issues and a few bugs are fixed it will be great.

The overall look and feel are good, I hope that we get a Oceanic/Australian/NZ forum for us, if that gets done it will be a heck load better :)

It's still early times, I havent gone over it 100% but so far as i have already said it's great and it can only get better. so we all hope.

The tip movies are a fantastic idea and work very well, never knew that Jeff used a mac :O


Before that site with bombs or something

Well this is one of my first ever blogs and I’m not too sure what to type so I might as well just have it about my internet gaming website viewings times stuff after the guys left GS. (Yes i know its slangy rant talk while typing late at night)

First off I was a fan of for many years, *few years I actually paid subscription (shock)* Well I was until the “incident” and I still don’t know what really happened and personally I don’t care, but I and a lot of my friends saw it to be shady and dodgy. (Government cover up styles) After all of that happened I decided to not go to even though they had some Australian portal they had only recently added.

Since I was not going to anymore I decided not to view,, etc as much as I used to. I read the articles on the front page but didn’t go past it unless something was exclusive or intrigued me. I decided to start fresh and ask around for what good sites had news/updates and comments that weren’t from pissed of 12 year old halo tards.  Actually, this is most likely going to turn into a rant on game sites than a real blog post so I might as well end it there.

Some of the games I'm looking forward to playing at the moment areeeee

*NHL 09 (ea sports)

*Resident Evil and Silent Hill

*Tekken, Street Fighter, UFC and Soul Calibur (maybe MKvDC I’m much undecided as of now)

*Rockband & Guitar Hero (still haven’t played Rockband 1 as it’s not released in AU yet and I refuse to pay more than $350 USD on principal)

*Diablo 3

*Call of Duty/ID software games/Gears /Resistance/Killzone

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