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Posted by nat

Posted by Torb

Yea man...wouldn't have gotten Resistance, but oh well. 

I'm having trouble finding time to blog as well x.x
Posted by Hexogen

I'm playing through Resistance co-op with my friend. It's alright, but nothing spectacular. Definitely feels like the launch game that it is.

Posted by OGCartman

SC4 and Resistance, sweeeeeet
I envy you for  being able to play those 2 games lol (dont have a ps3)

Posted by kornholio360

SC4 is great, and I thought Resistance was decent, but that's only based on the demo.

Posted by coonce

great post duder! we gotta see you back on the site sooner than later!

Posted by nat

been sooo busy with work, and 100000 games to play :|