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RIP mate...

Still shocked...

(from a long time lurker finally posting after years.)

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It's looking good from a software perspective - (I wonder what the actual console will look like)

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As per usual I haven't blogged in nearly a year, I always say to myself that I should blog about a recent game. That said, I've decided to be the 10000000th person to talk their experience with  Black Ops.  
To start off I wasn't riding the hype train as most people, I liked the original COD game, I played it heaps on the PC, playing competitive ladder games was great fun back in the day. That was until WoW sunk it's dirty claws into me.  
After playing the modern warfare series on 360 last year I decided to jump straight into the single player. I felt that the Cuba mission started with a great tempo, was nice and fast from the opening cutscene, however halfway through the 3rd mission i was thinking that this i the same old game with a different map. I soldiered on and was played through it pretty easily. It was on medium difficulty as i didn't want to cut myself playing on veteran after the bad AI comments I heard online and eventually experienced for myself.
By the time I finally reached the WWII stages, i was totally over it and bored. It took effort to go through the cave, the slow pace was starting to irritate me, i just wanted to get through the game at this point. I didn't care for the story or it's characters. I just wanted to finish the game.  I decided to take a break for a while and left it for a day or two.
After the boredom subdued, I powered on and arrived at the Vietnam stealth mission with the water. I loved this mission. This got me back into the game, I was pumped, the sequence where you are under water and grab the 'Charlie's' was amazing as was the sneaking into the village hut section shortly after.   

It then came to me, this is what i wanted, I wanted to play a stealth game, not a splinter cell or metal gear, but call of duty without going against 30+ people at once. A mission similar to cliffhanger in MW2. I did get a taste with the crossbow mission. I enjoyed offing all the patrols before sneaking in and i got an achievement for it. High Five at me!
I  continued on until finishing the game, and boy was it predictable. That's okay though, It was a nice ending especially the JFK zombie section after the credits. Many lolz was had. 

With the game now finished I tried multi-player and felt like a retard fucking a door knob. I guess I will always be a PC FPS gamer at heart and will never have the patience to learn how to utilise a controller like most of the halo/modern warfare kids.  
Another year, another COD game finished. 
I wonder what they have install for future games, I hope they change it up.

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Any news on this at all? 
I know they took UMK3 from XBL -
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I finally decided to get with the times and get a account, I really got into it following people at e3.

Was pretty good. -
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Yet again I'm stuck with this dilemma. A fantastic multiplatform Beat 'em' up and me having both consoles. I'm sure that the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions will be identical. 

I personally don't give 2 hoots about the Trophy system. The Achievements for the 360 are well more established and respected. Trophies for me at the moment feel like a rip-off... So I would put that as a pro for the 360, but then again I don't care too much about Achievements so we are back to square 1.  

Since I’m from Australia and the Madcatz Arcade stick isn't being released here AND the controllers are coming well after release I'm stuck with the generic 360 controller. For the most part I am not the biggest fan of it. I've got UMK3/SSF2HDRemix and it can really frustrate me at times when I'm trying to perform a move and totally fail at it. It's probably because I'm pretty average but when it comes to myself playing Soul Calibur 4, Mortal Kombat 2 and Tekken 5 on the PS3 I can perform the moves fine.


Is the online going to be OK on the PS3? It has been very suspect for me with Tekken 5 and MK2 at times, but that may have been because I was using WIFI and not Cat5, now I'm using Cat5 for both 360 and PS3 will it make a huge difference? Will I be able to Play against other Aussie/NZ'rs without lag? The controller for the PS3 seems good and the fact that I have these other fighting games on the PS3 might make me actually USE the PS3 as a gaming console and not an overpriced Bluray player.

This very second I'm leaning towards PS3 just because I got Soul Calibur 4 on PS3 and the controller is so much better for fighting games...

I never play the PS3 so this might actually help me justify the price I payed for a black box to just get dusty next to my 360. It could get me back into the Sony console! But on the flip side I've met a lot of gamers who are playing HD Remix and are close and not laggy. Do I alienate those new friends to go play on another console?


My fellow gamers what console are you getting SF4 on?

Are you going to get it on 360 for the Achievements?

Perhaps pick the PS3 for the Controller? 

What other reasons would help your decision?

If any of you are in or near Australia and want to have a game please Add me to PSN - myzzmang or want to have a few games of HDRemix on 360 GT - myzz 
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Why won't SF4 be out already!!!! arrgh

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The MP was average.....

that's what really hurt it's rep imo...
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1st post back in nearly 5 months.. I'm slack :( Atm I’m VERY pumped for Street fighter 4, every time I logon to my 360 I play a bit of HDREMIX and that's great, really having fun playing fighting games again, just thinking of SF4 makes me want to play more remix.. 

Since i haven't blogged in so long here is a brief overview of some stuff I’ve been doing. -

So i decided to check out the new expansion of World of Warcraft about a week after it came out and it's actually pretty good. - Now I’ve decided to slow down on it. I wasn't playing hardcore but I was playing a fair number of nights per week. The whole rotation of Wake up > go to work > come home > play wow > sleep. It's pretty sad but I was starting to do that again and I had to chill on it for a bit. I know logon once a week, or maybe twice.

Now that I'm not playing Wow ever night I have all of these games to play, I even started to get back into GTA4.. I got up to the rescue Roman mission when it first came out and then I kind of got a bit bored with the game. I got up to that Packie mission where you have to rob the bank and failed because I charged out and got smashed by Cops.. :( I will have another crack at it this weekend. I want to at least try and finish the game before the new content comes out. - not to sure if i can because I always get sidetracked with all the other games I have..

Oh yer, I finished playing gears of war 2.. Amazing single player game - I played most of it co-op and it’s AWESOME.... Horde mode is great but since I'm an Aussie I’m yet to enjoy the other MP game types because of the lag.. I guess i just have had bad luck but the lag I get with death match etc is horrible..  Horde mode is fine though.. anyways, A+ for GoW2.. I hope they make a 3rd!  -  

I also checked out Fable 2 new content and it's not to bad, not to sure if it's worth the points yet..  I am up to the 3rd part of it so far. Just have to go into the cave. I love fable, the yellow trail makes it so easy you don't even have to think: D:D:D I guess that's a good thing when you are playing it after a few beers :)

I still haven't been able to get into Fallout 3. I tried to again last weekend but just don't feel the same urge to keep going as I did with Oblivion. I'm sure once i start getting into a few other quests I will but at the moment I've just blown up MT and found my way to the radio station. If i play it again I'm sure I will get right back into it and sucked in as i do with all the other RPGs.. I might give it another shot soon..

I could keep going with about another 15 odd games i've played briefly but I think I might end it here..



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Everyone seems to be fast to hate on this game..

The multiplayer isn't that bad.. Reminds me a bit of playing a MMO battleground.